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Top 5 HCI in 2022

Netanya Carmi - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

PeerSpot takes a user-centered approach to creating product comparisons that help IT decision-makers arrive at informed decisions. Instead of relying on the word of the companies that create the technological solutions, we go to the users themselves. Real users offer true feedback without any of the partiality that vendors may have. This is a place where peers in the tech world unite to help each other choose the products that are most appropriate for their needs.

PeerSpot’s users have made it easy for decision-makers to choose the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions that most fit their business objectives. They have created a ranked list of HCI solutions according to how potentially valuable they may be to other users. What follows are the top five ranked products for 2022:

1. Nutanix Acropolis AOS

    Nutanix Acropolis AOS has been a top-rated HCI solution for years. Since the second quarter of 2020, PeerSpot users have ranked it as the number one HCI solution. It is also the number one ranked software-defined storage (SDS) solution. Nutanix Acropolis AOS is an incredibly powerful solution that seamlessly combines computing, virtualization, and storage into a single, easy to use product. Users are able to manage the solution from a single, intuitive, centralized location. Its low level of power consumption combines with its central management capabilities and ease of use to save users from having to expend many resources in order to get a high level of performance.

    Here is what is being said about Nutanix Acropolis AOS:

    A PeerSpot user who is a solutions architect at a computer software company writes, “There are lots of different pieces. From a Disaster Recovery perspective, it is very valuable. Some of my customers are getting into Flow. We don't use Flow, however, we're testing it. Flow is their micro-segmentation, which is very useful for protecting your VMs and the traffic that goes to them. From an automation perspective around deploying virtual machines, Calm is pretty good as well.”

    A senior expert solution architect at a comms service provider feels that "the flexibility of this system is very good. It's also faster than others, and has skilled technical support who showed more initiative than a competitor, e.g. VMware."

    Ozgur E., an enterprise solutions executive at a tech services company, notes, "The most valuable features of Nutanix Acropolis AOS are ease of management, hyper-convergence platform, and it has robust operations."

    2. VMware vSAN

      VMware vSAN is the HCI solution that our users rank second highest on their list of top HCI solutions. It is a flexible product that provides users with a number of benefits. Administrators can evolve their systems without ever having to expose themselves to digital threats. They are also given - among other things - a high level of responsiveness, which reduces the user’s required expenditure of resources. The solution also enables users to scale up their operations by allowing them to work in multiple cloud environments at the same time.

      Here is what is being said about VMware vSAN:

      Yves S., the CEO and Cloud Evangelist at Comdivision Consulting GmbH, writes, "When we go to do more scaled load testing, we can run more dense workloads and still have the same results across all specific nodes"

      An IT infrastructure specialist at a computer software company notes, "The solution's unified administration is its most valuable aspect."

      3. VxRail

        VxRail is the HCI solution that our users rank third highest on their list of top HCI solutions. It is a flexible product that provides users with a number of benefits. This product allows users to both accomplish a number of different tasks with a single solution and integrate it seamlessly with other necessary pieces of software. This saves users the need to buy many different products. It also allows users to scale up their operations without running the risk of disrupting work that they have in progress.

        Here is what is being said about VxRail:

        Alok R., a Technical Lead at a comms service provider, writes, “The feature that I have found most valuable with VxRail is its upgrade. Because if you talk about the normal ESX process you have to upgrade the firmware, the bios, and you have to manage the compatibility. You have to do a lot of things. But in the case of VxRail, it's a single upgrade, end to end. You simply upload the bundle, click next, it will do some pre-checks, if those pre-checks pass, it will update everything one by one. It will put one ESX in the maintenance and move other VM's to another mode. There is no downtime to the VMs.”

        Vasanth K., the director of Information Technology at an outsourcing company, writes, "You don't have to worry too much about the hardware and you don't have to work on integrating a storage device. We instead have this as an all-in-one solution and everything is available as a box."

        4. HPE SimpliVity

          HPE SimpliVity is the HCI solution that our users rank fourth highest on their list of top HCI solutions. It is a truly complete product that gives users the ability to do the jobs of multiple similar solutions. HPE SimpliVity has many different tools to choose from, including built-in data protection.

          Here is what is being said about SimpliVity:

          Jeff S., the Information Technology manager of Troyer Foods Inc., writes “SimpliVity is integrated with the hypervisor, and you have a single pane of glass. It is really hands-off. Once you set your backup schedules, you're done. I'm not creating and tearing down virtual servers a lot. Our environment is fairly static, so unless I get an alert on something being wrong, and there is any predictive failure on a hard drive, I don't have to touch it. It is just on cruise control.”

          Doug C., an IT Engineer at a government agency, writes “All SimpliVity management is done through vCenter, providing a single-pane of glass for all management and configuration functions.”

          5. StarWind Virtual SAN

            StarWind Virtual SAN is the HCI solution that our users rank fifth on their list of top HCI solutions. It is also ranked by users as being the second best ranked דoftware-defined storage (SDS) solution. Among the benefits that it can offer users is the ability to reduce their virtualization expenses.

            Here is what is being said about iStarWind Virtual SAN:

            A Senior Technical Architect at HS Data Ltd notes, “The solution is also quite flexible. As an example, other vSAN solutions that we looked at had more stringent requirements regarding mixed HDD/SSD storage which wouldn't have worked in our environment.”

            A Systems Administrator at Daifuku America writes, "A great feature is that I basically set it and forget it, as everything is automatic."

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