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Updated on Jul 19, 2023

We compared Nakivo and Rubrik based on user reviews in five categories. We reviewed all of the data and you can find the conclusion below.

  • Features: Nakivo is praised for its offsite backup to Synology NAS and seamless cloud integration. Rubrik is praised for its automated policy enforcement and efficient ransomware detection. Nakivo could benefit from improvements in its remote upgrade capabilities, SNMP features, and application backup. Rubrik could expand compatibility with open-source databases, improve documentation, and strengthen its ability to back up remote sites.

  • Service and Support: Nakivo's support is praised for being quick, considerate, and attentive. Rubrik customers appreciate the support team's expertise and fast response.

  • Ease of Deployment: Nakivo's setup was described as straightforward. A few users said the deployment was somewhat complex but not excessively difficult. Rubrik's setup is simple, and users say the support team was available to assist as needed.

  • Pricing: Nakivo offers lower licensing costs and a flexible pricing structure. Nakivo provides cost-efficient backups at a competitive price and even offers a free license for one year for up to five VMs. Some users find Rubrik's pricing expensive, but many say it’s justified by its encryption and security features. Rubrik's license includes both software and hardware without any additional costs.

  • ROI: Nakivo ensures a favorable return on investment with a reasonable total cost of ownership and reduced testing expenditures. Rubrik provides peace of mind and some cost savings, but users say that quantifying the ROI is difficult.

Comparison Results: Nakivo is a powerful, cost-effective solution that seamlessly integrates with the cloud, but it could use some enhancements in its SNMP features and remote upgrading functionality. Users like Rubrik’s advanced ransomware features, excellent support, and automated policy enforcement. However, some had issues with its remote backup abilities and high price tag.

To learn more, read our detailed NAKIVO Backup & Replication vs. Rubrik Report (Updated: March 2024).
757,198 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Nakivo's reporting features have helped a lot. They give my boss high visibility into what's going on, which is crucial because we had a data breach in the past where we lost about 12 years of data. That's why we bought several appliances, and we replicate the same backup twice a day to three different depositories.""Nakivo offers direct support through the graphical interface and this is great to have if you need quick help.""Creating a backup task in NAKIVO is fast and easy.""The most valuable feature is the ease of creating a backup copy job to get the backups to a second device.""The solution has a user-friendly interface and is easy to configure.""Nakivo has improved our organization largely due to the fact that it is an extremely robust backup system.""The product is easy to manage for any IT person who is new to backup, recovery, and replication.""The features that I have found most valuable are that it is a cheaper price and user-friendly."

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"Rubrik has brought all of our backups under a single pane of glass and made recovery extremely simple.""It has also saved us time managing backups. It's pretty stable. So it sends us a report if something goes wrong, then you get a report. You don't really need to manually monitor this software over time. If something happens, you'll get an error and you'll get an email notification and then address it. We found the product pretty stable if it's configured correctly. So it has reduced management time.""Replaces legacy tapes and disk backups which are unreliable, expensive and space consuming.""Rubrik has led to improvement by reducing the amount of failed backups, leading to a reduced workload in IT operations.""I don't know if it is the best or the worst but it's very easy to install and very easy to balance. Sometimes that it's a problem because the installer of these data gets extremely scared because it's so easy. The product is easy to install, easy to balance, and easy to work with. Another really good point is the instant recovery.""The archiving, off-of-box, is awesome. It lets you put your data where you want it and gives you the peace of mind of having more than one copy of it. And it's smart about the way that it does the archiving. It doesn't just copy one-for-one. It does all of its processing of the deduplication and compression before it sends it off to the archive, which helps with our cloud costs.""Rubrik, when compared to Cohesity, Dell, and Veritas, was the best of the four.""The most valuable feature has been the Live Mount feature."

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"From our experience, the main factor that could be improved is adding more cloud services that are supported as a backup repository.""Log and report creation can be improved.""We'd like to see more cooperation with Synology. It can be enhanced to get updates published faster to Synology's store.""While Nakivo delivers comprehensive solutions, there's room for enhancement, particularly regarding Proxmox support.""Sometimes, for some VMs and some Windows Server versions, specifically old versions (aka server 12 or older) fail due to the VSS writer error or locking file system.""One complaint I have is the dashboard flashing as it reloads/refreshes itself. The program was not always like that and it happened after an update at some point.""At the moment I am pleased with what Nakivo does but I would like more reporting functions and if possible, integration with my RMM system.""While the solution provides mostly what we need, it would be ideal if there were some additional feature capabilities for the API."

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"It needs to keep innovating to stay relevant in the data management field.""Better integration for complex NAS structures having to mount at root adds time and workload to the process of NDMP.""The deployment and configuration of the backup service is something that could be streamlined a little bit, particularly when you're trying to do a SQL workload. You have to install a backup service on the server. You only have to do it once and then you're done, but you have to do that on every server that you want to protect.""I would love to be able to just get from the dashboard to a file that I need, or a system that I need.""I would like to see Rubrik better integrate with Microsoft Active Directory. Instead of just backing up a full domain controller, I would like the solution to have Active Directory object knowledge so we can restore specific objects in Active Directory versus restoring the whole domain controller.""Troubleshooting failed backups is difficult, and deciphering the logs without the help of support is usually almost impossible.""If there was something that we could get Rubrik to fix, it would be when our DBS takes snapshots of a server or the database, the replication doesn't kick off fast enough. They can't remote it to the peer site and manipulate it back up in order to move it over, take a copy of production, slap it over, and test it out. As I understand, they are working on it. Replication works. We also get spoiled by how good things are now. We get to a point where it is so easy but when something isn't instant gratification, it seems that everything else is so amazing, why isn't this right?""They need to find a solution for SMBs. It is currently only suitable for enterprises or big customers. They need to find a solution that suits SMBs."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It has a much higher bang for the buck than other products we evaluated."
  • "The price is not a problem in NAKIVO, as it is the most competitive in the market."
  • "It's really cheap, and our company saves a significant amount of money on IT backup solutions per year."
  • "Pricing is easy to understand and very affordable."
  • "I advise that this is the best product for medium or small environments according to my cost-benefit analysis."
  • "You have a lot of different options when it comes to pricing and the pricing models are pretty flexible and affordable."
  • "The product is quite cheap compared to other products on the market, but despite this, it is rich in features both at the level of backup and recovery as well as at the level of additional options."
  • "Nakivo Backup & Replication also have another great value, which is that it is one of the lowest prices on the market."
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  • "When we compared the overall costs, Rubrik was cheaper because the engineering and operational side required FAR LESS dedication. So, all in all, they actually were cheaper than the competition."
  • "It’s simple, straightforward, and we were able to see 50% hard savings."
  • "The setup cost is a bit high, but the solution is an all-in-one solution."
  • "Rubrik is an all inclusive price. No additional implementation costs or licencing."
  • "The cost was less than our previous provider, and this is a much better product."
  • "Rubrik is not cheap. Hopefully, you can archive your data on cheap storage to keep the investment minimal."
  • "The product is not cheap, but for good reason. It simply works and is very fast."
  • "It is a great value, but its cost is still a bit high."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:Nakivo is my favorite backup software. Below are the main benefits of Nakivo compared to Veeam 1. Low cost. 2. Backup storage with global deduplication (this is the main requirement of a backup… more »
    Top Answer:Nakivo has been instrumental in strengthening our data security infrastructure.
    Top Answer:Veeam Backup & Replication provides an easy-to-set-up solution to the issue of data storage and recovery. Setting it up is a relatively simple affair. For the most part it prompts you from screen to… more »
    Top Answer:The solution's technical support team is very responsive and proactive.
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    NAKIVO Backup & Replication is an affordable backup and recovery solution that provides fast, backup, replication, and DR for virtual, cloud, physical and SaaS environments. The solution includes advanced cybersecurity features. The solution is designed for SMBs, enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs).

    NAKIVO Backup & Replication Features

    • Fast, reliable backups: Create fast incremental, app-aware backups for virtual, cloud, physical and SaaS workloads.

    • Multiple backup targets: Implement the 3-2-1 strategy by storing backups onsite, offsite, on tape, or in a public or private cloud.

    • Ransomware-proof backups: Apply immutability to backups stored locally and in the cloud to prevent malicious deletions or changes. Scan backup data for signs of malware before recovery.

    • Instant recovery: Restore full VMs in seconds, physical machines as VMs (P2V) or to bare metal, etc.

    • Automated disaster recovery: Create automated sequences to launch failover to replica and failback and ensure continuous availability and the shortest RPOs and RTOs.

    • Real-Time Replication (beta) for VMware: Continuously update VM replicas in real time as changes are made to the source VM and use the replica for failover to achieve RPOs as low as 1 second.

    • MSP-centric functionality: Advanced multi-tenancy architecture and a dedicated MSP Console to help managed service providers expand their offering with BaaS, DRaaS and other data protection services.

    NAKIVO Backup & Replication Benefits

    Save time with fast incremental backups leveraging native technologies. Deploy the solution on NAS to create an all-in-one backup appliance to cut backup windows by half.

    Improve operational resilience with multiple backup targets onsite, offsite, cloud and tape to apply the 3-2-1 backup strategy.

    Minimize downtime and disruptions: Choose from 9+ recovery options to instantly restore what you need to where you need and improve uptime in any scenario.

    Better cyber security with immutability options in local storage and in the cloud. Ensure that recovered data is free from malware by scanning backups before proceeding with recovery.

    One solution, one web interface for all your data protection activities and platforms. Protect virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS workloads with a solution that combines backup, disaster recovery, instant operational recovery, ransomware protection and monitoring.

    Save money and achieve lower TCO with one of the most affordable backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market. Choose between a perpetual or a subscription license depending on your budget and operational requirements.

    Rubrik is a backup and recovery solution that can be used as a converged data management platform for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. The solution works to protect your data and applications from ransomware, operational failures, and rogue employees, and also helps your organization simplify data management and accelerate cloud mobility. In addition, Rubrik is designed for cloud integration and infinite scalability to enable hybrid cloud for all enterprises.

    Rubrik’s software is also built to support most operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds, and SaaS applications, and the solution integrates with on-premises hardware if necessary.

    Rubrik Features

    Rubrik has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Instant recovery
    • Live-restore
    • Single console
    • Automatic incremental backups
    • Policy-driven automation
    • Instant search
    • Live Mount capability
    • Compliance and capacity customized reporting
    • Quick and efficient snapshots
    • Multiple backup destinations
    • Deduplication and file compression
    • Intuitive web interface
    • Good performance
    • Easy to use
    • Low maintenance
    • Flexible deployment

    Rubrik Benefits

    There are several benefits to implementing Rubrik. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Single policy engine: Because Rubrik is policy-driven, it functions through a single policy engine that orchestrates service level agreements (SLAs) across the data lifecycle. Management is automated through one programmatic interface.
    • Customized reports: With Rubrik, you can create customized reports and utilize data visualizations.
    • Advanced security: Regardless of location, data remains secure in transit and at rest throughout its lifecycle, as it is stored and backed up.
    • Compliance: With Rubrik, you gain granular role-based access control while automating compliance reporting, which helps complete various industry and internal audits.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by Rubrik users.

    PeerSpot user Chadd B., System Administrator at a manufacturing company, says, “The solution is easy to use with an intuitive web interface, helpful support, good performance, and saves us time. The most valuable feature is the Instant Recovery, where we can restore a VM or SQL database or any server or application, and have it up and running on their appliance within a few seconds. The VM backup and the SQL backup are blazingly fast for both backup and recovery.”

    A Storage Administrator at a healthcare company explains that the solution “Cut our backup management time significantly, and the near-instant recovery reduces our downtime. He also comments that “The scalability is wonderful. That is one of our biggest advantages with this.”

    Burhan S., Systems Engineer at Harvard University, mentions, "There is a live-restore feature, their Live Mount, and the way it works we can instantly recover a VM, a past backup, to be directly attached to our VMware environment. Rubrik will act as a disk for it. It's like an instant restore. Within a few minutes our VM is up and running. And then, if we want to restore it, we can just migrate it to our actual storage."

    Kevin M., Head Of Operations at University of Reading, states, “The solution’s SLA-based functionality means we don't have to manually manage backup windows, and recovery times have been notably reduced. Its web interface is really easy to use. It's just click and go. It's fast and intuitive. We've never had any problems in navigating.”

    Sample Customers
    Coca Cola, Honda, 3M, University of Arizona, University of Maryland, University of Arkansas, Johns Hopkins University, Marriott, Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Fujifilm, Eiffage
    Driscoll's, Red Hawk Casino, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, Wabash National, Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Galliker Transport & Logistics
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company14%
    Financial Services Firm12%
    Manufacturing Company10%
    Computer Software Company18%
    Comms Service Provider9%
    Educational Organization7%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Financial Services Firm11%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Computer Software Company13%
    Financial Services Firm11%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Company Size
    Small Business78%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise7%
    Small Business37%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise44%
    Small Business23%
    Midsize Enterprise24%
    Large Enterprise54%
    Small Business21%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise63%
    Buyer's Guide
    NAKIVO Backup & Replication vs. Rubrik
    March 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about NAKIVO Backup & Replication vs. Rubrik and other solutions. Updated: March 2024.
    757,198 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    NAKIVO Backup & Replication is ranked 6th in Backup and Recovery with 21 reviews while Rubrik is ranked 4th in Backup and Recovery with 12 reviews. NAKIVO Backup & Replication is rated 9.4, while Rubrik is rated 9.2. The top reviewer of NAKIVO Backup & Replication writes "Flexible with automatic backup features and robust security measures". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Rubrik writes "Reduced recovery time, improved productivity, and features excellent technical support". NAKIVO Backup & Replication is most compared with Veeam Backup & Replication, Hornetsecurity Altaro VM Backup, Acronis Cyber Protect, Zerto and Arcserve UDP, whereas Rubrik is most compared with Veeam Backup & Replication, Cohesity DataProtect, Commvault Cloud, Dell PowerProtect DD (Data Domain) and Zerto. See our NAKIVO Backup & Replication vs. Rubrik report.

    See our list of best Backup and Recovery vendors and best Disaster Recovery (DR) Software vendors.

    We monitor all Backup and Recovery reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.