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As of June 2024, in the BI (Business Intelligence) Tools category, the mindshare of Amazon QuickSight is 8.8%, down from 13.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Google Data Studio is 3.2%, up from 3.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
BI (Business Intelligence) Tools
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Featured Reviews

Julio Caldas - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 5, 2023
Powerful, easy to use, with excellent pricing plan
Our primary use case bank in the financial sector, we review the information and make some validation with the legacy system and a book of indicators of KPIs with directors and CEOs The data is very powerful and the splice is fast. The most valuable feature I have found is the low-level…
Srini-Dhanaraj - PeerSpot reviewer
May 28, 2024
Available for free and can help businesses resolve their data migration problems
It is a stable solution. Stability-wise, I rate the solution a ten out of ten. Google Data Studio is a cloud-based tool. With cloud-based tools, there can be two challenges, the first one being associated with the bandwidth of your data strength. If I run a report from my home because of the wi-fi connection, it may give an excellent response. When I run the reports, Google Data Studio develops reports from my home, and because of wi-fi, it works in an excellent manner. When I am on the road or at the wheel, if I use the internet data from my mobile to browse my reports, the performance may not be good, and this issue is not because of the product but because of the bandwidth. The second issue arises when you connect Google Data Studio to a source system to extract the data to do the visualization. If the source system is not responding as quickly as expected, it could be the reason why the report may be printed slowly. Considering the aforementioned aspects, the problem may not be because of Google Data Studio but because of the source system.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"One of the most valuable features of Amazon QuickSight has been the speed at which visualizations can be created."
"The ease with which it integrates with different data sources is most valuable. Especially when everything is on AWS, it is easy to connect to the data source and organize different dashboards."
"The product is easy to learn."
"From an analytics perspective, it's really good for self-service analytics."
"The solution is very quick to turn around and integrate."
"The integration is very seamless. We stored our result CSV files in S3 and connected directly from there."
"The solution's most valuable feature is its flexibility to visualize certain logs."
"Easily able to connect with our other services and easy to manage."
"I find it favorable regarding speed of development, ease of building, and flexibility."
"The ability to design complex data models and equations."
"Valuable features include advanced integrated analysis and easy implementation."
"The company dashboard is useful because we could share it via a link as a reminder for everyone to check it weekly. We observed the progress of our portfolio from last week to the current week, allowing us to compare revenues."
"The solution is free so that is a good feature."
"The product's initial setup phase is very simple."
"Data Studio integrates seamlessly with other Google products, and we can use it with other APIs if we like."
"This has improved our organization by allowing people to see their data and develop visualizations themselves."


"There is room for improvement in terms of the number of visualizations and dashboards that are available."
"The number of features in the product is limited in comparison with the other tools in the market, like Power BI."
"There could be an end-to-end pipeline for data cleaning as well as presenting it using different visualizations."
"It's not ideal for reports that are more complex."
"There should be better connectors for different data sets."
"You can't tell a data story as well in QuickSight as you can on others, especially in TIBCO Spotfire."
"Compared to Power BI, I felt QuickSight lacks some features, like delayed drill-downs. Drill-downs were the main area where we found QuickSight lacking."
"I would like to see a feature that allows us to save a draft version before making it public and publishing it."
"The tool should come up with data modeling layer features that are present in other products like Power BI."
"There are issues with integration and I encountered limits and warnings, especially with my pivot table size."
"Stability and scalability an be improved for a full ten."
"Other tools might be worth considering if you need more advanced features or support for a larger user base."
"The challenges with Google Data Studio are associated with the security part, making it an area where improvements are required."
"There is a significant degree of sophistication required to compete with Tableau or Cognos."
"When you physically install a product on one machine instead of the cloud, you have a better visibility, best icon quality, etc.. It's more of an issue with how we are adapting to the transition. We are still in the early moments of using this tool, and we need to go deeper to discover some improvements."
"It's not yet a replacement for a complete BI tool."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It's affordable compared to other long-term contractor business tools available in the market."
"The solution's pricing is cheaper than the other products in the market."
"The solution is not affordable."
"It is simpler and cheaper than other solutions."
"I rate the price of Amazon QuickSight a four on a scale of one to ten, where one is a low price, and ten is a high price."
"I'm using a paid version of Amazon QuickSight, paying about $22 monthly. As I have yet to learn about the pricing for other tools, such as Power BI, I won't be able to compare."
"The pricing is cost-effective with a good plan."
"Amazon QuickSight you subscribe and you use the service."
"The cost is quite affordable based on feature analysis."
"The product is available for free."
"The tool is free."
"The solution is free but the Google Looker is expensive."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Amazon QuickSight?
The integration is very seamless. We stored our result CSV files in S3 and connected directly from there.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Amazon QuickSight?
My company had a corporate discount and other arrangements, so I'm not familiar with the standard pricing.
What needs improvement with Amazon QuickSight?
Compared to Power BI, I felt QuickSight lacks some features, like delayed drill-downs. Drill-downs were the main area where we found QuickSight lacking. Especially for root cause analysis, the abil...
What do you like most about Google Data Studio?
The company dashboard is useful because we could share it via a link as a reminder for everyone to check it weekly. We observed the progress of our portfolio from last week to the current week, all...
What needs improvement with Google Data Studio?
Google Data Studio allows you to set up notifications for dashboard changes, so you don't have to adjust the fields each time manually there's a modification. We connected it to BigQuery tables. Ho...
What is your primary use case for Google Data Studio?
We use Google Data Studio to track company KPIs, create the company dashboard, and generate sales reports to compare sales over time.

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