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AWS Storage Gateway vs Nasuni comparison

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AWS Storage Gateway vs. Nasuni
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about AWS Storage Gateway vs. Nasuni and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
619,967 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"AWS Storage Gateway's best feature is its secure storage.""The solution gives us the ability to move large amounts of data to the cloud and it gives us on-premises connectivity. Additionally, the storage can be shared from the cloud to on-premise.""We like the flexibility and easy-to-use storage. I'm happy about the response time.""AWS Storage Gateway is used when there's a high requirement for storage and the company has their goal to move to the cloud and they are not comfortable having it in the data centers. They want the data to move to the cloud. We propose storage services that give them flexibility. They don't have to manage their data centers by themselves because it is being managed by Amazon or Microsoft. They do not have to worry about security and vulnerability issues. That is a strategy that companies can find value in and choose a cloud service."

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"The most valuable feature is that we have redundancy in our data. It's nice to know that it is cached both locally on the filters, as well as stored on that cloud.""We've used it to provide file source capacity for VDI environments. The security of it is important and the fact that it's object storage, it's immutable and that it can't be held for ransom. It's a lot smoother than our previous processes that weren't Nasuni-based. A lot of it is done automatically just by the system being in place.""The nice thing about Nasuni storage is that it is immutable. This means the data is only written once. So, you never modify the files. When you write a file out to the storage, it doesn't modify it when you change it. The technology knows how to figure out what the difference is between the original file write and what the changes are. Therefore, it only saves the changes.""Nasuni has helped to eliminate on-premises infrastructure. We were using about eight to 10 different types of vendors or small storage boxes for provisioning and shared access for users. We got rid of all those. That has eliminated operational overhead and footprint at our data center. We don't have to worry about any hardware or monitoring particular devices, and hundreds of devices have been decommissioned. Now, for provisioning, everything is on Nasuni. I assume this has made a big difference in costs.""Continuous File Versioning is one of the best features because it helps you to restore at any point in time. That means you don't have to worry about a ransomware attack. Even if that attack happens, you can restore all the data to five minutes ago and save everything.""It has the ability to do end-user recovery, or a user can simply contact an admin who can perform a recovery from the management console. The versioning has simplified everything. Now we don't have to worry about those components.""Another helpful feature, in addition to restoring a file that was deleted within 24 to 48 hours, is that we have the ability to restore a file or a folder that was deleted, going all the way back to the inception of that file or folder. That means we actually have unlimited backups to the inception point of data with Nasuni.""The Nasuni management dashboard is helpful because, on the administration side, I'm able to view all of the different filers that we have in the UK, rather than check each one of them individually."

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"AWS Storage Gateway could improve by having different kinds of storage. For example, allowing all kinds of data, whether it's images or structure, not structure data. This would be great.""The security could improve in the solution.""It would be better for us if they improved their integration capability.""AWS Storage Gateway's cost can be an issue."

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"We've had some organizational changes that Nasuni has not been able to keep up with, mainly from a data or file system perspective. Moving a filer from one management console has been a challenge. It lacks the flexibility to move files in and out of the management console. We have six management consoles now, and we're constantly telling Nasuni, "Hey, please allow us to move a filer from management console A to B." They can't do that.""It is difficult to configure Nasuni. Adding a filer is an easy task, but deciding where to add them, how many to add, and what size to add takes a lot of time. I have to analyze my existing storage to understand how many users are going to access which folders. I have to design the Nasuni architecture accordingly.""We would like to have a user desktop agent to help improve the end-user experience.""Some of their cross-platform features are really good, but it could always use more.""The speed at which new files are created is something that could be improved. For example, if you create a new file in another country, I won't see it for between 10 and 15 minutes.""The speed at which new files are created is something that could be improved. For example, if you create a new file in another country, I won't see it for between 10 and 15 minutes.""I would like to see them improve their tools in regards to accessing data using smartphones, tablets, and iPads. I think the Nasuni app could be improved to make access to the data cleaner and more efficient.""One area that we've recently spoken to Nasuni about is single sign-on. Another is integrating Nasuni with Azure Active Directory. In our particular case, that would allow for third-party consultants to access our Azure Active Directory environment as opposed to coming to our on-premises environment."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "There is a monthly subscription for the use of this solution."
  • "We pay a monthly license."
  • "AWS Storage Gateway is reasonably priced. The price depends on how much you need. The whole synopse model comes into the picture for the cloud where it depends on how many instances per VM and the price will increase. It's a reasonable price because with all the competition around the price has to be competitive. It's not very costly."
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  • "It is around $850 per terabyte per year. Any additional costs that you would incur are for the local caching devices that you'll need to access Nasuni. You kind of provide your own virtual machines or compute to access the data. You also pay for the object storage. So, there are three parts to it. There is the Nasuni license per terabyte. You would also pay for the actual object storage in the cloud, and then you would pay for virtual machines to access the storage."
  • "The pricing is on par with everybody else, and fair."
  • "The cost is based on the capacity, which is approximately $100 USD per terabyte."
  • "It has a license fee as well as hardware costs, which we would incur if we want to use Nasuni Cloud Storage Gateway for upgrades."
  • "I would not say it is economically priced, but it is affordable. If you can afford to pay for it, it is worth the money, but it is definitely not overpriced. It is priced about where it needs to be in the market. We were satisfied with the way they did their licensing and how they handled it. I believe they actually license by data size. It is based on how much data is being held on the machine and replicated, and that's completely understandable. So, for us, their pricing was as expected and affordable."
  • "Our agreement is set up such that we pay annually per terabyte, and we buy a chunk of it at a time. Then if we run out of space, we go back to them and buy another chunk."
  • "The cost of licensing is negotiated and billed annually per terabyte."
  • "There are annual costs that we pay for maintaining all of the snapshot history in the cloud. That is the primary cost that we pay. We occasionally buy newer Nasuni appliances or deploy them to new offices when the need occurs. That capital equipment expenses is less than the cost of buying new file storage systems. For the most part, you are trading a CapEx cost of storage equipment for an OpEx cost for management of all the snapshot data in the cloud."
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    619,967 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The most valuable feature is that it requires less utilization of space, compared to storing directly to the database of the system. It offers a unique way of doing things.
    Top Answer:We use it to store data for all of our systems for our finance operations.
    Top Answer:From my perspective, it's better than the traditional way of having a physical server. It is much better than our previous solution. I know there are a lot of similar products like this but as it's in… more »
    Top Answer:The global file locking feature is valuable. The ability to quickly deploy new sites is also valuable.
    Top Answer:It is around $850 per terabyte per year. Any additional costs that you would incur are for the local caching devices that you'll need to access Nasuni. You kind of provide your own virtual machines or… more »
    Top Answer:Room for improvement would be the speed of replication of new files. I would also like to see cloud mirroring.
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    AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service that enables your on-premises applications to seamlessly use AWS cloud storage. You can use the service for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud bursting, storage tiering, and migration. Your applications connect to the service through a gateway appliance using standard storage protocols, such as NFS and iSCSI. The gateway connects to AWS storage services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, and Amazon EBS, providing storage for files, volumes, and virtual tapes in AWS. The service includes a highly-optimized data transfer mechanism, with bandwidth management, automated network resilience, and efficient data transfer, along with a local cache for low-latency on-premises access to your most active data.

    Nasuni cloud file services is the modern alternative to Windows file servers, NAS, and file backup. Nasuni leverages AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud object storage to offer limitless file shares that can be accessed via standard SMB and NFS protocols from Windows, Linux, and macOS. Shares can be deployed in the cloud or cached on-premises for fast access near where file data is being used. Infinite snapshots, high-speed global file synchronization and file locking, rapid ransomware recovery, and file data analytics are also included in the Nasuni subscription, which costs up to 70% less than legacy file storage and other cloud file storage solutions.

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    Environmental Systems Design Inc., Imagination, Lewis Group of Companies, Saint Michael's College, TBG Partners, Sedgwick LLP, Barry Isett & Associates, Perkins+Will
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    Buyer's Guide
    AWS Storage Gateway vs. Nasuni
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about AWS Storage Gateway vs. Nasuni and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
    619,967 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    AWS Storage Gateway is ranked 3rd in Cloud Storage Gateways with 4 reviews while Nasuni is ranked 1st in Cloud Storage Gateways with 20 reviews. AWS Storage Gateway is rated 8.0, while Nasuni is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of AWS Storage Gateway writes "Beneficial flexibility, secure, and little maintenance". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Nasuni writes "Secure, reliable, good performance, helpful alerting, and responsive support". AWS Storage Gateway is most compared with StorSimple, NetApp AltaVault, Panzura and Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Edge, whereas Nasuni is most compared with Panzura, Qumulo, Dell PowerScale (Isilon), PeerGFS and Cohesity SpanFS. See our AWS Storage Gateway vs. Nasuni report.

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