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Which is better: IBM flash 9200 or EMC VMAX8000?

I'm researching flash storage arrays. I'm looking for advice about which of these two options is better - IBM flash 9200 or EMC VMAX8000. 

Any recommendations?

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I think this will probably depend on what features and functionality you need. FlashSystem 9200 is has much lower latency, small foortprint and has flashcore modules with 2:1 hardware compression (no impact on CPU and overall performance).

VMAX is also a proven platform with high IOPS and massive scalability. No external virtualization possible and higher latency. Does have EMC support which is expensive but high quality.

IBM now has Pure Storage like subscription options and AI driven support with IBM Storage Insights. In addition with HyperSwap functionality you receive a guaranteed uptime of 100% over two sites.

I would prefer FS9200, but specific requirements could make you choose differently. 

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PowerMax 800, as it's an AA array (active/active), while FS9200 is (active/passive) ALUA, FS9200 LUN has ownership controller a or b, Powermax enclosure/expansion enclosure is NVME, FS9200 expansion enclosure is SAS.

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HI, I would go definitely for PowerMax 8000 series instead of VMAX (old architecture) , for IBM we have little experience (only hear that is expensive)

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Take a look into Hitachi Vantara - VSP 5xxx series.

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I recommend getting information about Pure Storage FlashArray //X

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@reviewer547188 we recently had a case at customer Dell EMC allflash vs Pure Storage, but for us as we are outside of US is PureStorage still questionable start-up with poor presales and support locally, they have a long road to go in my eyes still, even if the technology looks promissing, and they were much more expensive compared to Dell EMC product what surprised me most

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