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Netgate TNSR
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Enterprise Infrastructure VPN (24th)
Juniper Session Smart Router
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions (14th)
TQ6702 GEN2-R
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Harish (Kumar) - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 3, 2023
Good gateway with helpful traffic shaping and load balancing
There must be a wizard section as per the use case. For example, if we need a simple firewall there must be an auto-install of most required packages. In the same way, if we need a more strict firewall, then different configuration settings. There must be a more easy-to-use GUI. More documentation should be available within the package manager. A visible ON/OFF button must be there and can be easily configured as required. An additional non-us electrical plug must be inside the box. There should be an option to upgrade RAM (i.e. 8GB to 16GB). It can enhance the capacity of the proxy server.
Imran Taiyeb Ali - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 13, 2023
Efficiently handles point-of-sale and online transactions
The initial setup of this router is a bit complex even for experienced engineers. It runs on Linux and requires extra steps for configuration. The blasting process, where you load the software, often gets stuck, and we end up doing it a few times. It is not very reliable, and even Juniper tech support hasn't given a clear fix. Both the setup steps and software stability can be a bit of a hassle. Deploying Juniper Session Smart Router takes some time. After all the planning and documentation are done, it usually takes more than a week or around ten days to get the connector set up on our on-premises data center.
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"There is not a license required for this solution but the price should be less expensive."
"We are currently renegotiating the offer for the licenses and the license bundle model. The license for an ISP has to be different from the license for an end customer. This is something we are currently renegotiating with Juniper, but, of course, the pricing for the licensing is always an issue when you want to get more customers."
"It is a simple bandwidth-based license and the orchestration comes bundled with the solution by default."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Netgate TNSR?
It's an ideal gateway solution for small and medium businesses, i.e., around 300 devices can be easily handled.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Netgate TNSR?
The product is very cost-effective and has no requirement for additional licenses. The setup is not easy. Users need ...
What is your primary use case for Netgate TNSR?
THe solution is used as a primary gateway with two lease lines of 450 Mbps total. Around 200 users are under it. Ther...
What do you like most about Juniper Session Smart Router?
The most valuable feature of Juniper Session Smart Router is its unique SDR channel.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Juniper Session Smart Router?
Juniper Session Smart Router is not significantly cheaper than, for example, Cisco.
What needs improvement with Juniper Session Smart Router?
Juniper Session Smart Router could be better in terms of software performance. Sometimes, there are glitches, especia...
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128T Networking Platform, 128 Technology SD-WAN, Juniper SSR Series
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