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Are there any comparisons of HPE & Cisco servers using Benchmarks?

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I want to see the difference between a HPE ProLiant DL Server & a Cisco UCS C-Series Server using Benchmarks.

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Another good question to consider is, how deeply are security and anti-tampering features built in? With the advent of Gen 10 servers HPE is implementing this right down in silicon whereas the rest of the marketplace is still using firmware features to try to accomplish this. This is arguably too late in the process to be able to guarantee what BIOS code you are actually running, what back doors have been slotted in or what spyware ‘features’ have been embedded!

Also, look where HPE are going with Synergy. They have taken a huge architectural leap forwards and the roadmap is hugely impressive.

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I don´t know in deep Cisco servers, but if you compares a HP and a CISCO with identical hardware (same chipset, processor, amount of RAM,..), the benchmark are very similar.
In my humble opinión, it is very important ask for the warranty and tech support. And most important: if you need someday add more hardware to your server, you must know before if you don´t buy it to the server manufacture, you loose the warranty.
It is very tipical some server manufacturer sell very cheap their machines but when you need to add more memory and/or hard drives, it is obligatory buy them to the server manufacturer... an very expensive.

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Hi Team,

Have a look at some of the links below and see if it helps:

1. HPE has 16 world records with Gen10 (Dell has 4) .

2. The world’s best-selling server just got better !!

a. 2P world record on the SPECjbb2015 benchmark - DL380 Gen10

b. #1 2P, two-node score on VMmark 2.5.2 benchmark and #1 overall score on VMmark 3.0 benchmark

c. DL380 Gen10 Server achieves 30% performance gain comparing gen-to-gen on two-tier SAP® Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark

3. World’s most energy-efficient 1U server : DL360 Gen10

4. World’s most energy efficient 4P servers: DL560 Gen10

5. SPECjbb2015 records on new HPE Synergy 660 Gen10!

6. HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA® with DL560 Gen10 Server is first to publish with 2.6 billion initial records on the SAP® BW

7. BL460c shows impressive performance gain compared to previous generation on two-tier SAP® Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark

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Have never used Cisco servers. HP is my server preference since they bought out Compaq so long ago.

If you have ever called tech support for either company, you would definitely choose HP over Cisco.

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I would suggest visiting as there is a wealth of information available there. The benchmarks are run by the vendors but within guideline and industry verified. There are many different benchmarks available through this site depending on what you are really interested in.

Hope this helps

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Depending on what kind of workload you are looking for, you can find some info. / results from Since Cisco UCS and Proliant DL are commonly used servers in enterprise, there should be test results of various benchmark on these server models.

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As per my experience, CISCO UCS C-series is having scalability issue but for HPE ProLiant DL RACk server is good in terms of scalability. HPE tech support is much better than CISCO UCS.

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I suggest checking the key benchmark sites directly – TPC-C, SAP etc. Each benchmark is designed to test a specific system capability.

I have attached the URL’s. The SAP testing is most revealing for overall systems performance and scalability. The most recent certifications show Cisco UCS servers eclipsing their HPE counterparts by notable margins. Standard Proliant systems are lower in total lines processed than Cisco units, and you have to move up to the HPE Synergy line to beat lower end Cisco C240 servers. However, the higher end 4-way Cisco C480 handily beats Synergy.

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