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Executive SummaryUpdated on Jul 5, 2023

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SentinelOne Singularity Clo...
Ranking in Container Security
Ranking in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Ranking in Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Vulnerability Management (5th), Cloud and Data Center Security (5th), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (4th), Compliance Management (5th)
Aqua Cloud Security Platform
Ranking in Container Security
Ranking in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Ranking in Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Cloud and Data Center Security (11th), Software Supply Chain Security (6th), DevSecOps (5th)
Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto N...
Ranking in Container Security
Ranking in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Ranking in Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Web Application Firewall (WAF) (5th), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (1st), Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) (1st)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Container Security category, the mindshare of SentinelOne Singularity Cloud Security is 2.6%, up from 1.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Aqua Cloud Security Platform is 8.0%, down from 9.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks is 19.1%, down from 19.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Container Security
Unique Categories:
Vulnerability Management
Cloud and Data Center Security
Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Q&A Highlights

Oct 06, 2021

Featured Reviews

May 3, 2024
Helps reduce the number of false positives, and improves risk posture, but cloud filtering has a limitation
PingSafe has significantly reduced the number of false positives in our cloud-native security environment from 30 percent down to five percent. This is especially helpful since we receive notifications and alerts from various sources like AWS and Cloudflare, all with their own security policies. With PingSafe, I feel confident that these alerts are accurate, reducing the workload on our security team and giving us peace of mind for the past two years. The threat detection capabilities have improved our overall security by safeguarding our cloud data transfers, and protecting both incoming and outgoing files. With a large number of domains under our management, PingSafe's incident response feature is crucial for identifying and swiftly addressing any data corruption issues that may arise within them. PingSafe has a user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to learn the fundamentals and navigate the dashboard. Our Infrastructure as Code effectively identifies potential problems in templates and configuration files during the preproduction phase. This information is then relayed to our support team who can address these issues proactively. Before implementing PingSafe, our cloud security was inadequate, resulting in inaccurate data visibility. To ensure complete data encryption and client invisibility, we adopted PingSafe, which successfully secured our cloud environment. Reducing false positives has strengthened our security posture. While we transitioned from Prisma Cloud to PingSafe for our GCP and AWS environments, Prisma offered more advanced features. However, PingSafe prioritizes customer requests, addressing security needs faster than Prisma's release cycle, ultimately improving our security efficiency. PingSafe has strengthened our risk posture by implementing access controls to ensure only authorized personnel can reach our data, and by safeguarding it to minimize security risks. PingSafe has reduced our mean time to detection by 15 percent. The implementation of PingSafe has improved collaboration between our cloud security application developers and AppSec teams. By granting those teams write access, PingSafe streamlines interaction and fosters a more efficient working environment. Our engineering time has been saved thanks to the visibility that PingSafe provides.
MohammedAsad - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 3, 2022
Easy to set up with robust documentation and good image scanning
We did very little with Aqua, basically. We only used Aqua for the image scanning and document scanning and that's it. Since I was working on a DevSecOps project, I was asked to find how complicated it was comparatively, for example, which is more complicated, whether the Aqua or Prisma, and how…
Jun 19, 2024
Simplifies compliance, streamlines report delivery, and improves visibility
Prisma Cloud's preventative approach to cloud security can be complex, especially for features like automated certificates. These require specific access permissions for Prisma Cloud, introducing dependencies and additional configuration steps. While Prisma Cloud offers agent-based deployment for comprehensive visibility and control, agent dependencies and user resistance can create hurdles. Improved agentless scanning capabilities from Prisma Cloud would be ideal, but currently, agents remain necessary for optimal visibility. Prisma Cloud is a powerful security platform, but like any similar tool, it won't eliminate the need for occasional manual interaction with our CSPs. While Prisma Cloud can handle many tasks, some actions might still require us to log directly into our CSP account. The CSP logs could be improved by providing more visibility into the specific logs Prisma is feeding. Since CSP has multiple versions and Prisma might be receiving different logs than expected, it would be helpful to have a clearer indication of the log types or more detailed logs themselves. This would allow us to verify if we're receiving everything or missing something. While Prisma Cloud offers log searching, it requires queries to navigate the vast amount of data. Ideally, Prisma could integrate a simpler way to view the logs it's collecting without extensive searching. Some module customization might be needed and certain features like adding custom labels are currently unavailable unless we have administrator access. This limitation can be frustrating and I would like to have this functionality included in Prisma Cloud.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"With PingSafe, it's easy to onboard new accounts."
"The user-friendly dashboard offers both convenience and security by providing quick access to solutions and keeping us informed of potential threats."
"It's helped free up staff time so that they can work on other projects."
"We noted immediate benefits from using the solution."
"I like CSPM the most. It captures a lot of alerts within a short period of time. When an alert gets triggered on the cloud, it throws an alert within half an hour, which is very reasonable. It is a plus point for us."
"Singularity Cloud Workload Security provides us with better security detection and more visibility. It is another resource that we can use to detect vulnerabilities in our company's systems. For example, it can help us detect new file processes that we are not familiar with, which could be used by attackers to exploit our systems. Singularity Cloud Workload Security can also help us diagnose and analyze data to determine whether it is malicious or not. Singularity Cloud Workload Security is like another pair of eyes that can help us protect our systems from cyberattacks."
"The most valuable aspects of PingSafe are its alerting system and the remediation guidance it provides."
"The multi-cloud support is valuable. They are expanding to different clouds. It is not restricted to only AWS. It allows us to have different clouds on one platform."
"The most helpful feature of Aqua Security is Drift Prevention, which is a feature that allows images to be immutable. In addition, one of the main reasons we went with Aqua Security is because it provides strong protection when it comes to runtime security."
"Customers find it invaluable to have the ability to check for vulnerabilities in an image before deployment, similar to a sandbox environment."
"Valuable features include the ability to connect it to our Docker Hub where our images are stored, good integration with Slack, and the connection to the CV, to easily see which CVs are on each image."
"The solution was very user-friendly."
"The most valuable features are that it's easy to use and manage."
"Support is very helpful."
"Aqua Security allowed us to gain visibility into the vulnerabilities that were present in the container images, that were being rolled out, the amount of risk that we were introducing to the platform, and provided us a look into the container environment by introducing access control mechanisms. In addition, when it came to runtime-level policies, we could restrict container access to resources in our environment, such as network-level or other application-level access."
"Aqua Security helps us to check the vulnerability of image assurance and check for malware."
"Prisma Cloud stands out as a user-friendly and powerful CSPM solution thanks to its comprehensive capabilities, built-in features, and flexible tagging system."
"The ability to monitor the artifact repository is one of the most valuable features because we have a disparate set of development processes, but everything tends to land in a common set of artifact repositories. The solution gives us a single point where we can apply security control for monitoring. That's really helpful."
"The initial setup is seamless."
"Due to the maturity of most companies, security posture management is the most valuable feature."
"The framework to configure controls is pretty good; it's pretty sophisticated. We can implement a fair amount of testing for a fair number of controls."
"What I found most valuable in Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks is the VAS, such as the web application and API security. I feel that VAS adds a lot of value, mainly because it gives visibility through the application layer and threat detection features."
"Technical support is quite helpful."
"This solution helped us by allowing us to schedule and fix things. This is not an easy thing if you're managing 1,000 plus resources."


"The reporting works well, but sometimes the severity classifications are inaccurate. Sometimes, it flags an issue as high-impact, but it should be a lower severity."
"Crafting customized policies can be tricky."
"I would like additional integrations."
"They need more experienced support personnel."
"Cloud Native Security's reporting could be better. We are unable to see which images are impacted. Several thousand images have been deployed, so if we can see some application-specific information in the dashboard, we can directly send that report to the team that owns the application. We'd also like the option to download the report from the portal instead of waiting for the report to be sent to our email."
"A vulnerability alert would appear, and we'd fix it, but then the same alert would return the next day."
"I export CSV. I cannot export graphs. Restricting it to the CSV format has its own disadvantages. These are all machine IP addresses and information. I cannot change it to the JSON format. The export functionality can be improved."
"We'd like to have better notifications. We'd like them to happen faster."
"In the next release, Aqua Security should add the ability to automatically send reports to customers."
"I would like Aqua Security to look into is the development of a web security portal."
"Aqua Security lacks a lot in reporting."
"The integrations on CICD could be improved. If Aqua had more plugins or container images to integrate and automate more easily on CICD, it would be better."
"Since we are working from home, we would like to have the proper training for Aqua."
"We would like to see an improvement in the overview visibility that this solution offers."
"There's room for improvement, particularly in management capabilities as it may not be comprehensive enough for all customers, and it has been lacking in the realm of cloud security posture management."
"Sometimes I got stressed with the UI."
"The access controls for our bank roles were not granular enough. We needed specific people to do particular actions, and we often had to give some people way too much access for them to be able to do what they needed in Prisma. They couldn't do their jobs if they didn't have that level of access, so other people had to do that part for them. It would help to have more granular role-based access controls."
"They should improve the user experience."
"The integration of the Compute function into the cloud monitoring function—because those are two different tools that are being combined together—could use some more work. It still feels a little bit disjointed."
"The solution does not currently support servers for GCP."
"The visibility on the SIEM needs to be streamlined so we can get the data without any issues."
"The Palo Alto support needs to improve."
"There are hundreds of built-in policies for AWS and Azure, but GCP and Oracle are not covered as much as AWS. There is a lot of work to do on that part. There is, obviously, a tiny bit of favoritism towards AWS because it has the most market share."
"The feedback that we have given to the Palo Alto team is that the UI can be improved. When you press the "back" button on your browser from the Investigate tab, the query that you're working on just disappears. It won't keep the query on the "back" button."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Singularity Cloud Workload Security's licensing and price were cheaper than the other solutions we looked at."
"It was reasonable pricing for me."
"As a partner, we receive a discount on the licenses."
"PingSafe falls somewhere in the middle price range, neither particularly cheap nor expensive."
"The features included in PingSafe justify its price point."
"PingSafe is less expensive than other options."
"We have an enterprise license. It is affordable. I'm not sure, but I think we pay 150,000 rupees per month."
"I understand that SentinelOne is a market leader, but the bill we received was astronomical."
"They were reasonable with their pricing. They were pretty down-to-earth about the way they pitched their product and the way they tried to close the deal. They were one of the rare companies that approached the whole valuation in a way that made sense for our company, for our needs, and for their own requirements as well... They will accommodate your needs if they are able to understand them and they're stated clearly."
"It comes at a reasonable cost."
"Aqua Security is not cheap, and it's not very expensive, such as Splunk, they are in the middle."
"The pricing of this solution could be improved."
"Dealing with licensing costs isn't my responsibility, but I know that the licenses don't depend on the number of users, but instead are priced according to your workload."
"The pricing and the licensing are both very fair... The biggest advice I would give in terms of costs would be to try to understand what the growth is going to look like. That's really been our biggest struggle, that we don't have an idea of what our future growth is going to be on the platform. We go from X number of licenses to Y number of licenses without a plan on how we're going to get from A to B, and a lot of that comes as a bit of a surprise. It can make budgeting a real challenge for it."
"The licensing cost is a bit high on the compute side."
"I don't know a better way to do it, but their licensing is a little confusing. That's due to the breadth of different types of technologies they are trying to cover. The way you license depends on where you're securing. When they were Twistlock it was a simple licensing scheme and you could tell what you were doing. Now that they've changed that scheme with Palo Alto, it is quite confusing. It's very difficult to predict what your costs are going to be as you try to expand coverage."
"If you pay for three years of Palo Alto, it's better. If you're planning on doing this, it's obviously not going to be for one year, so it's better if you go with a three-year license... The only challenge we have is with the public cloud vendor pricing. The biggest lesson I have learned is around the issues related to pricing for public cloud. So when you are doing your segmentation and design, it is extremely important that you work with someone who knows and understands what kinds of needs you will have in the future and how what you are doing will affect you in terms of costs."
"The cost depends on the pricing model. Compared to other solutions, the cost isn't that bad."
"Prisma Cloud licensing works on credits."
"In general, Prisma Cloud is much cheaper than cloud-native services."
"The pricing is good. They gave us some good discounts right at the end of the year based on the value that it brings, visibility, and the ability to build in cloud, compliance, and security within one dashboard."
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What is your primary use case for Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks ?
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Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Prisma Public Cloud, RedLock Cloud 360, RedLock, Twistlock, Aporeto



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