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What is Acquia Cloud?

Acquia is a digital experience platform that allows companies to build, optimize, and operate websites, apps, and other digital experiences through specialized software and services. Their products include Acquia Cloud, Cloud IDE, Acquia DAM, customer data platform, campaign studio, site studio, Edge CDN, site and campaign factories, and personalization.

Through Acquia DXP, companies and their developers, marketers, and IT teams can create and broadcast digital products and services to maximize the exposure of the brand by reaching a broad customer audience. Organizations can rely on the features Acquia offers as a digital experience platform and provide their clients with the experience they require. Acquia’s features allow businesses to engage customers and establish a prominent digital presence. This DXP understands the need for companies to be able to reach their client base through many online channels and provides them with the right tools to build their digital experience platform.

Acquia Cloud Features

Acquia digital experience platform provides companies with two main features: the Drupal Cloud and the Marketing Cloud. Through Drupal, organizations can assemble the digital experiences that their clients need. The marketing cloud is created to break down data and help companies manage their digital marketing more easily.

Here is a summary of the features that a company can use if they chose Acquia as their DXP.

  • Drupal cloud: Acquia CMS, a cloud platform and cloud IDE, migrate, accelerate, as well as replatform, content hub, site factory and site studio, code studio, and Edge WAF and CDN. The features of the Drupal cloud allow companies to build digital experiences even with only beginner knowledge about coding. The visual page builder provides an easy way to implement a DXP. Acquia also offers developers and professional IT teams ways to follow the building processes. Companies can distribute the digital experience on existing and emerging channels while using a secure platform.

  • Marketing cloud: Acquia CDP, personalization, Acquia DAM, campaign studio, campaign factory, and Acquia PIM. The marketing cloud helps companies connect with their customers and potentially raise the ROI of their businesses. Organizations can use Acquia cloud to highly personalize the way they reach customers while simultaneously increasing effectiveness. The marketing features of this DXP also grant businesses  intelligence insights about their performance and help to manage their data effectively.

Acquia Cloud Benefits

The Acquia Cloud digital experience platform offers different features through a single DXP, making it easier for companies to reach their customers through a simplified site-building process. Some of the benefits of this DXP include:

  • Accessible multi-channel content delivery
  • Detailed customer data 
  • Personalization of content for different target groups
  • Potential saves costs when migrating from another CMS
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