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Microsoft Defender for Offi...
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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (9th)
Ranking in Email Security
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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS) (1st), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) (1st), Network Detection and Response (NDR) (1st), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (14th), Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) (11th), Attack Surface Management (ASM) (6th)
Fortinet FortiMail
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Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Email Security category, the mindshare of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is 13.1%, down from 20.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Darktrace is 3.4%, up from 0.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Fortinet FortiMail is 7.2%, down from 7.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Email Security
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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
Microsoft Security Suite
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS)
Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
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Featured Reviews

Gordon McGowan - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 28, 2023
Improves organizational security without the help of third-party applications
We use Microsoft Defender for Office 365 for protection.  Microsoft Defender for Office 365 has improved my organization's security. It makes it easier to manage the infrastructure without the help of third-party applications.  The product helped us maintain collaboration and communication during…
Apr 26, 2023
A stable and reliable cyber-security solution for network and email monitoring
The solution is a security cover for our on-premises solution to improve our security rating. Also, we want to protect our emails It has helped the organization to detect any malware affecting the machines. For example, if any phishing email creates a factory view bug or some of the workstations…
Oscar Mburu - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 2, 2022
User-friendly interface, helpful online resources, and excellent technical support
We are using Fortinet FortiMail as our email gateway Before implementing Fortinet FortiMail, our organization struggled with a high volume of spam emails. However, since deploying this product, we have seen a complete eradication of spam and have been able to function more efficiently as a…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Defender enables us to secure all 365-related activity from a single place. It gives us visibility into everything happening in Outlook, protecting us against phishing and other email-based threats. Defender helps us detect any suspicious behaviors."
"Defender for Office 365 has helped eliminate having to look at multiple dashboards and that is the aspect I like most about it. It is simpler, effective, and convenient. The users like the process efficiency."
"I like its investigation capabilities, as that is what is most important to me. It is fairly simple with a user-friendly interface."
"The initial setup is straightforward. You just add the license, click it, and then you can set up the rules. It is quite simple."
"The product's scalability is good."
"The initial setup was easy."
"Safe attachments, safe links, policies, and the ability to protect from zero-day threats are the most valuable features."
"The most valuable feature of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is data backups that we can provide through ticket requests."
"We are able to detect a lot of things, actually, and see what is happening in our network."
"The most valuable feature is the solution's ability to trim out the false positives and point your attention to the real important stuff."
"A very useful feature in Darktrace for real-time threat analysis is the packet inspection that analyzes the packet traffic in real time."
"Provides great network protection."
"The main valuable feature is that we don't need a lot of analysts. With few analysts, we have all the network monitored, 24/7."
"Its AI technology supports cybersecurity by learning my environment and accurately responding to threats."
"What I like about Darktrace, is that you can quickly identify threats."
"We liked their approach to identifying intrusions or network anomalies using AI."
"I like the anti-spam and security features of Fortinet FortiMail, and that its features complement each other."
"FortiMail is a stable product."
"Fortinet FortiMail's most valuable features are antispam, antivirus, database, and data loss prevention (DLP)."
"This solution is good for small and medium enterprise companies."
"It can block a lot of fake emails."
"The solution is very, very stable."
"The GUI isn't hard to use. When we do a demo and explain the features of Fortinet products to our customers, they understand very quickly. They can easily manage their systems without us."
"Fortinet FortiMail has a lot of valuable features. It works great. It also has an antivirus feature. Support for Fortinet FortiMail was also great when my team wanted to block some geographic IPs, but couldn't figure out how to do it. The support team provided clear communication on how to resolve that issue. Another valuable feature of Fortinet FortiMail is SPAM filtering which tells you how many spammy emails you've received. Based on my current use cases, I'm happy with Fortinet FortiMail."


"It would be better if it were more scalable. It depends on the architecture, but we would like to make it more scalable for both data centers."
"There is room for improvement with the UI."
"In some situations, it has not been able to pick impersonated emails having no attachments. Technical support definitely has a scope for improvement."
"They have moved features from one console to another. Things have been moved around in the interface and it takes me time to find where certain features are."
"Microsoft should provide more documentation for users so they can self-educate. I would like to see more documentation for advanced security features."
"This product's effectiveness could be improved, in terms of detecting unwanted spam or even malware between the emails, compared to other products."
"There needs to be an improvement in integrating the product to work across multiple operating systems, and to have better support for non-Microsoft file types."
"The XDR dashboard has room for improvement."
"Needs to improve its collaboration with local partners."
"It would be useful if there was a way to check to see if there are certain devices that are not in sync with the solution. I'm not sure if this is an option or not."
"The pricing is a bit high for the region."
"Getting logs from different sources can be a challenge."
"The user interface and the configuration are a bit complex and should be improved or simplified."
"I would like to see a feature where the tool ingests information from an anti-malware product that is present at the endpoint."
"I would like to see some additional enhancements."
"One thing that I would like to look at going forward is to have a fully automated network infrastructure that is monitored automatically real-time, and that gives me this kind of capability where I would be able to look at my network at any given time and see the state of my network. With Darktrace, at the moment, I have to almost put in a date and tell them that want you to give me data from this date to this date. I don't want that. I want a fast solution in which it doesn't matter when I log into the application. Whenever I log in, I must be able to see my network and run a report. In other words, if I go in now and I say, "Give me a full report of what happened today, it must be able to give me that. It mustn't just be limited to a seven-day period, for argument's sake. It must be able to give me real-time and day-to-day tracking of what has happened within my network."
"They should add a lot of threat-intelligence feeds from different sources - not only from one source (FortiGuard)."
"Sometimes, the tool flags legitimate incoming traffic as spam."
"The product could incorporate even more artificial intelligence to enhance the functionality, but it is a competetive and intelligent product as it."
"I don't know if it is possible, but I would like to see Artificial Intelligence and machine learning introduced."
"It would be nice if we could manage the solution from the cloud so I could handle things off-site if necessary."
"Fortinet FortiMail could improve general user management. There are no password policies for users."
"The solution's pricing could be improved."
"In the Latin America market, some spam messages use Portuguese language. Some clearly spam messages would be better identified by the anti-spam if not for the language."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The license is expensive because the cost is based on the number of users."
"Microsoft Defender is expensive. I typically recommend it only if clients have the budget. Otherwise, I would suggest an alternative."
"The product is expensive."
"Defender for 365 comes in various plans and licenses, along with other Microsoft security solutions. Purchasing this kind of package or security bundle gives good value for money, and that's what I recommend."
"For licensing, it's usually a yearly package for customers who are subscribed to Office 365, but they can also pay on a monthly basis."
"Compared to other brands, Microsoft Defender for Office 365's pricing is competitive."
"I was working in the government and it was too expensive for us to use our Microsoft products."
"The pricing is normal. Considering its popularity, it's not overpriced."
"It is pretty expensive, but it is worth it. Its licensing is yearly."
"We had an issue with pricing initially and had to cancel some of the features of the projects to fit the budget. I would like to see pricing that is not broken up into parts so that we can buy the whole package once. Darktrace is more expensive than an average solution, but it's functionality won't match that of an average solution."
"If you consider the features and the cost of market leaders, we are satisfied with the pricing."
"It is expensive. I don't have the price for other competitors."
"It is inexpensive considering what it can do and the competition."
"The price of the solution is not cheap. It is not a one-time purchase, there is a subscription that needs to be paid every one to five years depending on your choice. It is expensive but you can reduce the price by only using the services that you want."
"Darktrace is expensive. You can pay for the license yearly."
"It's an expensive solution."
"Fortinet FortiMail is inexpensive."
"My company has a three-year license for Fortinet FortiMail, including the support, but I'm not so sure of how much the solution costs because I'm not part of the procurement team. What's more important to me is the functionality and stability of Fortinet FortiMail. In terms of Fortinet FortiMail licensing, the cost is calculated based on company requirements. For example, it's based on the features you need for your environment, on capacity, how many CPUs you have, etc."
"The pricing is good."
"The solution is quite pricey compared to other competitors in the market."
"Price-wise, the solution is not far from Microsoft ATP. So, it is affordable."
"It is reasonable."
"It is an expensive product."
"It's not as that expensive with the competitive different brands. The products sell a lot."
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The solution's pricing could be improved.

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