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Commvault Cloud
Ranking in Backup and Recovery
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Ranking in Disaster Recovery (DR) Software
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eDiscovery (2nd), Disaster Recovery as a Service (2nd), File Archiving (2nd), SaaS Backup (1st), Threat Deception Platforms (1st), Container Backup Software (3rd)
Hornetsecurity Altaro VM Ba...
Ranking in Backup and Recovery
Ranking in Cloud Backup
Ranking in Disaster Recovery (DR) Software
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Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Backup and Recovery category, the mindshare of Commvault Cloud is 8.8%, up from 5.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Hornetsecurity Altaro VM Backup is 1.5%, up from 0.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Backup and Recovery
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Cloud Backup
Disaster Recovery (DR) Software

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Mar 4, 2024
Covers everything, protects our data, and gives immediate results
Building and deploying a decoy is fairly straightforward. If there is any work involved, it is just tuning the noise in terms of what happens inside your network. Most people probably do not realize how many times they are scanning their own network internally, and that decoy is going to feel like it is getting scanned, but that scan is being done by a dedicated device that you want to scan. You then build your exception rules in to not trigger on that and trigger on other devices when it is scanning. We have built the alerts back into our automation platform, so if we get alerts, our automation platform will do some runbook evaluation that is automated and then hand it off to an analyst if they think it is a real event. They do a good job of building the decoys and deploying them, and then giving you good insights. When something happens, you can look at how the decoy was connected or attached to a scan and figure out if that is a real threat or not. I like the coverage. We have 250 locations across the US, and we deploy decoys across every one of those networks. We saw its benefits immediately. The first time we got it and deployed it into one of our operating plant environments, the plant engineer noticed right away that there was a foreign device on his network that he did not really realize was out there. It was a support vendor coming in, and that vendor was scanning parts of his network that he did not realize. They were not necessarily doing it maliciously, but it gave him great insight, so he was sold on the product right away as we were. Shortly after implementation, we did our regular PAN and Red Team testing. I can say with 100% confidence that every time we do one of those, those teams come in and they tip over one of the decoys, and we see them fairly quickly. The decoy side protects my data because I get early insight into if there is a threat actor in my environment and it is moving laterally because they typically will hit one of these decoys, so it gives me quick access. If a ransomware threat actor was in my environment, they would be moving laterally trying to get to a vulnerable system, so before they ever get to the point of deploying the ransomware payload, they are going to hit a decoy. I am going to get early insight, and hopefully, I can get them out of there. In terms of its effect on the total cost of ownership (TCO), as with almost any security product, we are mitigating risk and protecting revenue. The total cost of ownership is an overhead when it comes to security. You want to spend as much as you think is necessary to mitigate high-risk areas. Otherwise, it is just money out the door. You are protecting revenue, but I would not put a TCO on it. It has helped our organization reduce or avoid downtime a great deal. It has avoided a potential downtime because the decoy typically gets the threat actor. My threat actors are PAN Test and Red Team people. They are identified before they can get too far and cause a scenario where I have downtime because of whatever they are doing in the environment.
Mar 29, 2024
Offers a comprehensive feature set offered at a competitive price
Two months ago, a client had a problem with hardware failure and relied on Altaro VM Backup for backup and recovery in their hybrid VM environment. They found the solution easy to configure and manage The most valuable feature of Altaro VM Backup is its ability to backup and restore various types…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Commvault can actually come in and assist you with aspects of the implementation - and they are quite helpful."
"It never fails. Sometimes we miss a backup, but there's always a reason for it, and it's not the fault of Commvault. In the last three years, we've never had to open a ticket with Commvault."
"The solution's stability is excellent."
"It provides us a good holistic view of everything that we have backed up so far. It also provides us all the recovery points. If we look at an an object that has been backed up, we can tell how many retention copies it has, how far we can go, and recover any data, if needed."
"One of the most valuable features is the encryption which helps save you from ransomware. Because the data is already encrypted, it cannot be encrypted again."
"Metallic is user-friendly, cost-effective, and the technical support is impressive."
"There are many valuable features of Commvault HyperScale X giving many possibilities to complete jobs."
"The product has the best features for scaling up and administering all the solutions from a single platform."
"All of the features are fantastic and also the management from Microsoft dealing with multiple machines is great. The whole package is excellent for me."
"Ability to restore to any host."
"Valuable features for us include quick recovery, compression, and deduplication."
"It is an excellent product. It is easy to deploy, stable, and fast. Their support is excellent."
"Reverse Delta is Altaro proprietary backup deduplication technology. With Reverse Delta, the latest version of a file is always made available in its entirety, not as a delta file."
"VM backup and the item level recovery are the most valuable features."
"This solution is stable."
"We use the latest feature in Altaro called CDP (Continuous Data Protection) to back up our VMs as often as every five minutes. It allows us to make sure no data is accidentally deleted or overwritten."


"We've run into some issues when attempting to restore very large numbers of files. Of course, that's more of a design issue."
"I think the one thing that could be improved is the customer experience. The interface should be more user friendly."
"One issue we face is the complexity of the console. That could be improved on. It takes users time to get familiar with Commvault. On average, it takes our customers between one and three months to learn it. The console and the way you configure Commvault have very advanced settings. It takes time to understand how it works."
"Compared to Rubrik, MongoDB Data Protector, and NetBackup, Commvault is better. The licensing team was quite tricky recently because they stopped the unlimited files for that license. Commvault made a bank of 500GB only, a node-based license can take it, which is disappointing. Reporting needs to be more granular. Also, there should be a showback of data being backed up, and the backup cost to share the cost internally with the department."
"The solution's breadth and depth of cloud support are good, but could be better. Some cloud features that are common-sense, especially on AWS, are not completely integrated yet in the product. They are a work-in-progress."
"The stability of the tool could be improved."
"The main area for improvement is that we sometimes experience negative effects from their updates. If they had a larger test area for their updates, that would help."
"I would like to have a manager-level dashboard to review the backups. This is not from an administrative perspective where you can see the details of the execution. Rather, it would only show the percentage of completeness for each one."
"To improve Altaro, I would like to see the ability to choose more than one backup location at a time."
"The scalability of the solution is limited."
"Replication is not fast, the GUI could be more user-friendly, and technical support is lacking in Iran."
"Improvement areas for Altaro VM Backup include enhancing backup and deduplication solutions for continuous operation and offering an all-in-one solution for hardware backup."
"Backup speed and comparisons between versions used to be slow on big VMs but that was improved greatly later on."
"If you look into the performance of a virtual machine and you look to the performance of the physical machine, the correlation between these is totally unclear."
"Basically, how it works is that you have a single local drive, and then you have a cloud backup. It'd be nice if you could rotate the single local backup drive. As of now, you can't."
"The initial set up was complex, and I was not able to do the set up myself."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The solution is expensive. The subscription is based on a monthly basis. There are additional costs that vary depending on the size of the backup."
"The solution is highly-priced."
"...the battle came down to pricing, as well as some small features, and Commvault was the best in all the criteria."
"We went from Veritas NetBackup to Commvault. We switched due to upfront licensing and costs. We have more visibility into what we're actually purchasing. It seemed like, overall, the cost of Commvault was cheaper."
"Commvault is more expensive than Veeam, which is the reason that we are changing to Veeam for cloud environments."
"The solution is licensed based on the number of objects that we're going to back up, and that's a known quantity. As a result, we get predictable costs for our backup requirements."
"Our cost is around $20,000 per month. The previous year, it was around $30,000 per month. It now costs less because Commvault changed the licensing type for providers."
"Commvault licensing is a perpetual license so only the support is being renewed yearly."
"Its yearly maintenance fee is fairly high for me to renew for upgrades and support."
"There is a free version for two VMs. I would advise to study the deployment environment well, prior to committing to order a license per host."
"There is a free version for Hosts with 2 VMs."
"The pricing is okay,"
"VMware is a little pricey, but it is a good solution and priced similar to other products."
"No other product offers these features for this price. The ROI is great."
"The price is great for the utility you get and the licensing has never caused any issues with my company."
"Altaro VM Backup is affordably priced. It is a best value for its price and has almost every feature that an expensive, popular product offers."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Commvault?
The convenience of backing up and restoring simultaneously is very valuable.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Commvault?
The tool is affordable. I rate the pricing a six out of ten. Implementation requires additional costs because we need Commvault Professional Services.
What needs improvement with Commvault?
Data center backup must be improved. We also want the product to provide us with a cloud-based backup. If we use Microsoft Exchange Online for email services, we want to know how to get a backup in...
What do you like most about Hornetsecurity Altaro VM Backup?
The most valuable feature of Altaro VM Backup is its ability to backup and restore various types of data, including Active Directory, application servers, and SQL Server databases.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Hornetsecurity Altaro VM Backup?
Altaro VM Backup is quite affordable in comparison to other products.
What needs improvement with Hornetsecurity Altaro VM Backup?
Improvement areas for Altaro VM Backup include enhancing backup and deduplication solutions for continuous operation and offering an all-in-one solution for hardware backup. Additionally, integrati...

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