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How do Cisco Enterprise routers compare with Mikrotik routers and switches?

Which are better and why?

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Mikrotik, as Cisco is not for everyone ... While this popular OS-based router, is simple, it is not for all applications.

When one wants complex results, MK is useful. it is an assistant to ADMs who do not have much knowledge. 

But not everything is simple or can be solved with a single team. The particularity of its Agile and intuitive interface makes MK lose in the middle to high segment. 

Cisco has years of experience, one may or may not agree with its pricing and especially licensing policy, but its products are made to last, its IOS, is powerful in many areas. 

One turns on a Cisco and if the initial configuration is optimal, it does not turn off that router anymore. 

MK is a team that must be seen, controlling and above all optimizing. The reasons for choosing one and the other are simple, money, knowledge and, above all, projection. 

Cisco can be planned and completed, but it is not for everyone. MK plans to buy and update the HW sooner or later. His continuous releases are tedious but necessary. Cisco in the Enterprise range is clearly superior, as is Juniper or Huawei.

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