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Is Panaya Test Dynamix better than Tricentis Tosca?

Development Specialist at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I'm working for a company with 1000+ employees and I'm exploring two products: Panaya and Tricentis. 

How good is Panaya Test Dynamix in comparison with Tricentis? 

Thank you!

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47 Answers

John - PeerSpot reviewer

@Jesús Antonio Santos Giraldo; both companies deliver excellent tools & services. It's going to come down to your use cases. 

If you choose the wrong tool for your use case the risks are: Loss of  time, money and opportunities. That's not going to be the tool's fault. 

Tips that may help you in deciding: 

- Use your current tools / last tools as benchmark to determine your future needs. 

- Ask questions, here are a few to get you started:  

-- What are your requirements? 

-- Pros and cons of our current tools. 

-- How much time do you want to spend developing and maintaining test scripts (assuming you want to automate) 

--Who will work with the tool? 

-- What do they have to say about their experience with current / past tools?

- Build a matrix based on feedback received, decide which points really matter in your matrix. 

- Inform your org of the research you've done and ask for more input

- Go with a few key folks  who work with / worked with the tools you are targeting and have a meeting with Tricentis / Panaya.  

- Tell your story and ask how their tool can meet your need.

- Go back to your leadership and share what you learned, 

- See if you can get a trial from the toolmakers. ;-) and try out a real world test. 

- Make a documented decision on why tool X and not tool Y

Links to the companies you mentioned:

Hope this helps


John - PeerSpot reviewer

Panaya and Tricentis are both good. Could you share more info on your use case and what are your key selection criteria ?

Eyal Elazar - PeerSpot reviewer

One of the biggest differences is that Tricenties offers mainly test automation capabilities, while Panaya Test Dynamix offers test management capabilities (which could be integrated with test automation tools if you are looking into automation for your project).

I believe one of the benefits of Panaya when it comes to an upgrade project is that it provides the benefits of both impact analysis and test management capabilities, so you could know what to test and get the benefit of risk-based testing.

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager

@Jesús Antonio Santos Giraldo ​, can you please share more details about your case as suggested by @John ​so that our peers can assist you with your queston?

Jesús Antonio Santos Giraldo - PeerSpot reviewerJesús Antonio Santos Giraldo
Top 20Real User

@Evgeny Belenky Just evaluating both options for an SAP upgrade project. We used Panaya some 6-7 years ago and focused on Impact Analysis. We didn't use their Testing Support. We have never used Tricentis.

Eyal Elazar - PeerSpot reviewerEyal Elazar (Panaya)

@Jesús Antonio Santos Giraldo One more thing to consider seeing you are in the healthcare industry has any of these tools been properly evaluated for CFR21 -part 11 

RobertLinton1 - PeerSpot reviewerRobertLinton1 (Micro Focus Government Solutions)

@Jesús Antonio Santos Giraldo - Many of our SAP customers have bee using Micro Focus ALM and UFT for Test Management and Automated testing respectfully.  These products have continuously evolved over the past decades, from the Mercury Interactive days.  They have always supported SAP and the broadest breadth of IT solutions and applications. 

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