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Almost 2 years ago
We have Meraki Mx devices now, we are looking to replace them. But that is because the Meraki MX platform lacks SSL Inspection, Granular Firewall rules (Block only, no allow setting), client vpn relies on windows vpn setup (we would prefer a software solution).   But when…
Almost 2 years ago
Contributed a review of Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (MDM+EMM): Stable and great for iOS but lacks functionality with Windows devices
Over 3 years ago
I'd add that from a feature standpoint there is some differences. The throughput is smaller on the Meraki MX than most FortiGate models. The client vpn for Meraki MX is based on ipsec v1 and uses the default windows vpn setup, no agent software or AnyConnect compatibility…
Almost 5 years ago
I have been looking into a lot of different HCI vendors including Yottabyte, ZeroStack, Simplivity, Vmware Vsan, Datrium, Scale, Nutanix, Nutanix on Lenovo, Scale on Lenovo, Starwind, Nodeweaver, and OpenStack. Our environment is too small to justify running OpenStack so I…