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We performed a comparison between E8 Security and Logpoint based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
Pricing and Cost Advice
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  • "For a hundred user deployment the cost is about $10,000. The next year it would be the same because it's a subscription-based license. There are separate costs as well, for example, if a customer asks for training for their staff."
  • "Our licensing fees are about $10,000 USD per month, which I think is fair."
  • "It's getting more expensive, which is one of the reasons we're looking around just to see if there's anything better value."
  • "LogPoint seemed like it was a good product, but it was expensive and there wasn't any room to move the pricing when customers needed a lower-costing solution."
  • "It has a fixed price, which is what I like about LogPoint. I bought the system and paid for it, and I pay maintenance. It is not a consumption model. Most SIEMs or most of the log management systems are consumption-based, which means that you pay for how many logs you have in the system. That's a real problem because logs can grow very quickly in different circumstances, and when you have a variable price model, you never know what you're going to pay. Splunk is notoriously expensive for that reason. If you use Splunk or QRadar, it becomes expensive because there are not just the logs; you also have to parse the logs and create indexes. Those indexes can be very expensive in terms of space. Therefore, if they charge you by this space, you can end up paying a significant amount of money. It can be more than what you expect to pay. I like the fact that LogPoint has a fixed cost. I know what I'm going to pay on a yearly basis. I pay that, and I pay the maintenance, and I just make it work."
  • "It was on a yearly basis at about $100K. It was not a huge environment. We were running it on our own virtual server environment, which, of course, had a cost. There was hardware and some energy cost, and then there were Microsoft Windows licenses for servers. That's all, but there was nothing in comparison to the licensing costs."
  • "My company used to pay for LogPoint costs annually. It's a cost-effective solution. I'm not part of the Finance team, though, so I'm not sure exactly what the licensing fee is or what license my company had."
  • "It's less expensive than the competitors. The Logpoint marketing team is very accommodating and client-friendly. They offer very good reductions in price. They are pretty good in this aspect. They are transparent in their licensing and pricing."
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    755,469 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:The solution is user-friendly.
    Top Answer:Logpoint is not flexible. Its documentation is not user-friendly.
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    E8 Security
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    E8 Security Fusion platform is transforming security operations by automating the learning of user and device behaviors to discover malicious activity unknown to security analysts, resulting in improved alert quality and accelerated investigations to make security operations more proactive. The Fusion Platform utilizes data from your existing security technologies. There are no agents to deploy, rules to create and maintain, or data limits to consider.  Fusion detects all kinds of threats behaviors, including external attackers and insider misuse, and gives analysts all the information they need to act quickly.


    Logpoint is a cutting-edge security information and event management (SIEM) solution that is designed to be intuitive and flexible enough to be used by an array of different businesses. It is capable of expanding according to its users' needs. 

    Benefits of Logpoint

    Some of the benefits of using Logpoint include:

    • Unifies data logs: Logpoint creates a single system of classification for collected data. It makes it easy for users to search for and find data, which aids users when they are creating reports or alerts. Users can conserve resources while at the same time seeing a rise in the efficiency of their business operations.
    • Intuitive solution design: Logpoint is designed so that anyone can utilize all of its features, even if they are not an expert in network security. Logpoint’s UI is simple enough that users can utilize it without undergoing extensive training. 
    • Highly flexible: Logpoint is designed so that users can scale it linearly to accommodate projects that are large and complex. This allows users to expand the scope of their projects according to their needs without worrying that their infrastructure won’t be able to handle the increase in size. The solution’s security features can be deployed both on the cloud and in a physical environment. 
    • Simple role-based access security: Logpoint allows administrators to employ Microsoft’s active directory (AD) and a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol to manage user access. These can help administrators protect their systems from being abused or otherwise harmed by bad actors. 

    Reviews from Real Users

    Logpoint is a security and management solution that stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are its data gathering and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Logpoint enables users to not only gather the data, but also to maximize both the amount of data that can be gathered and its usefulness. It removes many of the challenges that users may face in data collection. The solution allows users to set rules for collection and then it pulls information from sources that meet the rules that have been set. This data is then broken into manageable segments and ordered. Users can then analyze these ordered segments with ease. Additionally, LogPoint utilizes both machine learning and AI technology. Users gain the ability to protect themselves from and if necessary resolve emerging threats as soon as they arise. The AI sets security parameters for a user’s system. These act as a baseline that are triggered and notify the user if anything deviates from the rules that it set up. 

    The chief infrastructure & security officer at a financial services firm writes, “It is a very comprehensive solution for gathering data. It has got a lot of capabilities for collecting logs from different systems. Logs are notoriously difficult to collect because they come in all formats. Logpoint has a very sophisticated mechanism for you to be able to connect to or listen to a system, get the data, and parse it. Logs come in text formats that are not easily parsed because all logs are not the same, but with Logpoint, you can define a policy for collecting the data. You can create a parser very quickly to get the logs into a structured mechanism so that you can analyze them.”

    A. Secca., a Cyber Security Analyst at a transportation company, writes, “It is an AI technology because it is using machine learning technology. So far, there is nothing better out there for UEBA in terms of monitoring endpoints and user activity. It is using machine learning language, so it is right at the top. It provides that capability and monitors all of the user’s activities. It devises a baseline and monitors if there is any deviation from the baseline.”

    Sample Customers
    HP, Cisco, Blue Coat, Cloudera, Bit9 + Carbon Black, Gigamon
    AP Pension, Copenhagen Airports, KMD, Terma, DISA, Danish Crown, Durham City Council, Game, TopDanmark, Lahti Energia, Energi Midt, Synoptik, Eissmann Group Automotive, Aligro, CG50...
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    Financial Services Firm20%
    Computer Software Company20%
    Comms Service Provider20%
    Educational Organization59%
    Computer Software Company7%
    Comms Service Provider5%
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    Small Business62%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise24%
    Small Business16%
    Midsize Enterprise65%
    Large Enterprise20%
    Buyer's Guide
    User Entity Behavior Analytics - UEBA
    February 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about IBM, Splunk, Cynet and others in User Entity Behavior Analytics - UEBA. Updated: February 2024.
    755,469 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    E8 Security is ranked 35th in User Entity Behavior Analytics - UEBA while Logpoint is ranked 7th in User Entity Behavior Analytics - UEBA with 11 reviews. E8 Security is rated 0.0, while Logpoint is rated 7.6. On the other hand, the top reviewer of Logpoint writes "Improves security, offers insightful technical support, and has attractive pricing". E8 Security is most compared with , whereas Logpoint is most compared with IBM Security QRadar, Rapid7 InsightIDR, Elastic Security, Microsoft Sentinel and LogRhythm SIEM.

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