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Top Answer:It supports numerous platforms.
Top Answer:If you compare CA with Dynatrace, in terms of pricing, my understanding from one of our customers is that CA is a lot cheaper.
Top Answer:In terms of APM, CA is lacking in terms of its dashboards and the user interface is quite old. AI capability is quite important these days and could be an additional feature in the next release.
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CA DXI, CA Digital Experience Insights
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Dx SaaS is a solution whose goal is to ensure that businesses and organizations can monitor and manage the way that users experience their applications. This solution contains many powerful tools that are designed to give administrators the maximum amount of control over the experiences that clients have when employing their applications. Organizations and businesses can rest easily and ensure that the product they put out into the world is always being watched for potential issues that will be resolved proactively and quietly.

Dx SaaS Benefits

Some of the benefits that come from using Dx SaaS include:

  • Improve the overall experience of your users at all stages of their journey. Dx SaaS provides administrators with the ability to cull proactive insights into not only the actual performance of the application, but also the way that users are experiencing the application. This makes it possible for administrators to address pain points before they can become major issues.
  • Full visibility across all aspects of the application. Dx SaaS enables organizations to see what is going on in every part of their applications. Every aspect of the application is fully visible to them. They can keep track of both users and their IT infrastructure without having to rely on other solutions.
  • Run Dx SaaS flexibly. Users can run Dx SaaS from their premises, investing in hardware and software, if they so wish. Alternatively, users can run Dx SaaS as a pure SaaS-based solution if that is a better fit for their needs.

Dx SaaS Features

When users choose to employ the DX SaaS solution, they gain access to many different capabilities. These features include:

  • Relationship mapping capabilities. Users can visually represent all of the parts of the application and their relationships. This can aid administrators in understanding precisely how their applications, architecture, and networks operate.
  • Customizable dashboards. Administrators can build dashboards that are most suited to meet their needs, fine-tuning them to perform the analysis and functions that are most relevant to their objectives.
  • Root-cause analytical capability. DX SaaS makes it possible for users to find the causes of any and all issues that arise. Its analytical capabilities scan for anomalies and find issues early on. This gives administrators and IT professionals insights that enable them to keep applications running optimally.

Reviews from Real Users

The DX SaaS solution enables companies and organizations to take charge of the digital experiences that their customers receive. It is designed in a way that empowers these companies to truly monitor their applications and maintain a positive user experience. DX SaaS recognizes that applications can be run on any number of platforms. As a result, solutions that monitor and analyze applications need to be capable of handling a wide variety of platforms. This is one of the considerations that the solution’s designers made integral to its design.

Administrators can leverage DX SaaS to spot potential issues before they can become problems for the users of their applications. DX SaaS has metrics that can provide application administrators with important insights. Patterns and areas where trouble can arise are immediately exposed so that administrators can take the steps that are necessary for the applications to run smoothly.

A consultant at a technical services company writes, “It supports numerous platforms.” Furthermore, they add, “The CA APM blaming metrics are quite useful in identifying a potential issue.

SysTrack is a digital experience monitoring solution that is designed to empower users to track every aspect of their digital workplaces. Anything and everything that might impact an end user’s experience or an organization’s business productivity can be monitored by administrators using SysTrack. This solution contains many powerful tools that are designed to give administrators the maximum amount of insight into the inner workings of and control over their digital workspaces.

SysTrack Benefits

Some of the benefits that come from using SysTrack include:

  • Leverage AI to aid in the processing of massive loads of data. SysTrack employs an AI algorithm that enables administrators to easily analyze 10,000 plus data points at any given time. This makes it possible for administrators to utilize and analyze their system’s data effectively without having to hire a large staff to pore over incoming data streams. Staff can now be assigned to areas of greater need, as the processing of data is partially being done by the AI algorithm.
  • Discover the root causes of various IT issues that arise. The AI that SysTrack uses digs down into the data streams that run through the networks they run on and mine them for information. This mining makes it possible for the AI to learn where issues arise and makes it possible for administrators to take steps to prevent such issues from arising in the future.
  • Identify areas where you have over- or under-provisioned resources. SysTrack’s AI provides visibility into many different areas of a user’s digital workspace. One of these areas is the provisioning of digital resources. It can make it possible for administrators to find areas where too many resources, or, alternatively, not enough, are being allocated. Administrators can ensure that resources are being appropriately used.

SysTrack Features

When users choose to employ the SysTrack solution, they gain access to many different capabilities. These features include:

  • Customizable dashboards. Administrators can build dashboards that are most suited to meet all of their needs. SysTrack comes equipped with tools that make it easy for administrators to create the dashboards most suited to their operational needs.
  • Data visualization tools. SysTrack is designed with built-in tools that allow users to represent data as more than just strings of numbers. These tools enable administrators to transform data into easy-to-understand visual representations. Massive and confusing streams of data can be made more easily accessible for those for whom strings of numbers can be hard to interpret.
  • Digital workplace experience monitoring tools. SysTrack’s AI algorithm gives administrators the ability to keep track of every aspect of a user’s workplace experience. This gives administrators and IT professionals insights that enable them to prevent any sort of breakdown from occurring in their digital workplace environment. Users can monitor even the most minute aspects of their networks. Nothing will take administrators or IT professionals by surprise when they are using SysTrack’s experience monitoring tools.
  • Custom report creation tools. SysTrack comes with tools that enable users to create reports that address the areas that most align with their business priorities. These reports make it possible for users to track and keep records of how their workspaces are running.
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DX SaaS is ranked 4th in Digital Experience Monitoring with 1 review while SysTrack is ranked 5th in Digital Experience Monitoring. DX SaaS is rated 7.0, while SysTrack is rated 0.0. The top reviewer of DX SaaS writes "It's highly customizable but lacks many features of available in competing solutions". On the other hand, DX SaaS is most compared with Zabbix, DX Unified Infrastructure Management, Dynatrace, Nexthink and Splunk, whereas SysTrack is most compared with Nexthink, Alluvio Aternity and Liquidware Stratusphere UX.

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