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Executive Summary
Updated on Sep 4, 2022

We performed a comparison between Amazon AWS and Linode based on our users’ reviews in five categories. After reading all of the collected data, you can find our conclusion below.

  • Ease of Deployment: While some Amazon AWS reviewers report the initial setup to be straightforward, others feel that the setup can be complex depending on the architecture of the solution. Linode users report the initial setup to be fast and straightforward.
  • Features: Reviewers of both products are happy with their stability and scalability.

    Amazon AWS users say it is fast, flexible, high performing, and has cutting-edge features. Several users mention that its interface isn’t intuitive enough.

    Linode users like its DNS management tool and virtual machine capabilities and say that it is a complete solution with a good user-interface but needs to improve its authentication abilities.
  • Pricing: Reviewers of both solutions say that they are fairly priced.
  • ROI: Users of both solutions report seeing an ROI.
  • Service and Support: Reviewers of both solutions report being very satisfied with the level of support they receive.

Comparison Results: Linode is the winner in this comparison. According to reviewers, it is more user-friendly than Amazon AWS.

To learn more, read our detailed Amazon AWS vs. Linode Report (Updated: May 2023).
710,326 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Machine learning is a valuable feature.""It scales well and is flexible.""A scalable and secure product""You can build and release applications quickly with AWS instead of waiting for months to get the necessary hardware. That's the real benefit. The time-to-market for developing applications is much shorter.""It's quite stable and scalable. The price is good as well.""It is highly available and on-demand. So, you can scale up and scale down whenever required.""The most valuable feature is the backup ability. Most people are used to one type of backup solution that they're using, but most of these solutions have features that make it difficult to transfer to the cloud. I know that Veeam now gives people the opportunity to backup some on-premises solutions to the cloud. This feature is something that a lot of people are looking for.""The features that I have found most valuable are their compute and their Relational Database Service."

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"Linode has many other cloud servers across the globe.""The fact that you can get a person on the phone has just been fantastic.""Generally speaking, I have not found any faults using Linode. For what we wanted, they provided a complete solution.""The most valuable aspects of Linode are the virtual server and the clean server. I install what I need on it.""The solution integrates easily."

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"Amazon AWS could be improved by lowering the general storage price.""There is a feature called Kinesis, which has to do with image processing. There are a few artificial intelligence tools that Amazon AWS should improve on.""I'd love to see an Amazon data center here in Peru.""Its only cons are on the data warehouse side. AWS' data warehouse Redshift is not as good as it should be.""Amazon still has room for improvement in terms of being more mature on the monitoring side and in terms of the native capabilities. Amazon should get their services portfolio stronger on OEM-based workloads such as Microsoft and Oracle. There are a lot of areas that still do not have offerings, so there is room to grow. I would be happy if they bring more maturity to the monitoring capabilities and SaaS offerings. They are strong on Infrastructure as a Service, but they are not mature on SaaS.""They do not yet have a complete solution for APM monitoring. But this, along with real user monitoring, is something that they are actively working on improving.""Amazon needs to develop better tools for troubleshooting network traffic, application insights, performance, and even some aspects of integration mapping. I'm hoping AWS implements something like Azure's Network Watcher and a log analytics solution where a can pull logs from various services and present them in a single dashboard. I want to summarize the performance and usage of every service and application.""Amazon AWS would be improved if it were more stable and if customer support's responses were faster."

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"There is no notification from the company regarding upgrades.""The network between different servers isn't very good. I have to install additional solutions to link the servers with each other.""Our primary concern is always the latency.""I've had some difficulties with some of their IP addresses being banned by certain mail servers.""When it comes to marketing and exposure, Linode needs improvement because I just randomly found them by looking for Linux solutions."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The pricing of Amazon is higher than that of SalesForce."
  • "The price is quite good; it is a pay-as-you-go option."
  • "The price of the solution is reasonable."
  • "The pricing is one of the best in the segment."
  • "Its pricing can be simplified a little bit more. Even though they have been reducing it, I still believe they can do better as compared to GCP, Google Cloud."
  • "With Amazon AWS, you pay as you go."
  • "There are no additional costs beyond the standard licensing fees."
  • "Amazon AWS has pay-as-you-go options available."
  • More Amazon AWS Pricing and Cost Advice →

  • "When we started with the service, the cost was approximately €5 per month."
  • "The pricing model is simple."
  • "Currently, we are at $40 a month but they have costly solutions as well."
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    710,326 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:The solution integrates easily.
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    Also Known As
    Amazon Web Services, AWS
    Learn More

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an adopted cloud platform that offers more than 200 fully featured services from data centers located across the globe. This is a scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that is utilized by thousands of businesses of different sizes around the world. The product offers a wide variety of solutions for its customers, which allows them to launch applications regardless of their industry.

    The most common use cases for AWS are:

    • Application hosting: Clients can take advantage of on-demand infrastructure to power their applications. The product supports multiple types of apps, varying from hosted internal applications to software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

    • Websites: With AWS, clients can satisfy their web hosting needs through a scalable platform for their websites.

    • Backup and storage: AWS offers reliable data storage services, which allow clients to store their data and build dependable backups for all of their valuable information.

    • Enterprise IT: The product allows companies to host internal- or external-facing IT applications in a highly secure environment.

    • Content delivery: Users who want to distribute content to end users worldwide can do so quickly and easily through the high data transfer speeds of this solution.

    • Databases: AWS offers a variety of database solutions, which include hosted enterprise database software as well as non-relational database solutions.

    Amazon AWS supports a global cloud infrastructure with AWS Region and Availability Zone models, which contribute to the high availability of enterprise applications running on the solution. Amazon AWS has an extensive array of products that serve different purposes, including:

    • Analytics
    • Application integration
    • Blockchain
    • Business applications
    • Cloud financial management
    • Compute
    • Contact center
    • Containers
    • Database
    • Developer tools
    • End-user computing
    • Front-end web and mobile
    • Games
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Machine learning
    • Management and governance
    • Quantum technologies
    • Robotics
    • Satellite
    • Security, identity and compliance, and others

    The products and services that Amazon AWS delivers to these sectors provide a large computing capacity which is quicker and cheaper compared to building a physical server farm. Among the most popular services are Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2," and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3."

    Amazon AWS Features

    The wide array of products that Amazon AWS offers consist of different functions that utilize cloud computing across different sectors. The features of this solution can be categorized in the following ways:

    • Data and relationship management: With Amazon AWS, companies can manage multiple hierarchies of directory data, they can define attributes for objects and relationships, set custom inheritance rules for directories, and create multiple schemas.

    • Schema management: This group of features allows users to extend their directory schema according to their needs. They can extend it through multiple applications that share a single directory while avoiding duplication of data.

    • Fully managed infrastructure: This feature decreases time and costs for administrative tasks for companies regarding scaling infrastructure and managing servers.

    • Searching feature: The Cloud Directory feature of AWS offers built-in search capabilities which can cover sets of highly connected data and eliminate the need of creating nested queries.

    • Built-in data encryption: Users can benefit from high levels of protection of their data with AWS's products. The data in the cloud is automatically encrypted at rest and in transit through 256-bit encryption keys, managed by AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

    • Object policies: This feature allows Amazon AWS users to organize objects in different hierarchies by providing a framework for applications to evaluate policy assignments.

    Amazon AWS Benefits

    This product delivers various benefits across all industries that utilize its services. The greatest advantages of using Amazon AWS include:

    • High product functionality is supported by machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, data lakes, and analytics.

    • The solution has a high level of security, which is backed by a deep set ofmore than 100 cloud security tools.

    • Amazon AWS has an easy-to-use interface that makes it possible for clients to host applications.

    • The product is very flexible in terms of which operating system, programming language, web app platform, and database clients can use.

    • AWS is a scalable and highly secure global computing infrastructure, supported by the reliability of

    • Clients can utilize the Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing tools to personally scale up or down applications, depending on their demand.

    • Users can choose from an array of payment options, including paying for only the services they need, as well as a free trial to select the ones most useful for them.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Greg G., a chief executive officer at a tech services company, ranks Amazon AWS highly, as he states that the solution is flexible, scales well, and offers good stability.

    A technology manager technology at a computer software company values Amazon AWS because it is extremely cost-efficient, easy to upgrade and expand storage with greatly improved interfaces.

    Simplify your cloud infrastructure with our Linux virtual machines and robust set of tools to develop, deploy, and scale your modern applications faster and easier.

    Linode believes that in order to accelerate innovation in the cloud, virtual computing must be more accessible, affordable, and simple. Our infrastructure-as-a-service platform is deployed across 11 global markets from our data centers around the world and is supported by our Next Generation Network, advanced APIs, comprehensive services, and vast library of educational resources. Linode products, services, and people enable developers and businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications more easily and cost-effectively in the cloud.

    Increase storage capacity with additional Block Storage or S3-compatible Object Storage. Add instant Backups with complete independency to your stack. Ensure your applications and services are highly-available with Linode NodeBalancers. Deploy Kubernetes clusters with our fully-managed container orchestration engine.

    Linode Pricing Page

    CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM bundled into one simple price.


    Learn more about Amazon AWS
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    Sample Customers
    Pinterest, General Electric, Pfizer, Netflix, and Nasdaq.
    Best Buy, Panasonic, Giphy, Marco Polo, World Health Organization, Font Squirrel
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company31%
    Financial Services Firm13%
    Comms Service Provider8%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Educational Organization21%
    Computer Software Company12%
    Financial Services Firm12%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Computer Software Company57%
    Media Company29%
    Financial Services Firm14%
    Computer Software Company16%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Company Size
    Small Business45%
    Midsize Enterprise17%
    Large Enterprise38%
    Small Business15%
    Midsize Enterprise26%
    Large Enterprise59%
    Small Business91%
    Midsize Enterprise4%
    Large Enterprise4%
    Small Business29%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise57%
    Buyer's Guide
    Amazon AWS vs. Linode
    May 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about Amazon AWS vs. Linode and other solutions. Updated: May 2023.
    710,326 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Amazon AWS is ranked 2nd in Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) with 108 reviews while Linode is ranked 6th in Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) with 5 reviews. Amazon AWS is rated 8.4, while Linode is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Amazon AWS writes "Flexible, scales well, and offers good stability". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Linode writes "Prompt and professional service, easy to set up, supports many versions of Linux". Amazon AWS is most compared with SAP Cloud Platform, OpenShift, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud, whereas Linode is most compared with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloudflare and Amazon EKS. See our Amazon AWS vs. Linode report.

    See our list of best Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) vendors.

    We monitor all Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.