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Business Process Management (BPM) (6th), Process Automation (4th), Process Mining (5th)
Microsoft Power Apps
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Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Rapid Application Development Software category, the mindshare of Appian is 13.4%, up from 9.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Power Apps is 15.3%, down from 23.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Rapid Application Development Software
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Business Process Management (BPM)
Process Automation
Low-Code Development Platforms

Featured Reviews

Srimanta Pandit - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 15, 2024
Flexible, improves operational efficiency, and reduces the time taken to complete processes
The solution’s turnaround time for development is better compared to other tools. The solution enables fast development. The traceability of the processor is good. There is much more governance and regulations on the processers. The tool reduces the time of the processes by 30% to 40%. The solution’s low-code aspect has greatly impacted the development and deployment speed. One of the major reasons we are using the product is that we can reuse the modules. The developers can reuse all the modules. It enables us to make subsequent developments in less time. The prebuilt modules can be deployed within two to three weeks. The tool is very flexible. Compared to other platforms, the Appian product team was agile in quickly customizing things for us.
Jadin Benjamin - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 17, 2022
The solution made our organization faster and more secure
I would like to have more options for changing the layout because customizing something as simple as colors is very hard. The environment is low-code/no-code, so changing something small is hard because you need to find tips for doing that online. It takes quite a few clicks to find a solution sometimes. Greater customization overall would be good. I would like for them to make it easier to link to a list. It would be great to see not only empty boxes but also those with the first data of your actual list when you create pages. More widgets would be better as well. The end-user experience would benefit from being more fun.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Appian also has very flexible local integration."
"The solution has a lot of strong features for the financial industry, it is very easy to use."
"The tech support is quite good."
"Appian has many valuable features, the first being the ease of development—rapid development. Second, the process of learning the product and tool is faster when compared to its peers in the market. It's closer to low-code, and while it's still not very easy, it's more low-code than other products in the industry. Appian has a good user interface, a seamless model user interface, which comes without additional coding. It can also integrate with multiple systems."
"There is no need to worry about vulnerabilities in the system, because Appian built a secure system​."
"Write to Data Store Entity - Saving data in SQL databases is done easily using entities. Entities (CDTs in Appian terminology) define relationships and target schema tables via XSD files."
"The tool is very flexible."
"The Application Designer is very user friendly. There are also lot of plug-ins that you can use and, for the most part, they are free."
"The solution is very straightforward. Its context is obvious and everything is easy to understand."
"I have found the technical support to be helpful."
"It’s a stable product."
"It is easy to use."
"Power Apps facilitates form creation, application planning, and automation. We have encountered scenarios where automation was crucial, such as managing emails according to SOPs and handling basic ERP tasks like user password changes and role assignments"
"For all no-code platforms that let you create a front end, you can click together something very quick."
"The initial setup was very easy."
"Creating a PowerApp is very easy. All I do is link and share the result with my colleagues. Deployment is very fast."


"We'd like improved functionality for testing new devices."
"There is no UI customization possible."
"Appian could improve their customer-facing initiatives."
"Lacks integration with other products."
"The UI of Appian is more internal. Recently, there has been an addition of an external user portal for the customer-facing stuff. It's still coming out."
"The biggest areas of improvement would be in facilitating team development, DevOps, and integration with typical tools used in enterprise development (Jenkins, Subversion, etc.)"
"Appian could include other applications that we could reuse for other customers, CRM for example."
"The reporting is not as good as in similar products. They could also improve the dashboards."
"The pricing structure needs to be improved, the current information is confusing."
"They probably need to improve intelligent document processing."
"There is room for improvement in error handling and debugging."
"I would like to see more improvement, for example, in direct collaboration."
"Most of my training for what I do has been by watching or learning in the community. There needs to be better training on either one of these."
"The product could be improved by making it a production application and enabling the export of apps."
"One of the major problems with it is what PowerApps calls the delegation warning. Regardless of what platform, data source, et cetera, that you're using, you can't retrieve more than 2000 records."
"It has to improve the threshold limit where it can handle data beyond 5000 items."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The cost depends on the number of users, although I recommend taking an unlimited license."
"We will have to have a dialogue or negotiate a price for future use. To start with, it is a reasonable price. As we go ahead, we will have to make sure the costs are inline with our expectations as we grow our user base and workloads."
"It is expensive, but powerful. I would recommend comparing against cheaper licensing products and open source."
"Appian is very flexible in their pricing. In general, Appian's pricing is much, much lower when compared to competition like Pega or other products. Appian also has a flexible licensing model across geographies. Pega usually goes with a single licensing cost—which is a US-based cost—for all global customers, and it's costly. Whereas Appian has a different regional licensing cost model and it can be cheaper, depending on geography. So Appian's licensing is very flexible, and cheaper when compared to other competition."
"It's an enterprise tool and can be used by enterprise only. So it's a very expensive tool."
"The solution offers a monthly subscription model. That's what we use. I recall it being about $90 a month. They do have different tiers."
"The cost is calculated on a per-user basis. It might be expensive for small and mid-sized enterprises."
"Licensing of Appian is less expensive when compared to other BPMs in the market."
"Pricing for this solution is completely based on user requirement. If your requirement is simple or less complex, then the basic licensing model can work, e.g. the free model, or else, you need to go for the premium features or premium model."
"If you start to use any premium connectors that are not stored in a SharePoint list or on an Excel workbook, then it costs $4 per user per month. If you want unlimited, it's about $16 per month for unlimited apps, and unlimited connectors."
"It might be too complicated to continuously monitor the business consumption and what to pay."
"I pay nine dollars monthly for the subscription to this solution and the price of the is reasonable."
"The company has a subscription where you can use certain features for free, but there are features that require a premium subscription to use."
"For me, it was free to develop with a professional license, which is about 70 euros a month."
"Typically, it's $20 per user, per month, commercial. For the government, on a per user basis, what we were looking at is $11.23 per month."
"The platform's pricing is reasonable."
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