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Microsoft Azure
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PaaS Clouds (1st)

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As of June 2024, in the Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) category, the mindshare of Linode is 11.8%, down from 17.3% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Azure is 24.1%, up from 18.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS)
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Hybrid Cloud Computing Platforms
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Featured Reviews

Feb 9, 2021
The cost is more affordable compared to other cloud solutions
I am using Linode for our cloud platform to host our enterprise solutions Service availability is the most valuable feature. It gives every user 100 percent uptime. It is like in a single store for cloud solutions, which is important for us. Right now, they don't have multiple data centers. They…
Darren Brodrick - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 21, 2024
Provides useful features and can be deployed within a few hours
We had a cloud migration project from on-premise to the cloud. We used various components like Azure’s cost calculator to provide the ongoing running costs SQL Server has been most beneficial for our client’s workload. Everything needs improvement. The tool must constantly improve to provide a…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The most valuable feature is the static IP address, which has been very helpful for being able to log into the same address over the course of more than a decade."
"When I started using Linode, I found its functionality easy to navigate, user-friendly and responsive to my needs. It provides clear reminders about services I'm not using, like DNS zones, which I appreciate."
"Linode has many other cloud servers across the globe."
"The most valuable features are the simple scalability and ease of starting a new virtual machine."
"The fact that you can get a person on the phone has just been fantastic."
"The ability to fire up a virtual machine, use it, and then kill it, is quite a valuable feature for me."
"When it comes to the Linode Kubernetes Engine and the amount of automation it provides, it's awesome, it's a game-changer. If a process randomly dies, it could take me a while to notice that it has died, if I haven't set up monitoring. With Kubernetes, it will just restart itself using Heartbeats."
"It has helped to minimize the risk and scale services at large in virtually no time."
"The most valuable features are the interface and customizability."
"The solution has given us more agility, scalability and opportunity to optimize the cost."
"The support is responsive and dedicated to SMEs."
"It is a very easy-to-use platform, and it is very powerful in terms of data backup and Blob storage. It has very good features, especially if you are using Microsoft products, such as Windows, Microsoft SQL Server."
"Infrastructure as a service is most valuable."
"The product is rather stable. We haven't had any issues with it in that sense."
"Azure's Data Lake services are decent. I like AKS, and API Management is relatively straightforward to use. The security and SIEM options Azure offers are good. All the infrastructure services are easy to use and set up."
"The initial setup is simple."


"The network between different servers isn't very good. I have to install additional solutions to link the servers with each other."
"I would like Linode (without cluttering things) to provide some type of DevOps workflow where people are configuring their pipelines from running their tests and deploying to their test server. Once approved by clicking a button, it just gets deployed to production. I would like something like Azure DevOps, which we use for large applications, and would be something nice to have in Linode."
"Everything is up-to-date for a small business. But for big business, they need to improve certain things. For example, there should be better security."
"Because they are a smaller company, they do not have, for example, all of the ways for authentication that Amazon or Azure has."
"They could have more international servers. There are certain places throughout Europe and Eastern Europe which are very open to doing a lot of technology business, such as Romania. Romania is very open to technology. At other service providers, I have stuff in Romania. I think there are some Eastern European locations that would be more open to it. So, if they could have more European points of presence, that would be more helpful."
"I've had some difficulties with some of their IP addresses being banned by certain mail servers."
"There is room for improvement regarding customer support."
"It would be nice if they had more data centers in Latin America."
"The solution could improve the stability. However, this could be a configuration issue that we are not been trained."
"It would be ideal if they could reduce costs a bit. Right now, we find the product to be expensive."
"The authentication method only allows me to have up to 90 users, and there are 2,300 people in the company."
"Talking from a networking perspective, when you create a file or a rule in Azure and you want to view this IP group, sometimes the way it is displayed on the GUI, you don't see the name of the group."
"The license price could be lower."
"I would like to see it more easily accessible."
"The pricing criteria can be improved with broken-down terms that can be understood easily."
"I would like to see more advanced functionality in terms of information security."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The pricing model is simple."
"When we started with the service, the cost was approximately €5 per month."
"At this point, I'm paying more like $35 per month for a slightly bigger machine, and the backup, and the object service."
"The solution is neither cheap nor expensive."
"I pay $5 per month for each of three servers, for a total of $15 per month, and I normally prepay a few months in advance."
"Compared to other service providers, like AWS and Google, the cost of services are much less and more affordable. We are saving about 90 percent by going with Linode versus other cloud providers."
"It is quite affordable, which makes it a great choice."
"I pay just over £20 per month and have done so ever since I started eight years ago, which to me is good value."
"Be careful with Azure Cool storage accounts; if you are dealing with high object counts, then it can be more economical to use Hot storage because of the high storage access costs associated with Cool."
"Make use of Azure pricing calculator and you will find out that Azure Is still more reasonable that the competition and do your research, when unclear speak with your MS support."
"Its costing can be improved. Its licensing is monthly. In addition to the standard license fee, there is a transactional cost."
"The pricing for the end-user packages is a bit high. It is full of very interesting services, but I would still like it to be less expensive."
"The pricing for us is higher because we are using IaaS."
"Everything involves an annual commitment with a monthly charge."
"Monthly billing convenience reduced cost overheads up to 70 percent."
"The solution does not offer very many free services which can become expensive. We are on an annual license."
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Comparison Review

it_user8586 - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 14, 2013
Amazon vs Rackspace vs Microsoft vs Google: Cloud Hosting Services Comparison
Amazon Web Services, Rackspace OpenStack, Microsoft Windows Azure and Google are the major cloud hosting and storage service providers. Athough Amazon is top of them and is oldest in cloud market, Rackspace, Microsoft and Google are giving tough competition to each other and to Amazon also for…

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When I started using Linode, I found its functionality easy to navigate, user-friendly and responsive to my needs. It provides clear reminders about services I'm not using, like DNS zones, which I ...
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