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Rack Servers (2nd)
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Blade Servers (1st), Composable Infrastructure (1st)

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As of June 2024, in the Rack Servers category, the mindshare of HPE ProLiant DL Servers is 20.8%, down from 23.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of HPE Synergy is 2.5%, up from 0.5% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Rack Servers
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Blade Servers

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Ricardo Elorza - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 13, 2023
Easy to deploy, stable, and scalable
I give the solution an eight out of ten. We have been having issues with HPE's road maps, which tend to be very aggressive. For example, if we have a server and then HPE announces and releases the NexGen, the previous server only has one more gear before the end of use. This can be problematic for clusters that are configured to only have the same model, as after a year we would have to do diagnostics or buy a new cluster. This is something we do not like about HPE, although other vendors may also be aggressive, HPE is really bad. It is important for new users to keep this in mind.
Mar 9, 2023
Flexible, robust, and simple to install
We use HPE Synergy for infrastructure virtualization It is better to build the virtualization environment in this manner. To be honest, it is flexible and powerful. The solution's greatest strengths lie in its ability to maintain a high availability and combine networking with hyper channel…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The feature that I find the most valuable is that all alerts are integrated with HPE InfoSight. Any problem related to an HPE server can be solved remotely at L1, L2 level."
"The solution's initial setup is straightforward."
"HPE offers the products we need. They come back with solutions. It's uncomplicated to deal with HPE."
"ProLiant DL servers are the best on the market. The models support an extensive list of Intel processors."
"The most valuable feature is stability."
"It's very easy to set up."
"Its reliability and after-sales support are very good."
"The setup was easy and not complicated."
"The manageability is its most valuable feature. It is a fully managed platform, which is very simple to manage."
"Composability... We show our partners the value of composability and how it can meet their needs."
"In terms of the productivity of our deployment team, the amount of time has been decreased a lot. In the past, to deploy one c7000 chassis with 15 or 16 blades, we literally used to spend two to three weeks. But with a Synergy, it's very quick. Within three days we can do the deployment."
"The price is reasonable, and the stability and scalability are okay. We bought the solution because it suits our needs."
"The single pane of glass management is huge, because in all our previous systems, depending on what we were managing, we would go to a different management point. Being able to go to one spot to get everything is helpful. I find that server profile creation is a lot easier in OneView than it was previously. We are able to stay compliant with firmware and updates, because we are assigning server profiles and reapplying them when there are changes. This makes everything a lot simpler."
"There is no problem with the scalability."
"Everything is in one place. We have one place to with OneView. It provides one console with one place to get to everything. The one interface makes it easier. We have one guy who does almost everything in it."
"The i3S module can be configured to provision storage to all blade servers and boot to any operating system without needing local hard drives."


"Sometimes, there are connectivity issues and the server is not able to connect to our SAN."
"They should improve the solution's built-in quality."
"The solution could improve by providing more best practices from an architectural point of view. What are some recommended configurations for use, such as in a VM environment? HP provides some best practices but they are based on VMware, not on Red Hat. It would benefit for others to see the different use cases. How the HPE ProLiant DL Servers were used in the context of Red hat virtualization, and some configurations as an example to allow us to identify some points that we can improve in our platform. We could make our system more reliable and scalable."
"The technical support could be a little faster."
"HPE ProLiant DL Servers are customizable, but when you first deploy them, you basically have to rebuild configurations on them. This is true for large orders. But for small orders, you will be tied up with previous configurations of some other brand like Dell."
"The licensing fees are expensive and have room for improvement."
"HPE ProLiant DL Servers are not scalable."
"In Qatar, HPE doesn't have as much support as Dell. I would recommend Dell if given the option because it has a solid local presence."
"This solution could be improved by increasing the speed on the conversion adapters. It should be 100 gigs."
"Technical support was time consuming and unsatisfactory. The initial product setup was complex, lasing around three weeks to a month."
"One of the issues that we that we have been having is with the firmware baselining. So, we need to just making sure that we get that working. However, we are in the early stages. It may well be that we just tweak a few things."
"I would like it to connect to the HPE Cloud Connect compute platform for simplicity of our infrastructure."
"They must improve the OneView tools."
"If it would be possible to connect clusters of five with other clusters, so that they could all share resources, that would change the game for us. It would make it a viable solution for us."
"It has been in the external integrations to other platforms that we have, which aren't HPE, where some of our challenges have been. I would like to see some integrations with non-HPE platforms."
"The performance could be better. The converged network cards initially didn't work. However, later on in the newer version, they came up with 50 GB network cards to replace the 20 GB ones, and it's perfectly fine now. At times, it could also be more stable."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I like the price of this product and the add-on components. It is cheaper than Dell and is a one-time hardware purchase with minimal ongoing costs."
"There are less expensive solutions than HPE ProLiant DL Servers. However, there is a lot of value in this solution."
"It's expensive."
"​If you have to include the warranty, enhance the warranty support.​"
"This was a one-time purchase for us because it's hardware that we purchased from HPE. There aren't any licensing costs."
"This is an expensive product and there is licensing required for iLO, which is the HPE monitoring system."
"HPE ProLiant DL Servers have a higher price than Dell servers. However, the Japanese counterpart has the lowerest priced servers. The price of the HPE ProLiant DL Servers could improve, it could be less expensive."
"The solution comes with a one time perpetual license which is included with the server."
"For temporal use, when you throw on the fact that you're essentially doubling your capacity, right there you could claim a 50 percent TCO reduction."
"The hardware licensing cost is reasonable."
"The price point is a little high. We were able to get a good deal on a promotion, to go with it. It would be nice to see the prices come down a little bit."
"VMware is part of the cost. We bought the chassis, we bought the solution. The blades are roughly running us $60,000 a pop right now."
"For me, the scalability is how much money that I need to spend on switches for how many frames, which ultimately means servers. To get the best bandwidth before the most recent product announcement, I have buy new switches every three frames. The competition is shipping a product right now where I only need switches every ten frames."
"The solution has reduced our IT infrastructure costs by 50 percent."
"There is a perpetual license given when you purchase HPE Synergy."
"It costs us around $60,000 a year."
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