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StarWind Virtual SAN
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Software Defined Storage (SDS) (1st)
HPE SimpliVity
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No ranking in other categories
Nutanix Cloud Infrastructur...
Ranking in HCI
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Software Defined Storage (SDS) (2nd), Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) (3rd), Hybrid Cloud Computing Platforms (3rd)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the HCI category, the mindshare of StarWind Virtual SAN is 2.3%, up from 1.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of HPE SimpliVity is 8.8%, down from 9.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) is 8.2%, down from 8.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined Storage (SDS)
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Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Q&A Highlights

Janet Peng - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 10, 2019

Featured Reviews

Jan 17, 2024
Highly available setup and synchronous replication with the ability for companies to choose hardware
We needed a solution that provided highly available storage via ISCSI, replicating to multiple physical sites synchronously. We needed it to be easy to use, easy to manage, and cost-effective. Ideally, there would be no vendor lock-in or special hardware needing to be purchased.  We found StarWind…
it_user582882 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 9, 2017
The rapid backup and restore functionality improved our efficiency in the development area.
The rapid backup and restore functionality improved our efficiency in the development area We no have the ability to restore a production environment to multiple development environments with a few clicks in a very short time. With 6 development teams working on different modules on the same…
Aug 31, 2023
Helps reduce downtime, and on-premises footprint, and improves performance
Our clients use Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure for technology refresh, workload consolidation, and data-driven infrastructure Our clients run VMware and other enterprise applications on Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure. Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure has helped our clients reduce downtime. It has helped…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It allows me to configure High Availability and failover clustering with some fault tolerance, at a cost point that doesn’t break the bank for a small business budget."
"StarWind is very easy to use, even if you have had no experience using a SAN before."
"It has given the company an almost zero possibility of downtime."
"The iSCSI protocol is quite simple to configure."
"It is extremely stable."
"The fact that the solution is vendor-agnostic allows it to be used with any virtualization vendor while remaining a powerful abstraction over storage."
"The most valuable features are high availability and real-time replication between two servers."
"It has been extremely stable for the three years we've been running it."
"Having one management console to do everything from was a great improvement over dealing with separate hardware for servers, SANs, backups etc."
"What I like about the solution, is that SimpliVity is easy to deploy and maintain. It's really performing very well. The ratio of price to performance is really good."
"Offsite backup, replication, and duplication of data are important for our plant environment since we are hard on our equipment."
"The access, high availability, and interface are the most valuable and important for us. There is one interface for the whole product, which is very important because you have a single pane to view all the infrastructure of a customer. You can improve your data recovery plan or DRP, or you can make a special emergency plan if a disk has any problem."
"The simple management comes in handy since a standard VMware admin can manage it."
"The solution has integrated backup features that are useful."
"The solution's simplicity is its most valuable feature. The usability is also good."
"Dedupe, compression, and replication of primary and secondary data, locally and remotely."
"The simplicity when it comes to building your own automation has been excellent."
"It has seamless expandability."
"Single-click upgrades are the most valuable feature. In the sector in which we work, it is tough to have downtime and arrange firmware upgrades."
"The most valuable feature would be the ease of deployment. That is the most significant feature for me because I've worked with multiple vendors and it's always been very complicated to install the software and get everything running."
"It's quite easy to scale, and you have the option to have distributed nodes everywhere around the world that work as one. You can also have a solution for small branch offices with only two nodes for redundancy, and that's good enough to start."
"The most valuable feature is the solution's ease of upgrading."
"The most valuable features are the RBAC, role-based access control, and the reporting. NCI also provides a single platform, a single pane with a dashboard, to manage the entire infrastructure. We have complete information about overall utilization, performance, and a forecast for our platform in that single pane."
"The most valuable feature I have found to be the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)."


"It would be helpful to have a little more insight into what kind of performance the VSAN cluster is utilizing; something that would be more proactive on our side, versus their ProActive Support."
"The documentation is good. However, if compared with competitors, it could be enhanced and made more professional."
"The only way I can see this product needing improvement is the consultation level of the StarWind sales and engineers."
"One point for improvement is to increase the performance capabilities of the Windows-based executable as compared to its Linux Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) equivalent."
"Android app for monitoring and receiving push notifications as alarms or monitoring I/O from any mobile device could be a good feature and nice to have as we are not always on our desk."
"This product would benefit from having automated alerting functionality."
"The setup and documentation for the installation with the free version could definitely be improved."
"One main thing this product needs to work on is reporting."
"Needs to improve the cloud integration, such as Azure and AWS."
"They should optimize the administration stack because it is consuming too much memory. It ends up consuming 20% of memory. They have another product for this feature, but I would like to have this feature within HPE SimpliVity."
"The initial setup is not that easy."
"HPE SimpliVity should cost less."
"The solution must provide other hypervisors."
"I would like some reporting about backup and replication."
"I think that they should have their own hyper-converged system."
"There is room for improvement in that there is a need for so many Federation nodes. It would help if they increased that capacity so that we didn't have to have so much hardware in our secondary site."
"As far as what could be improved, they have some built-in backup functions already, but any built-in isolation features like vision security features and free LAN features become a security concern."
"In the future, I would like Acropolis to add support for publishing external storage."
"Deployment could be more user-friendly - currently, it requires certain skills with the network and nodes."
"I'd like it to be more API-based."
"Pricing and varieties of options could be better."
"The self-service side of the product needs to be improved. We should be able to add two-factor authentication and more security layers to it."
"The reporting section of the dashboard could be improved to include more detailed reporting about the servers."
"If we can have certified compatibility with other companies, such as Oracle, then it would let us know that they function correctly together."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"We evaluated other options and this one was the most cost-effective."
"The StarWind VSAN business model is very cost-effective."
"I think the bang for the buck is much better with StarWind Virtual SAN."
"The setup cost is very low. The pricing is great."
"StarWind is a low-cost, full-featured alternative to the traditional SAN environment, and their support will guide you every step of the setup."
"This solution has a great price for the functionality."
"For two nodes, it cost us $10,000, and we spend $2,000 a year on support."
"Once you buy the license, you are free to build your own hardware solution based on your needs."
"The pricing is very high."
"For most use cases, look to see if you can use all-flash as the price point, as it has come down significantly."
"The time savings on the administration side of things is huge. We had somebody who was dedicated pretty much full-time to hardware, and now, they spend about a quarter of their time a year on hardware-related issues."
"The solution is affordable and quite reasonably priced in terms of the product one gets."
"ESXi licensing is a big part of initial investment if you do not already have that covered."
"For the VMware licensing, it is approximately $10,000 a year."
"It's about $10,000 monthly."
"There is a one-time purchase needed for the license for HPE SimpliVity. The solution is expensive, but it is worth the money."
"Its price is fine. I can't really complain about that."
"Nutanix Acropolis AOS is affordable, it has good value. The final price depends a lot on the hardware used, it's an appliance in the end. Whether you use HPE as the hardware vendor or Supermicro as the hardware vendor, it really depends on what hardware is used which is the main cost."
"It is less expensive than the VMware alternative."
"Nutanix price is high because it bundles all the components into single deals rather than allowing you to select the features that you want/will use."
"I know Nutanix and VxRail have similar prices and licenses. Nutanix is a go-ahead if AHV is used as hypervisor because it is already embedded in the price."
"If they could further reduce the cost, that would be great. I would like to see the cost be less than the equivalent three-tier architecture."
"Our licensing fee on the total setup up was about R900 000."
"Work close with your InfraTeam and discuss with Nutanix the best way to achieve sizing and price that are right for you."
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Comparison Review

it_user244362 - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 30, 2015
Nutanix vs. VMware EVO:RAIL vs. FlexPod
Originally posted at www.storagegaga.com/dont-get-too-drunk-on-hyper-converged/ I hate the fact that I am bursting the big bubble brewing about Hyper Convergence (HC). I urge all to look past the hot air and hype frenzy that are going on, because in the end, the HC platforms have to be aligned…

Answers from the Community

Janet Peng - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 10, 2019
Jun 10, 2019
It depends very much on your use case. When I look at HP, they position their HCI offer primarily in the ROBO space for enterprise DC solutions. HP pushes its Synergy platform. Nutanix is well positioned in the data center space and has made huge strides there whilst HPE has lost a little bit of momentum with their HCI offer. You need to be aware that the native Nutanix hypervisor has its limit...
2 out of 17 answers
May 29, 2019
In a Nutshell, to keep it simple, they are both SaaS (Storage as a Service) Solutions in a sense, but SimpliVity is “ONLY” SaaS locked on HPE serves and no awareness of Hypervisor metrics, whereas Nutanix is best suited to different workloads that REALLY traverse all the realms of Hyperconverged technologies, from Data Center Consolidation/Migration, to VM consolidation reducing the “V-Tax” that come with different Hypervisor offerings (Nutanix is shipped with free AHV), to specific workloads with NO guess-work like VDI or Kubernetes in-premise cloud. So my take is make a list of what you need and then compare apples to apples, two hints: 1. Check this document https://www.enterprisestorageforum.com/products/simplivity-vs-nutanix.html 2. Try our sizing online tool to Assess: https://sizer.nutanix.com/#/ If you feel you have more questions, take your time to touch base with representatives alternatively, just one note, at Nutanix, because we USE hypervisors to deliver our Storage Controller, we have a unique insight of HOW different workloads behave for different customers, and that gives us an advantage on what we are able to do for them, whilst an ONLY SaaS solution is one that will only give you yet another tool to optimize your workloads. It is up to you to figure out HOW that set of resources benefit your specific needs.
May 29, 2019
Nutanix is the only SW based HCI vendor in the market today giving customers the freedom of choice. You can deploy our HCI SW on your choice of hardware and hypervisor (we also have our own KVM-based hypervisor that is included with the product). Whereas with SimpliVity, you are tied to HP and VMware. What if you deploy on HP today and your organization makes a strategic choice to change to Dell, Cisco or Fujitsu? Nutanix is the only vendor that allows you to port your licenses between different HW vendors. Doesn’t hurt that we already created the HCI space and are the leaders. HP is also one of our close partners so you can deploy Nutanix on Proliant.

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