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What is the biggest difference between Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers and HPE ProLiant DL Servers?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
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One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers vs HPE ProLiant DL Servers.

People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out?

What is the biggest difference between Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers and HPE ProLiant DL Servers? Which of these two solutions would you recommend to a colleague evaluating rack servers and why?

Thanks for helping your peers make the best decision!

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CuongNguyen1 - PeerSpot reviewer
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In my perception, Dell is on a more bleeding edge of technology, as HP is a more traditional technology company. If you are capable of technical skills to perform manage, control, diagnostics, preventive maintenance Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack and HP ProLiant DL Servers are almost the same, with some slight differences in technology implementations. I heard that Dell comes with a free lifetime license for Management software whilst the HP Management software pack is not free.

Siew Kit Lee - PeerSpot reviewer

HPE Proliant Servers are work horses.    I have used them a lot and they are quite reliable and robust.

Dell has been used to drive Office 365 for many years.    

Both HPE and Dell are good brands.

Janet Staver - PeerSpot reviewer
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There are several differences between Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers and HPE ProLiant DL Servers. For starters, HPE Proliant has about 2.5x less reliability than Dell PowerEdge. Moreover, while HPE Proliant utilizes iLO management tools, Dell PowerEdge uses iDRAC. In contrast to HPE ProLiant,which has Intel Xeon E-2200 Series/ninth Gen Pentium G., Dell PowerEdge has a second-gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor. In addition, Dell PowerEdge is included with PCUe Gen 4.0, while HPE Proliant DL Servers do not have this component or any such feature. Also, Dell has an integrated dual-microSD but HPE Proliant uses a USB dongle.

HPE customers have to pay for services, but Dell customers do not have to because it is included as part of their package. HPE Proliant also has several switches as well as capacity apparatuses. One of the other major differences between Dell PowerEdge and HPE Proliant is that HPE requires you to have an assistance/support agreement in order to download any new updates or firmware. Dell PowerEdge however, doesn’t make its customers sign up for a paid help program. Because of this, I appreciate Dell client care and customer support a lot more than what HPE Proliant has to offer. Dell EMC PowerEdge also has the ability to finish TPC-H-like responsibility much faster than HPE. Another huge advantage Dell has over HPE Proliant is that when your Dell is delivered it is fully assembled and tested. Don’t expect the same from HPE. Your package will arrive in pieces, and it will have to be tested by your own IT team.

Choosing the right server can be challenging, especially when both are very similar. When making your decision, it is worth keeping in mind how it will affect your organization’s hardware, service and warranty, as well as price. I think Dells work faster under bigger and longer strains than its HPE Proliant counterpart can ever do. Even though Dell and HPE are comparable products, I prefer Dell.

Tim Williams - PeerSpot reviewer
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The differences typically fall under the hood or are more soft differences. In general, servers are commoditized and in most environments, HPE and Dell servers are mostly the same. HPE has done a lot more with developing the Silicon Root of Trust and are considered more secure, but ultimately most companies don't actually need this. I'd equate them to a Mercedes vs a high-end Honda. Both get the job done, both are nice, one has extra functions that may not be useful.

Also, Dell has an integrated dual-microSD, HPE uses a USB dongle for that functionality.

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