Which solution do you prefer: Alibaba Cloud or Microsoft Azure?

Hello community, 

I work for a large computer software company.

I am currently researching IaaS solutions. Which solution do you prefer: Alibaba Cloud or Microsoft Azure? What are the pros and cons of each solution?

Thank you for your help.

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Patrick Cutajar - PeerSpot reviewer
Director at Eyetech Ltd
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Sep 19, 2023

I believe that with Microsoft Azure you will have a bigger advantage due to the amount of partners that there are in the market.    If you need support from Partner one and you don't get it, it's easy to switch to another partner to get help.  

Further to this Microsoft Azure now has datacentres worldwide which makes it easier to deploy anywhere.

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Sathish-Holla - PeerSpot reviewer
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Sep 4, 2023

I believe Microsoft Azure is good as many companies are going by Azure, and moreover, Azure is best because many services that Microsoft corporates are used in the market.

DJIBRINE AGADJI - PeerSpot reviewer
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Sep 1, 2023

Microsoft Azure

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Senior Manager INFOSEC AND Risk ASSESSMENT Engineering at Atlas Systems
Feb 8, 2023
Hello community,  I am a Senior Manager at a medium-sized tech services company. My company is planning to migrate from AWS to Azure. We would like to know the benefits of Azure versus AWS. Which one do you prefer? In addition, what should be on our checklist during this migration? Thank you for your help.
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IT Support at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Feb 8, 2023
At one level both providers are about the same. The biggest difference is the billing and service models.If you have a business relationship with Microsoft for other products and services then bundling in Azure could be a win. It may reduce some costs but at the very least you have 1 fewer service providers to deal with.I tend to like AWS but that is just because I am familiar with their services. One thing to keep track of is the costs. I have one client who really wants to move to AWS but cannot find a way to get over the 8-10 times increase in monthly costs over operating out of a shared data center with purchased equipment.
Ratnodeep Roy - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior consultant at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Aug 3, 2022
Hi peers, Are you aware of a backup and recovery solution that can backup Azure machines to its own (dedicated) cloud, outside Azure? Thanks.
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Mostafa Atrash - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Enterprise Solutions Engineer at Palpay
Jul 26, 2022
I once used Commvault. It can cross-backup and restore on a variety of platforms including Azure.
RandeepPawar - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Director at Tecstaq
Aug 1, 2022
We have given Acronis Cyber Cloud Solution to most of our clients since it has the capability of any- to-any restoration and it can be achieved on any cloud. 
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