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Radek Skrivanek - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 18, 2024
A product that offers good performance and can be integrated easily into any environment
I use the solution in my company since it helps us in the area of our internal testing. The area of document storage is connected directly with the solution The product can be integrated into a particular environment, especially the ones with products from Cisco. The most valuable feature of the…
Aug 2, 2022
Prompt and professional service, easy to set up, supports many versions of Linux
Given our business model, it is very important that Linode offers a focused set of cloud computing services because it means that we can then mirror our software in the cloud. When we do want to do things like developing web service interfaces then the environment is available. We chose SUSE Linux but we could have chosen Fedora. They offer quite a number of Linux solutions. Initially and at this point, the fact that Linode offers worldwide coverage via multiple data centers is not important to us. However, our software is becoming obsolete and when they finally stop using it, we'll offer an archive, online inquiry for them. At that point, it will be an important feature. We have accessed it using SSH on a number of different platforms and it works every time.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Offers great flexibility."
"Dropbox is easy to use."
"I don't need to carry my laptop while traveling. I just synchronize whatever I've been doing to Dropbox. After the document is synchronized, I can leave my laptop and use Dropbox wherever I am. I can also easily share a document with my colleagues, no matter how big it is. I can allow them to edit, and the editing will be instant. I can see whatever changes they've made to the document. It doesn't delete a document automatically. If I make a mistake and delete a file, it doesn't automatically delete the file. It gives you the warning to say you're deleting a file. In terms of security, I haven't had any challenges with Dropbox where they tell you that your data is compromised."
"The solution is easy to use, everyone can use it."
"Simple to share files with others."
"It ensures all our staff are using the current version of our documents."
"The initial setup is simple and straightforward."
"What I like most about Dropbox is that it's very, very easy to use. It's also easy to share files through it."
"The most valuable feature is the domain settings page."
"The most valuable aspects of Linode are the virtual server and the clean server. I install what I need on it."
"Linode offers cost-effective pricing, and it enables me to swiftly deploy my services."
"When I started using Linode, I found its functionality easy to navigate, user-friendly and responsive to my needs. It provides clear reminders about services I'm not using, like DNS zones, which I appreciate."
"The cloud management panel is nice."
"The fact that you can do any Linux distribution is great. You can try out any Linux distribution, even some of the more obscure ones, and they are always keeping them up-to-date. As soon as a new distribution comes out, it is on the platform pretty much the same day, which I find really helpful."
"When it comes to the Linode Kubernetes Engine and the amount of automation it provides, it's awesome, it's a game-changer. If a process randomly dies, it could take me a while to notice that it has died, if I haven't set up monitoring. With Kubernetes, it will just restart itself using Heartbeats."
"The most valuable feature is the static IP address, which has been very helpful for being able to log into the same address over the course of more than a decade."


"The mobile aspect of the solution needs improvement. For instance, if I want to use a file from Dropbox on my phone, I sometimes struggle to download images off of Dropbox. The solution lacks accessibility on different devices."
"They should archive the data."
"I would like to see more storage included and more lessons on how to optimize it."
"I cannot edit a document at the same time as another user."
"There is a potential improvement regarding storage capacity and offering more than its current four gigabytes."
"It could be more secure."
"Dropbox could be improved by reducing the storage price."
"While I feel the price being charged to be reasonable, it should either be more cost-effective or account for an increased amount of storage space."
"There is no notification from the company regarding upgrades."
"The only improvement in this aspect of the service which I can think of is perhaps a pool of developers who could be hired for those cases where the need goes beyond the support offered."
"There is room for improvement regarding customer support."
"It would be nice if they had more data centers in Latin America."
"Before they changed the dashboard, I found some of the more granular options easier to find."
"Its cost can be improved."
"I would like to see more seamless integration with backup, although it's pretty easy to do."
"It would be helpful if they provided the additional Linux distributions that I prefer using. But there is still a workaround. I can do it without direct support. It's a bit more complicated, but it can still be done."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"There is a subscription-based pricing model and I pay monthly."
"Dropbox offers a freemium model which is very convenient and affordable. Beyond that, the pricing is favorable."
"While the pricing is comparable, especially for users of Microsoft Office 365, the value proposition might not be as competitive for those seeking primarily storage options."
"We are using the free version of Dropbox which has approximately two gigabytes of data capacity."
"Dropbox could be less expensive, and I pay monthly."
"It has some free features, but for some of the features, you need to pay. If you need more storage, then you need to pay. Its licensing probably is on a monthly basis."
"I am on a monthly subscription for the solution and I am somewhat satisfied with the pricing. However, the price could a bit better."
"One area that has been a big issue for me is when I tried to close my accounts, it is difficult. We had small personal accounts, and we then wanted to consolidate everything to the business account, but then to cancel and close those smaller accounts, it's a big issue. I still haven't done it and it's quite a long process."
"At this point, I'm paying more like $35 per month for a slightly bigger machine, and the backup, and the object service."
"Compared to other providers, I find Linode's pricing a bit higher. Storage could be more affordable."
"It is quite affordable, which makes it a great choice."
"When we started with the service, the cost was approximately €5 per month."
"Being that they are small, their prices are slightly higher than the large providers like Amazon if you compare raw computing power."
"The pricing model is very simple. I like the simplicity of it, starting at $5, then doubling as it goes up from there. That is a brilliant idea, and it is not complex at all. It is about as dead simple as you can imagine. So, if you want to double what you have, then you double your price, pay the money, and reboot. It is done. It's that simple. You can't beat that."
"The pricing model is very simple. If you have very small applications, you can use the plan which costs $5 per month. That gives you 50 GB of memory and almost 1 GB of RAM. If you need more than you have to select the next plan which is $10 per month, which has about 70 GB of data and 2 GB of RAM."
"Compared to other service providers, like AWS and Google, the cost of services are much less and more affordable. We are saving about 90 percent by going with Linode versus other cloud providers."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Dropbox?
For me, the biggest thing is version history. I can easily go back and view older versions.
What needs improvement with Dropbox?
Sometimes, the startup can be a bit slow, which is slightly irritating, but otherwise, I don't really struggle with it at all. So, the performance could be faster.
What do you like most about Linode?
When I started using Linode, I found its functionality easy to navigate, user-friendly and responsive to my needs. It provides clear reminders about services I'm not using, like DNS zones, which I ...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Linode?
Compared to other providers, I find Linode's pricing a bit higher. Storage could be more affordable.
What needs improvement with Linode?
I'm not sure what could be improved at Linode since they're likely already making enhancements, especially with the Akamai acquisition and, I don't have any specific suggestions as I haven't encoun...



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