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Endpoint Control

7000 people affected
10 people managed
12 month project

Project Description

We had a requirement to manage the end points prior to COVID and this has become all the more relevant during COVID and the impact it has on business today.

Our project kicked off a year ago and is now fully complete. The work revolved around the implementation of end to end Endpoint Control on the IT Landscape. Objectives were to ensure compliance with global licensing requirements, ensuring patch management is executed timeously and reporting is up to date. Other aspects were End Point Application and version control coupled with application usage as well as tracked end point remote support.

Lessons Learned

In hindsight I would have spent more time planning all the modules and the sequence in which they are deployed.


ahead of schedule
received recognition / award
support from colleagues
covid ready


large no. of people impacted

Technical Skills Used

  • Project Management
  • Strategy
  • Organizational Change

Technical Certifications Used

  • Windhoek (NA)-22.559417.0832
  • Maseru (LS)-29.316727.4833
  • Johannesburg (ZA)-26.202328.0436
  • Cape Town (ZA)-33.925818.4232
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