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HPE ProLiant DL Servers vs Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers comparison

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Find out what your peers are saying about HPE ProLiant DL Servers vs. Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
564,997 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The pricing of the product is fair and not too expensive.""It is stable and easy to set up.""The hardware is reliable.""It is very stable. This is the feedback that I'm getting from my customers for the hardware. It is also 100% scalable. HPE is also very specialized when it comes up to the server industry. It is not only about the rack servers; it is also about the blade servers. They were the first ones to bring these to the market more than ten years ago.""This product is feature-rich and is easy to install.""ProLiant is highly stable. We've had very few problems with the servers. We only once had an issue with the hard disk in an HPE server.""HPE ProLiant DL Servers have good performance and they support different types of applications.""It's flexible."

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"I like everything about this solution. It is a very good server, with excellent availability. The size of the power is adequate and the low heating is beneficial.""The initial setup is easy.""It has good integration. You have VMware for connecting many machines, and you can support microservices. You can also easily connect the networks. It is also very easy to use and implement, and it comes with good support.""The solution is very simple to install.""I would say the stability of the system itself would be the biggest advantage.""They have taken a lot of technology from IBM, and IBM always delivered very powerful hardware to the IT industry compared to Dell EMC or anyone else.""The IMM tool is great because we can upgrade different views and device versions very quickly. We can upgrade everything from a single point through a single dashboard, which is great for us because we also have Lenovo storage. Lenovo ThinkSystem also has Xclarity built into the system.""We appreciate the stability and easy mountings of all the machines. We have some direct connections with IBM, Lenovo, and other companies, and we get close support from them."

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"The price in general, including the licensing fee, could be better.""In terms of what could be improved, if I could have faster processors with less cores, that would be good.""In DL 500 systems, the flow of air is not good enough, and some components get overheated. IBM systems have better airflow and scalability. We have a data center that has limited physical space. Therefore, we need to maximize the processing or compute systems that we use. In HP servers, such as DL 500, there are only four processors, whereas IBM servers, such as SR 916, have eight processors. We don't get any support from HP because of our geographical location. We solve all problems ourselves by doing research on the internet. It would be good to get HP support.""It would be great if HP could use a ProLiant Server to run HP-UX, the Unix build from HPE. Right now, HP-UX cannot run on the ProLiant architecture.""The most pressing issue is that downloads depend at present on the current period.""When it comes to security there can always be room for improvement. If there was an option to build security into the system it would be an advantage.""They should work with Microsoft to make licensing costs better. That's because the physical servers have processors with all these cores, and Microsoft now licenses Windows virtual server desktops based on the number of cores and the serving servers. So, if you got to build 10 or 20 servers on that desktop, you got to license them all with Microsoft. They should have a partnership with Microsoft to decrease the virtual licensing of servers in partnerships so that when you purchase the servers, you also get licensing for Microsoft on top of them. That's because it gets very expensive to license virtual operating systems to run on physical servers.""They should continue to maintain the stability that is there."

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"Its price could be better. Its price is sometimes an issue for our clients. XClarity Controller is a very good feature, and Lenovo should include the XClarity Controller license without any additional cost. It should be integrated within the product.""The power consumption needs to be optimized in Lenovo.""It is quite an expensive product. Its price can be improved.""I would like the solution to be improved by having more advanced utilities.""It should have tools for integration with the cloud. We should be able to transmit data from our on-premises server to the servers in the cloud.""The RAID Management and the RAID Configuration tools need to be improved.""From our side, our budgets are really not there. The availability of cash is a little bit limited. We buy as much as we can, If it was less expensive, we could buy more.""HP has a riser inside, but Lenovo does not have a riser. It would be good to have a riser with Lenovo. The GUI of the system is really bad. HP has a very good UI for smart memories and everything inside, but in Lenovo, we have a black-and-white UI. HP right now manufactures a server with scalable SP1 and SP2 on a single machine, which is not the case with Lenovo. They are changing the machine. For SP 1, there is one server, and for SP2, there is another server, which is really bad. In HP, we can use two models of processors in a single case. Lenovo should also be improved to have SP1 and SP2 scalable processors simultaneously on a single machine. They should not release another machine. This issue is also there in H3650 severs. They are all inside, but only V3 CPU or only v4 CPU can work, whereas, in HBG9, we can deploy V3 and V4 simultaneously. Lenovo also needs to advertise more because I can't see advertisements anywhere."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "This is an expensive product and there is licensing required for iLO, which is the HPE monitoring system."
  • "We have ILO licenses. We use this feature."
  • "It is just too expensive."
  • "This product is within our budget."
  • "The price is a little too high; it could be reduced."
  • "The price of the product is a little high."
  • "Proliant DL Servers have a reasonable cost. They are not as expensive as the Cisco servers. Everything is included when you purchase a server. You just have to install and configure it."
  • "It is not expensive. Its price is similar to other solutions."
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  • "Your budget determines the scalability."
  • "The licensing cost is the same as HP. It doesn't have any additional cost. However, the price, for example, for the memory option, does not match other vendors such as HP or Dell. They should work on the pricing of Lenovo. It is a great competitor, and it should compete with the price."
  • "It is too expensive. Because we are a university and we have to look for our money, many times we buy some refurbished machines or equipment at reasonable prices from IBM or Lenovo. We are a little bit limited in terms of money, and we buy as much as we can. If they were cheaper, we would buy more."
  • "It costs around $8,000. There is an additional cost for the support for a year."
  • "Its pricing is very competitive."
  • "The price of the solution is very expensive when compared to other solution like HP or Dell."
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    Its performance and the local support of Lenovo in my city are the most valuable features. Its performance is the best, and its user interface is also very easy.
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    ProLiant Servers provide a complete infrastructure that support both your business objectives and your business growth.

    From growing small businesses to enterprise workloads, Lenovo rack servers offer the unmatched value, flexibility and industry-leading efficiency to meet mission-critical demands with legendary quality and reliability.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about HPE ProLiant DL Servers vs. Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
    564,997 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    HPE ProLiant DL Servers is ranked 1st in Rack Servers with 31 reviews while Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers is ranked 3rd in Rack Servers with 9 reviews. HPE ProLiant DL Servers is rated 8.8, while Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of HPE ProLiant DL Servers writes "Built-in software management and redundancy for solid stability". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers writes "Provides the power and versatility needed to tackle demanding workloads". HPE ProLiant DL Servers is most compared with Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers, HPE Apollo, Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers, IBM Power Systems and Huawei FusionServer RH Series Rack Servers, whereas Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers is most compared with Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers, IBM Power Systems, Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers, HPE Apollo and Dell EMC PowerEdge XE Servers. See our HPE ProLiant DL Servers vs. Lenovo ThinkSystem Rack Servers report.

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