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Dell Avamar
Average Rating
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Backup and Recovery (11th), Deduplication Software (3rd)
NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
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Cloud Migration (1st), Cloud Storage (1st), Cloud Backup (10th), Public Cloud Storage Services (5th), Cloud Software Defined Storage (1st)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Backup and Recovery category, the mindshare of Dell Avamar is 4.2%, up from 4.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is 0.2%, down from 0.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Backup and Recovery
Unique Categories:
Deduplication Software
Cloud Migration
Cloud Storage

Featured Reviews

Samuel Sencion - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 16, 2023
Direct activity feature is very helpful; good tech support
Our primary use case for Dell Avamar is backup and verification Dell Avamar has helped our organization by allowing us to do backups. We can tell machines to do backups in the application. The most valuable feature for me is direct activity. This solution could improve by introducing daily…
Timothy Benson - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 30, 2022
Good visibility, useful migration capabilities, and helpful support
We use it to monitor our on-prem and our SnapMirror between one and the other It's a single pane of glass where we can see our applications running.  The ability to see things going back and forth has been quite useful. Its migration capabilities are very good.  The solution could be better…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The most valuable features are image backups and file backups."
"I think the brand is very good. Support is also very nice for end users and integration with EMC products for businesses."
"The source site replication feature is valuable."
"The most valuable feature for me in Dell Avamar is the automation, which is good for completion."
"Duplication and the speed of backup are great."
"Its stability and deduplication capabilities are most valuable."
"I have found the product to be scalable."
"Stable and scalable backup and recovery software, with good technical support."
"The initial setup was straightforward. We started with a small pilot and we then moved to production with no downtime at all."
"Multiprotocol is the most valuable because Amazon was not able to provide us with access to the same data from Linux and from Windows clients. That was our value proposition for CVO, Cloud Volumes ONTAP."
"The ease of use in terms of how the product works is valuable. We are able to work with it and deploy the storage that we need."
"It's very easy to set up, and within 40 minutes, you can apply storage notes in Azure."
"The most valuable features of this solution are SnapShot, FlexClone, and deduplication."
"ONTAP's snapshot copies and thin clones in terms of operational recovery are pretty useful in recovering your data from a time in a snapshot. That's pretty useful for when you have an event where a disaster struck and then you need to recover all your data. It's pretty helpful and pretty fast in those terms."
"We are definitely in the process of reducing our footprint on our secondary data center and all those snapshots technically reduce tape backup. That's from the protection perspective, but as far as files, it's much easier to use and manage and it's faster, too."
"If you have a fair amount of experience with NetApp, you can work on it very easily."


"The interface could be more helpful for people."
"Dell Avamar could improve by adding more backup features."
"Avamar is dependent on the hardware. It can't be implemented with ordinary storage. It can only be implemented with an EMC product. We want to have a backup solution that allows us to use independent storage and other hardware. It would be good if they can simplify its technology and make it possible to implement it with another storage. This is probably not possible because Avamar is an EMC product, and EMC would like to sell its own products."
"What would make Dell Avamar better is if it can do faster backups because right now, PowerProtect Data Manager is better in this area with its new UI and a new way to implement backups. Customers nowadays also expect more up-to-date solutions, and this is another area for improvement in Dell Avamar. It's not as up-to-date, so I'm counting on PowerProtect Data Manager, but customers who have Dell Avamar don't want to switch because you don't have as many backup problems in Dell Avamar compared to other solutions. What I'd like to see in the next release of Dell Avamar is an updated UI and a different way to manage backups because currently, backup management is a bit heavy for customers using Dell Avamar."
"Technical support should be more knowledgeable."
"I would like to see better integration with third-party applications and platforms."
"Avamar is still competitive because of the way we have deployed it, but we need to diversify and shift away from specific technologies. In addition to hypervisors, virtual machines, and bare metal servers, our customers need protection for Microsoft 365, SaaS, and the public cloud, so we need other technologies in the business to cater to those customers' needs. Those are the enhancements we would want from the Avamar platform, but that's not likely to happen. Dell has PowerProtect and Apex backup services. There are other Dell solutions that we'll use to fulfill our customers' requirements."
"The solution could be a bit easier to use in the sense that they need to make it simpler to backup products and restore items."
"I'm very happy with the solution, the only thing that needs improvement is the web services API. It could be a little bit more straightforward. That's my only issue with it. It can get pretty complex."
"The DR has room for improvement. For example, we now have NetApp in Western Europe and we would like to back up the information to another region. It's impossible. We need to bring up an additional NetApp in that other region and create a Cloud Manager automation to copy the data... I would prefer it to be a more integrated solution like it was in the NetApp solution about a year ago. I would like to see something like AltaVault but in the cloud."
"There is room for improvement with the capacity. There's a very hard limit to how many disks you can have and how much space you can have. That is something they should work to fix, because it's limiting. Right now, the limit is about 360 terabytes or 36 disks."
"The cost needs improvement."
"One difficulty is that it has no SAP HANA certification. The asset performance restrictions create challenges with the infrastructure underneath: The disks and stuff like that often have lower latencies than SAP HANA itself has to have."
"When it comes to support provided by NetApp, they have room for improvement. Every time we go through their support, we end up answering the same routine questions."
"I would like to see something from NetApp about backups. I know that NetApp offers some backup for Office 365, but I would like to see something from NetApp for more backup solutions."
"In terms of improvement, I would like to see the Azure NetApp Files have the capability of doing SnapMirrors. Azure NetApp Files is, as we know, is an AFF system and it's not used in any of the Microsoft resources. It's basically NetApp hardware, so the best performance you can achieve, but the only reason we can't use that right now is because of the region that it's available in. The second was the SnapMirror capability that we didn't have that we heavily rely on right now."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The solution is costly."
"This is a fairly expensive solution. It cost approximately 21,000 each year."
"The solution is not expensive for the value one gets."
"When it comes to competition the price is not what is important, it's not the problem."
"The price is the main thing I'd like to see them change. If they can come down in price, that would be a good thing. It's very cost competitive in the entry level range, because Veeam pricing is much cheaper than Avamar."
"The cost is high."
"It's an expensive tool"
"On a scale of one to five, I would rate the pricing policy of Dell Avamar as five. The solution has a very good price, and a lot of improvements were done to it."
"We find the pricing to be favorable due to the educational sector we belong to."
"In addition to the standard licensing fees, there are fees for Azure, the VMs themselves and for data transfer."
"Compared to other storage vendors, NetApp, is not always able to compete with their pricing. Yet, we acknowledge the ease of use ONTAP brings with the AWS integration."
"They allow a special price if you are working closely with them. Since we have a lot of NetApp systems, we got some kind of discount. That's something they do for other customers, not just for us. The price was fair. In addition to the licensing fees, you're paying Amazon for your usage..."
"The standard pricing is online. Pricing depends. If you're using the PayGo model, then it's just the normal costs on the Microsoft page. If you're using Bring Your Own License, which is what we're doing, then you get with your sales contact at NetApp and start figuring out what price is the best, in the end, for your company."
"The deal with the seller was acceptable; the pricing is reasonable."
"Once we deploy the pay as you go model, we cannot convert this product as a BYOL model. This is a concern that we have."
"The cost is quite high."
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Questions from the Community

What's the difference between Dell EMC Avamar and Dell EMC NetWorker?
From the very beginning, Dell EMC NetWorker considers users and those who might potentially become users. In terms of both pricing and setup, this product offers an experience that is significantly...
What do you like most about Dell EMC Avamar?
It's stable and offers good performance.
What do you like most about NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP?
So a lot of these licenses are at the rate that is required for capacity. So they're they're able to reduce the license consumption and also the consumption of the underlying cloud storage.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP?
For enterprise customers, it's a very cost effective. But in the SMB segment, yeah, pricing is a little bit challenge for your time.
What needs improvement with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP?
There's not much scope for improvement. I think the solution is more restricted with the underlying cloud. The performance of the single instances depends on the performance of the underlying cloud...

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