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What is your primary use case for Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (MDM+EMM)?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We use location analytics to display real-time location statistics to improve customer engagement and loyalty across all the sites. It's built into the Cisco Meraki APs at no additional cost. That's one of the things that a lot of clients like. The data is collected by the APs, and it syncs to the Cisco Meraki cloud. This is automatically reported to the dashboard and reveals visitor traffic, trends, dwell time, news, and also repeat visitor loyalty. A lot of stores use it for this particular reason: they can gather information from repeat visitors. They can also locate single repeat visitors.

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We primarily use the solution for iPhone management.

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Our primary use for the product is as an enterprise mobility management solution to give access to users that are connecting to the network on wired and wireless devices.

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We use this solution for MDM (Mobile Device Management), as a firewall and using it for their switches and access points.

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We use it in a restaurant environment to provide a managed firewall and WiFi. This is very helpful. One of our largest support call issues is the processing of credit cards. This is caused by an Internet/network issue 60 percent of the time. Knowing the state of the network remotely is a big time saver. Having the ability to alter the network and WiFi settings remotely permits us to have quick response time. For overall troubleshooting, having tools on Meraki is a time saver.

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