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What is Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar?
Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar provides automated testing of each API independent of client, device or intended Consumer. Automatically generating a UI to provide immediate feedback to developers, testers, integrators, and security professionals. Validating each API independently shortens the critical path and supports concurrent Agile development. Fully automated, SOAPSonar requires no scripting or script maintenance, reducing time and skill level needed. Integration with variety test management software packages and providing detailed reports for progress tracking. Regression testing can be automated, providing early identification of changes to the API or versions. Support for message and protocol layer identity standards allows for cloud testing.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar was previously known as SOAPSonar.

Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Customers
San Diego State University, Rumson Capital Advisor, Techlogix
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