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Fortinet FortiEDR
Ranking in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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Ranking in other categories
No ranking in other categories
Check Point Harmony Endpoint
Ranking in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) (8th)
Cisco Secure Endpoint
Ranking in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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Ranking in other categories
Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) (10th), Cisco Security Portfolio (7th)

Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) category, the market share of Fortinet FortiEDR is 5.0% and it increased by 35.9% compared to the previous year. The market share of Check Point Harmony Endpoint is 4.0% and it increased by 53.5% compared to the previous year. The market share of Cisco Secure Endpoint is 1.9% and it decreased by 15.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
Unique Categories:
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Cisco Security Portfolio

Featured Reviews

Feb 2, 2024
Offers dashboard accessibility and effectively manages threat detection and response
Our security posture improved since implementing Fortinet FortiEDR in terms of our overall setup, as we've experienced significant enhancements. We now have streamlined operations, better dashboards, and improved monitoring capabilities, consolidating multiple functions into a single solution. Previously, we were managing three separate vendors alongside support from our IT arm and outsourced assistance. With FortiEDR, everything is integrated under one dashboard, making our processes more efficient. Fortinet FortiEDR effectively manages threat detection and response in our daily operations with great robustness. Previously, we had to rely on two separate Palo Alto devices for bandwidth management, both lacking real-time capabilities. Our search engine, detection engine, and database were also disjointed. However, with FortiEDR, we've achieved parity in functionality for both functions. Consequently, our bandwidth performance has seen a significant boost, providing users with a stable stream to work with. The implementation of automation has had a significant impact on our team's workload. As we operate shared services centers across the APAC region, having this infrastructure in place has provided us with visibility across all three sites. This visibility, facilitated by automation, is particularly beneficial for higher management and decision-makers. It's a notable advancement for our operations. FortiEDR has played a crucial role in mitigating the impact of breaches within our healthcare IT industry. Given the vast amount of data we handle and the real-time nature of data processing via APIs and centralized databases, FortiEDR has streamlined our operations. It allows us to process data at our own pace without encountering significant obstacles or requiring extensive workarounds. Essentially, it has provided us with a seamless transition between sandbox and production environments, making our workflow smoother and more efficient.
Jun 3, 2024
Enhances our organization's cybersecurity posture with its comprehensive set of features
Our primary use case is to enhance the organization's security posture against attacks like phishing, and malware especially zero-day threats, with low false positives. The product must be able to integrate with the existing infrastructure with relative ease.  We need detailed reporting and…
Jun 15, 2023
Streamlines security policy creation and saves a lot of time in identifying threats
The most valuable feature is being able to push a policy. Whenever we update a corporate policy, we update it in one place, push it down, and it updates the policy on every laptop. Secure Endpoint is good for creating actionable alerts so we can detect and remediate threats. If somebody does get infected, we don't have to wait for them to say, "Oh, I can't use my email." We immediately know about it. We would absolutely know about the problem before the person did. That was our biggest impact. Secure Endpoint decreased our time to remediation. Where it used to take us a month to find out that something is infected, we now know that same day, as soon it is infected. Cisco Secure Endpoint has helped improve our cybersecurity resilience. We only have about two IT guys. So it just makes them better at what they do. It saves them time, so they can focus on other things. It saves them time so they can focus on other tasks.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"he solution is an anti-malware product that integrates well with other vendor products such as firewalls, SIEM, etc. It captures threat intelligence and gives you better visibility. The product also has sandboxing features."
"The ease of deployment and configuration is valuable. It's very easy compared to other vendors like Sophos. Sophos' configuration is complex. Fortinet is a lot easier to understand. You don't need a lot of admin knowledge to do the configuration."
"The price is low and quite competitive with others."
"NGAV and EDR features are outstanding."
"Additionally, when it comes to EDR, there are more tools available to assist with client work."
"Impressive detection capabilities"
"Having all monitoring, response, tracking, and mitigation tools in one dashboard provides our analysts and SOC team with a comprehensive view at a glance."
"The setup is pretty simple."
"This software incorporates security AI features and effectively manages bandwidth with its DRS capabilities."
"It offers complete endpoint protection for all assets."
"The Management interface of the product is relatively user-friendly and easy to navigate."
"It has extended OS support to ensure your legacy endpoints also have zero-day protection."
"The tool minimizes the impact of a breach with autonomous detection and response."
"We were under an attack in our environment, and the Check Point response was good because we didn't lose anything."
"The product improved the overall security of our organization with the features like sandboxing and phishing prevention."
"The product is stable."
"The VPN is most valuable. It's the best thing in the market today. We can use two-factor authentication with another platform, and we can authenticate with two-factor."
"It is extensive in terms of providing visibility and insights into threats. It allows for research into a threat, and you can chart your progress on how you're resolving it."
"It provides real-time visibility and control over endpoints, allowing its users to promptly respond to any security incidents and remediate any vulnerabilities."
"The solution makes it possible to see a threat once and block it everywhere across all endpoints and the entire security platform. It has the ability to block right down to the file and application level across all devices based on policies, such as, blacklisting and whitelisting of software and applications. This is good. Its strength is the ability to identify threats very quickly, then lock them and the network down and block the threats across the organization and all devices, which is what you want. You don't want to be spending time working out how to block something. You want to block something very quickly, letting that flow through to all the devices and avoiding the same scenario on different operating systems."
"Real-time threat prevention using sandboxing, file trajectory, and retrospective security."
"There are no issues or drops in the solution's performance...The solution's technical support was helpful."
"The product itself is pretty reliable. The security features that it has make it reliable."
"Another of my favorite features is called the Device Trajectory, where it shows everything that's going on, on a computer. It shows the point in time when a virus is downloaded, so you can see if the user was surfing the internet or had a program open. It shows every running process and file access on the computer and saves it like a snapshot when it detects something malicious. It also has a File Trajectory, so you can even see if that file has been found on any of your other computers that have AMP."


"I think cloud security and SASE are areas of concern in the product where improvements are required. The tool's cloud version has to be improved in terms of the security it offers."
"Once, we had an event that was locked and blocked, but information about it came to us two or three days later."
"We've had a lot of false positives; things incorrectly flagged that require manual configuration to allow. Even worse, after we allow a legitimate program, it sometimes gets flagged again after an update. This has caused a lot of extra work for my team."
"The solution should address emerging threats like SQL injection."
"FortiEDR could add a separate scanning dashboard. In incident management, we prefer to remove the endpoint system from the environment and scan the system. We typically use Symantec for that, but if we want to use FortiEDR for that, then we need a scanning tab to clarify things."
"I haven't seen the use of AI in the solution."
"Making the portal mobile friendly would be helpful when I am out of office."
"It takes about two business days for initial support, which is too slow in urgent situations."
"The product updates are a manual process for my administrator and can take several hours out of his day."
"Check Point needs to work in areas like branding and other value propositions to make products stand out in the market despite the solutions being more affordable than the ones offered by competitors."
"Off the top of my head, I can't think of a way it has improved my organization."
"Check Point offers solutions with only a few features for our company's customers' sites."
"Customization of UI should be a little better in terms of application UI and messages that are displayed when something is blocked or non-compliant."
"The price of the product could be more friendly."
"Areas that have room for improvement are the scope of the product and, while I think the support is good, they can improve support as well."
"Configuration with some applications did not take place effectively due to setup complications."
"On the firewall level, they were lagging a little bit behind, but they are running up again. I have full trust in the new 3000 series of firewalls where we would also be able to look more into the traffic that we're monitoring and get more security layers in our services. That would definitely be a big step."
"It does not include encryption and decryption of local file shares."
"The connector updates are very easily done now, and that's improving. Previously, the connector had an issue, where almost every time it needed to be updated, it required a machine reboot. This was always a bit of an inconvenience and a bug. Because with a lot of software now, you don't need to do that and shouldn't need to be rebooting all the time."
"The technical support is very slow."
"We had a lot of noise at the beginning, and we had to turn it down based on exclusions, application whitelisting, and excluding unknown benign applications. Cisco should understand the need for continuous updates on the custom Cisco exclusions and the custom applications that come out-of-the-box with the AMP for Endpoints."
"The thing I hate the most, which they have not fixed, is when it creates duplicate entries within a console. If you have a computer and you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or you upgrade your agent from version 6 to 7, it creates a new instance in there instead of updating the information. Instead of paying a license for one computer, I have to license two computers until I manually go in, search for all the duplicate entries, and clean them out myself."
"I would like to see integration with Cisco Analytics."
"I would like them to add whatever makes filtering more advanced in scanning and blocking for malware in emails."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It's moderately priced, neither cheap nor expensive."
"Offered at a high price"
"It is expensive and I would rate it 8 on the scale."
"I know it is tough to get big budget additions up front, but I highly recommend deploying environment wide and adding the forensic service."
"It's not cheap, but it's not expensive either."
"The pricing is good."
"I would rate the solution's pricing an eight out of ten."
"Fortinet FortiEDR is available at a very competitive price compared to the other products in the market."
"The product is averagely priced. The product price is neither very high nor too low. The tool is not really expensive."
"There are three different licensing models including basic, advanced, and complete, and it needs to be selected according to the endpoint."
"We pay roughly 80,000 Swedish krona per year. When it comes to the firewall, it's roughly 150,000 Swedish krona yearly. There's also maintenance, of course, which is roughly 10,000 krona per month."
"Price-wise, the product is affordable. There are no additional costs apart from the licensing charges that are attached to the product."
"In addition to the standard licensing fees, there is a cost for support."
"I bought them for 12 months and I genuinely cannot remember what I paid for them. I think it's about 100 pounds per user per year, so about 10 pounds a month per person."
"The tool’s cost has increased by almost 300% in two years."
"Initial monies replacing all AVs with a single product is about £10k."
"The visibility that we have into the endpoint and the forensics that we're able to collect give us value for the price. This is not an overly expensive solution, considering all the things that are provided. You get great performance and value for the cost."
"Licensing fees are on a yearly basis and I am happy with the pricing."
"The pricing and licensing fees are okay."
"Its price is fair for us."
"It can always be cheaper."
"It is a subscription-based product."
"The pricing and licensing are reasonable. The cost of AMP for Endpoints is inline with all the other software that has a monthly endpoint cost. It might be a little bit higher than other antivirus type products, but we're only talking about a dollar a month per user. I don't see that cost as being an issue if it's going to give us the confidence and security that we're looking for. We have had a lot of success and happiness with what we're using, so there's no point in changing."
"The Enterprise Agreement is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of Cisco products. In that vein, it was very affordable."
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Questions from the Community

What's the difference between Fortinet's FortiEDR and FortiClient?
I suggest Fortinet’s FortiEDR over FortiClient for several reasons. For starters, FortiEDR guarantees solid protectio...
What do you like most about Fortinet FortiEDR?
We have FortiEDR installed on all our systems. This protects them from any threats.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Fortinet FortiEDR?
The pricing of the solution is on the high end compared to its offerings and capabilities.
What do you like most about Check Point Harmony Endpoint?
It scans all the endpoints in your cloud and on-premises for vulnerabilities, threats, and malware attacks.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Check Point Harmony Endpoint?
The product is averagely priced. The product price is neither very high nor too low. The tool is not really expensive.
What needs improvement with Check Point Harmony Endpoint?
The solution does not support some endpoints, such as iPhones, iPads, and some operating systems. Some endpoints were...

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