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SentinelOne Singularity Clo...
Ranking in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Vulnerability Management (5th), Cloud and Data Center Security (5th), Container Security (5th), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (4th), Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) (4th), Compliance Management (5th)
AccuKnox Platform
Ranking in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Container Security (42nd), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) (38th), Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) (28th), Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) (11th)
Ranking in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Vulnerability Management (27th), Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) (43rd), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (23rd), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) (38th), Threat Deception Platforms (10th)

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As of July 2024, in the Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP) category, the mindshare of SentinelOne Singularity Cloud Security is 2.1%, up from 1.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of AccuKnox Platform is 0.2%, up from 0.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Morphisec is 0.0%, down from 0.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP)
Unique Categories:
Vulnerability Management
Cloud and Data Center Security
Container Security
Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

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May 13, 2024
Provides automated security responses, is effective for threat management, and saves us costs
Singularity Cloud Security was convenient and effective for threat management. In the past, we relied on daily information gathering and alerts, requiring us to manually address the findings. Now, Singularity Cloud Security provides continuous threat detection and simplifies our work, significantly improving our security posture. The automated security responses have significantly improved our overall security posture. Singularity Cloud Security is easy to use as it gives us the proper step-by-step methods to solve that vulnerability. I would rate the evidence-based reporting for helping prioritize and solve important cloud security issues nine out of ten. It is helpful that Singularity Cloud Security includes proof of exploitability in the evidence-based reporting. Although it isn't perfect, it gives us the right solution to mitigate vulnerability. Our infrastructure configuration is defined using an Infrastructure as Code template. This template allows us to scan our entire infrastructure for potential issues, including pre-production problems within templates or container configuration files. Previously, we stored infrastructure details in a format that required manual data retrieval via CSV files. Now, with IaC, we have a centralized control system that manages multiple accounts and provides vulnerability listings based on severity for each account. Our previous default AWS security tool wasn't sufficient, so we adopted Singularity Cloud Security based on a client recommendation. It's been a huge improvement. Whereas our old tool took three months to gather data, Singularity Cloud Security provides a daily updated dashboard with vulnerability information. This allows us to prioritize and address security risks based on criticality, saving us significant time and effort compared to the past. Singularity Cloud Security has helped reduce the number of false positives by 70 percent. Singularity Cloud Security streamlines manual work by providing insightful information on security vulnerabilities. It not only identifies issues we might miss but also offers in-depth analysis, including potential future costs and the severity of the threat. Additionally, it presents basic details tailored for users with less security expertise, empowering them to understand and address vulnerabilities effectively. Singularity Cloud Security has improved our risk posture by 80 percent and has reduced our mean time to detection by 85 percent. Singularity Cloud Security has reduced our mean time to remediation by 70 percent. It has streamlined collaboration between our cloud security, application developers, and AppSec teams. This tool automates manual tasks, reducing our team size from ten to five. It provides us with the information we need to effectively identify and address vulnerabilities, making our cloud environment more secure. It has been a huge time-saver for our engineering team, saving them weeks of work. We have saved around 70 percent of our overall time with Singularity Cloud Security. Singularity Cloud Security has positively impacted our operational costs. The time saved by reducing manual work and resource requirements translates directly into cost savings. Singularity Cloud Security's AI empowers us with improved security solutions. When faced with uncertainty, the tool can quickly provide insights to help us gain a clear understanding of the situation.
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Rick Schibler - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 13, 2022
Offers in-memory protection at a lower price than competitors
Morphisec's in-memory protection is probably the most valuable feature because it stops malicious activity from occurring. If something tries to install or act as a sleeper agent, Morphisec will detect and stop it. Morphisec's Moving Target Defense is critical to hardening our attack surface. If it detects something, it indicates whether it's valid. That means you've got a breach requiring investigation. It detects anomalies but doesn't necessarily point to what caused them. You still need to do that work. The solution is reasonably easy to administer. They made some changes last year, adding a cloud-based monitoring solution that makes deploying and monitoring our endpoints easy.

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Pricing and Cost Advice

"It's not expensive. The product is in its initial growth stages and appears more competitive compared to others. It comes in different variants, and I believe the enterprise version costs around $55 per user per year. I would rate it a five, somewhere fairly moderate."
"PingSafe is cost-effective for the amount of infrastructure we have. It's reasonable for what they offer compared to our previous solution. It's at least 25 percent to 30 percent less."
"Singularity Cloud Security by SentinelOne is cost-efficient."
"The pricing is fair. It is not inexpensive, and it is also not expensive. When managing a large organization, it is going to be costly, but it meets the business needs. In terms of what is out there on the market, it is fair and comparable to what I have seen, so I do not have any complaints about the cost"
"Its pricing was a little less than other providers."
"Their pricing appears to be based simply on the number of accounts we have, which is common for cloud-based products."
"PingSafe's pricing is good because it provides us with a solution."
"It is not that expensive. There are some tools that are double the cost of PingSafe. It is good on the pricing side."
Information not available
"It is an annual subscription basis per device. For the devices that we have in scope right now, it is about $25,000 a year."
"Price-wise, it's on the higher side. A traditional antivirus solution is cheaper, but in terms of security and manageability, its ROI is better than a traditional antivirus. I would recommend it to anybody evaluating or considering an antivirus solution. If your system gets compromised, the cost of ransom would be a lot more. This way, it saves a lot of cost."
"The pricing is definitely fair for what it does."
"It does not have multi-tenants. If South Africa wants to show only the machines that they have, they need their own cloud incidence. It is not possible to have that in a single cloud incidence with multiple tenants in it, instead you need to have multiple cloud incidences. Then, if you have that, it will be more expensive. However, they are going to change that, which is good."
"It is a little bit more expensive than other security products that we use, but it does provide us good protection. So, it is a trade-off."
"We are still using a separate tool. I know for our 600 or I think we're actually licensed for up to 700 users, it runs me 23 or $24,000 a year. When you're talking to that many users plus servers being protected, that's well worth the investment for that dollar amount."
"Compared to their competitors, the price of Morphisec is not that high. You can easily deploy it on a large-scale or small-scale network."
"Morphisec is reasonably priced because our parent company's other subsidiaries use different products like CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike is four or five times more expensive than Morphisec. The competitive pricing saves us money in our overall security stack."
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What do you like most about PingSafe?
The dashboard gives me an overview of all the things happening in the product, making it one of the tool's best featu...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for PingSafe?
Singularity Cloud Security by SentinelOne is cost-efficient.
What needs improvement with PingSafe?
A recurring issue caused frustration: a vulnerability alert would appear, and we'd fix it, but then the same alert wo...
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What do you like most about Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform?
Morphisec's in-memory protection is probably the most valuable feature because it stops malicious activity from occur...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform?
Morphisec is reasonably priced because our parent company's other subsidiaries use different products like CrowdStrik...
What needs improvement with Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform?
We have discovered some bugs in the new releases that they've had to fix, so I would like to see more testing and QA ...

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