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What needs improvement with Epicor ERP?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Epicor ERP.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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If you're going to a cloud solution, you need to actually have a workable, practical web UI. Epicor doesn't really have a proper solution there, although they claim they do. However, it's not really popular. In practical terms, very few customers use it. Epicor is very flexible, so customization can get quite extensive. Yet, when you do something like that, on the cloud, it doesn't work well. Perhaps that is the reason many clients who had done those heavy customization can ever move to proper SAAS model. Right now, it doesn't really have a good cloud story. That said, Epicor 11 is coming out and they claim it's fully web UI. If I were to base it on Epicor 10, it doesn't really have a proper cloud solution. Also once you go fully cloud, the customization capability drops significantly. Secondly, base on my involvement for 15 years with Epicor, experiencing all major releases. The number of releases has dwindled. Almost nothing really sticks out if I look at the last two releases of Epicor - and my personal opinion is that they're not putting enough investment into R&D. It's got an inbuilt APS, however, to be honest, I've not seen anyone implement it. It does work. That said, in practical terms, when you have multiple constraints (labor, machines, tools, et cetera.), if you've got these kinds of constraints and you need all three to work harmoniously, then Epicor's scheduler cannot do the job. It looks very nice when you're doing a demonstration, however, it's not practical if you actually try to implement it.

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