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Dell ECS
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Amarjit Rathee - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 25, 2024
A stable solution that has very few hardware failures and provides excellent technical support
Our archival is on Dell ECS. Some critical data is on the cloud. The rest is stored on-premise We have government compliances to follow. We manage compliance using the tool. We also have our backups. We must have backups for audits. It is a very good product. We face very few hardware failures.…

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"The solution could be cheaper."
"It is an inexpensive product."
"We are not paying for the license at this stage."
"It's a lease-based model, so it's capacity-based. We already negotiated the price a lot, but we're still doing that with Dell because somehow the product was not installed successfully, so there was a lot of struggle in the distributor territory between Dell and the environment itself. I would give the solution a 6 out of 10 for the pricing. There's a little room for improvement."
"We initially purchased all of the licenses at the same time."
"The price of Dell ECS should be reduced."
"The price of Dell ECS should be reduced."
"If I remember correctly, Dell ECS is an appliance, so if you buy Dell ECS, you also have to buy the hardware, while IBM is standalone software, so you can buy IBM as software only without needing to buy the hardware. On a scale of one to five, I'm rating the pricing for Dell ECS a four."
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EMC ECS, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

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1. Airbnb 2. Amazon 3. Apple 4. AT&T 5. Bank of America 6. BMW 7. Cisco 8. Coca-Cola 9. Dell 11. Facebook 12. Google 13. HP 14. IBM 15. Intel 16. JPMorgan Chase 17. LinkedIn 18. Mastercard 19. Microsoft 20. Nike 21. Oracle 22. PayPal 23. Procter & Gamble 24. SAP 25. Starbucks 26. Tesla 27. Toyota 28. Visa 29. Walmart 30. WeWork 31. World Bank
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