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Microsoft Defender for Offi...
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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (9th)
Ranking in Email Security
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Enterprise Content Management (5th), Managed File Transfer (MFT) (6th), Content Collaboration Platforms (10th), Secure Email Gateway (SEG) (7th)
Microsoft Exchange Online P...
Ranking in Email Security
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Anti-Malware Tools (11th)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Email Security category, the mindshare of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is 13.1%, down from 20.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Kiteworks is 0.1%, down from 0.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is 7.3%, down from 13.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Email Security
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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
Microsoft Security Suite
Enterprise Content Management
Managed File Transfer (MFT)
Anti-Malware Tools

Featured Reviews

Nov 28, 2023
Comprehensive protection for email security with responsive support and valuable features like attack simulation offering robust threat detection, efficient automation, and excellent scalability
Threat Explorer is an invaluable tool for me, and it plays a crucial role in helping me discern the origins of various email campaigns, pinpointing where they emanate from, and identifying the individuals within our organization who are affected. The convenience of having a centralized location for extracting comprehensive data is particularly noteworthy. With Threat Explorer, I can efficiently manage and mitigate the impact of these campaigns by removing problematic emails from mailboxes, all in one centralized location, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple areas. Effectively prioritizing threats across our enterprise is crucial for us, given that the primary avenue of attack is often through phishing emails. By having robust protection in place, we're able to significantly mitigate this prevalent threat, essentially clearing a major portion of the cybersecurity landscape.
Jan 9, 2023
Gives us a secure way of communicating with our customers, when necessary
We use it for three big use cases. The first use case is large files that are too big for email attachments, which is capped at 25 megabytes by the email protocol. If we want to send really large files and don't want to use Google Drive for that, because we're collaborating with someone who doesn't…
ElvisHenriquez - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 4, 2023
Scalable solution with great admin interface but issues with impersonisation
I primarily use Online Protection for technical support Online Protection has allowed our customers to keep their data on our site using the DLP the solution offers. Online Protection's most valuable feature is its admin interface. Online Protection has an issue in that it doesn't provide an…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Microsoft Defender has a feature to protect each and every attachment. Even if it's an encrypted attachment, it will check for any potential threats."
"Safe attachments, safe links, policies, and the ability to protect from zero-day threats are the most valuable features."
"The basic features are okay and I'm satisfied with the Defender."
"It gives us visibility into threats and, for endpoints, it helps us to prioritize threats. We used to have a lack of visibility, but now our time to detect and respond has decreased."
"It also gives the vulnerability status according to the versions you have selected. Let's say you have Google Chrome. It mentions the versions it has, and it updates. Within two hours of an update, it is reflected in the dashboard. That's really nice to have."
"The risk level notifications are most valuable. We get to know what kind of intrusion or attack is there, and we can fix a problem on time."
"The product's scalability is good."
"Microsoft Defender for Office 365 helps people to work remotely. It is a secure solution. We don't need to use our company's computers or get VPN connections to the networks. I can control how they share screens and what they send to the devices. It keeps our organizations confidential and sensitive information safe."
"The most valuable feature is the ability to allow end-users to manage their own information and data with minimal administration. That's the best feature from my perspective."
"I like Kiteworks or Accellion because it's continuously upgraded. I also know that it probably works with a lot of clients."
"We can see when people are sending things. We can definitely see who is sending to whom. From the administrative logs, we can see who is sending to an outside entity, and those logs are retained for quite a while."
"The solution can be used remotely; it's easy to upload and share files."
"The most valuable aspect of Kiteworks is undoubtedly the private content network. This feature is particularly beneficial for us. Furthermore, it serves as a centralized platform that enables us to track and manage our information exchange."
"The top two features are the two-factor authentication, which is pretty good. It's easily understood by the users. And their API is rather robust. We have numerous integrations that work off the API."
"The benefits that Kiteworks has provided to its customers in terms of data sovereignty."
"The most valuable feature is the ability to send a large file of 30 GB in size and more. In Outlook and other email applications, you cannot send files that are larger than 20 MB. But with Kiteworks, 30 GB is transferable by default and, with the proper approval, a file of up to 100 GB can be sent. It makes file transfer very easy and smooth."
"The initial setup is just a standard process."
"The most valuable feature is the ease of administration. Other solutions require complex administration, but Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is easier."
"Online Protection's most valuable feature is its admin interface."
"The initial setup of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection was easy."
"It's definitely scalable."
"It is easy to configure, easy to use, easy to add exclusions, easy to track, and easy to add anything else if you want."
"The most valuable feature of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is the accidental release of information protection capabilities. Additionally, the solution is easy to use."
"It's all running in the backend, so it doesn't affect the app functionality."


"The pre-sales cost calculations could be more transparent."
"It would be better if it were more scalable. It depends on the architecture, but we would like to make it more scalable for both data centers."
"Configuring the default strategies and policies in Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps generates a lot of noise and false positives."
"I'd like some additional features any product can give me to protect our environment in a better way."
"One area for improvement is support, in terms of being able to reach them and, especially, technical support for configuration."
"We need a separate license and we don't know how to get the license that is required."
"We noticed that from time to time, Microsoft's stability does have problems. Sometimes the service goes up and down. Sometimes they change without prior notice."
"One area for improvement is integration. For example, when it comes to external SaaS platforms, we were not able to get a lot of information on integrations with such apps for security and authentication."
"There is no offboarding process for end-users in Kiteworks. It's a manual process. There is no automated syncing with LDAP and checking to see if the account is still active. It's a manual process to get people out of here, which isn't the best way."
"In my experience, their technical support can be a little slow."
"We have experienced a few hiccups and bugs when using the admin console and from a user perspective."
"Kiteworks could benefit from enhancing the proposal knowledge base section, specifically regarding the type of work involved. Currently, the knowledge base seems insufficiently dedicated to this topic, making it challenging for new users to access the relevant administrative law. Improving the visual aids and providing clearer explanations could alleviate this issue."
"I would like to see immediate releases of fixes because now it takes at least a week. If that time span can be reduced to one day or two days, that would be very helpful for users so that things are sorted and transactions work smoothly."
"It would be nice if Kiteworks could provide a free version of the platform so that it could be used for a certain number of file transfers. We could be charged a fee if we exceeded the number of allotted file transfers."
"It could be more stable. In the next release, it would be better if it was more stable with improved performance."
"File location could be improved."
"The product could be more stable. Microsoft products could be more stable because sometimes, even though they are updating some things, we cannot find those updates."
"The tool is not 100% stable."
"The solution lacks to elaborate on its spam policies."
"The management interface of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) could be intuitive."
"Microsoft 365 Defender and EOP policies are stable with the proper license. However, with the basic policy, it's hard to say it's stable due to configuration limitations."
"When the product is being updated, it changes some of the setups. The support team is also not good."
"I would like to get reports about vulnerable connections from our clients with information about domains, public IPs, etc. That would be highly useful."
"The security features could be better."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The solution saves money so we have seen a return on investment."
"Compared to other brands, Microsoft Defender for Office 365's pricing is competitive."
"From the pricing point of view, like any other product in the market, there is scope for negotiation."
"The pricing is normal. Considering its popularity, it's not overpriced."
"It's a user-base subscription."
"While Microsoft Defender for Office 365 necessitates pricier E3 or E5 subscriptions, the extensive functionality offered by these licenses across various Microsoft products justifies the investment."
"The pricing has become expensive."
"For large enterprise organizations, they can definitely afford it, but for small and medium organizations, they might struggle to cover the expenses."
"It is not really expensive. I mean, to me it's obviously expensive, but it's worth it."
"The solution is very expensive because we are buying with Malaysian Ringgit and it's sold in US dollars."
"They changed it midstream. We were being charged a certain flat rate for SFTP traffic. For whatever reason, at the beginning of the year, our pricing changed, and we are now being charged more for using a feature of the product than we were when we first bought it. That has been our experience with billing. It turned out to be more expensive than when we started with it."
"I believe it's a little costly, but given the faith that we put into it from a security perspective to maintain the integrity of our patient information that is being transferred through this system, that's a small price to pay. So, on the surface, it might look like a lot of money, but depending on the need for security, which is where we feel it shines, it's okay price-wise."
"The license management is changing and confusing. If I could make one change to it, it would be better license management through the API."
"The price of Kiteworks is reasonable."
"The solution is priced high and could be less expensive compared to other solutions."
"The pricing for the solution depends on what you are trying to achieve with the use of the product, but I know that it is not a cheaply priced product. Yearly payments have to be made towards the licensing fees of the solution."
"The tool's pricing is excellent."
"Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is a good solution at an affordable price. It is a good investment."
"It is a low-price solution."
"The price of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is reasonable."
"The solution is expensive but is backed by Microsoft's reputation."
"The product's pricing is competitive for the US market."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Microsoft Defender for Office 365?
Threat Explorer is an invaluable tool for me, and it plays a crucial role in helping me discern the origins of variou...
What needs improvement with Microsoft Defender for Office 365?
The product must provide better malware detection. The detection algorithms don't perform the way I hope they would.
What is Kiteworks?
Kiteworks is a secured file sharing platform that enables users to collaborate with different parties across a robust...
What do you like most about Kiteworks?
The benefits that Kiteworks has provided to its customers in terms of data sovereignty.
What needs improvement with Kiteworks?
There is room for improvement in terms of support. My team always faces challenges in accessing fast resolution for t...
What do you like most about Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?
The initial setup was easy. The configuration process is very straightforward.
What needs improvement with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?
We face challenges with reporting features and the lack of a proper dashboard in Microsoft's portal. There's no graph...
What is your primary use case for Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?
The main use case is to block suspicious links in emails. However, some functionalities like SIPP attachment are not ...

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789,674 professionals have used our research since 2012.