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Proxmox vs ESXi/vSphere: What is your experience?

Does anyone have experience comparing Proxmox 6 vs VMWare ESXi/vSphere 6.7?

I'm a systems engineer at a very large systems integrator in Europe. I need to evaluate the differences between Proxmox and VMware. What can you share with me?

Thank you,


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Ricardo Colorado - PeerSpot reviewer

If you have strong knowledge of Linux, Proxmox is the best solution, but you should have a strong Linux expertise. You can also add some georedundancy solution like LINBIT, it depends on what you need. How many servers do you want to migrate? are you looking for an HA solution or just VM solution

There is nothing that Proxmox cant manage in my actual infrastructure more than 1 PB storage, and more than 10 sites in active active cluster solution, if you want support we offer support for your deployments, English and Spanish native speakers

Fábio Rabelo - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

OK, I must start with my limitations: I live and work in Brazil, a third-world country. So a tight budget is a daily reality.

Proceeding: I am a Proxmox user since version 1.6.

And finally, the last time I implemented anything VMWare was in 2015. So I can not say much about recent versions.

About Proxmox: much of the limitations described by these comments no longer exist ( like a snapshot on the block shared storage, for example ) and every new version removes some limitations (I'm following this for a long time ).

At this moment, I have 7 private clouds implemented in Proxmox (from 5 to 12 nodes), with shared storage as well with dedicated storage, 2 of these systems - with both.

It is rock solid, and, till now, I never had a scenario in which Proxmox can not provide a solution.

So, I will repeat what I said to another question similar to this: Try it!

You don't need to pay anything. Just download and install. If it does not provide what you need, then look somewhere else.

To close it, I reinforce what @Luis Apodaca ​has said.

Luis Apodaca - PeerSpot reviewer
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There are only a few functions or goals you can not achieve with Proxmox. And those are really difficult scenarios to deploy or to be involved in. In 99% of cases, Proxmox gonna do the job.

reviewer1052019 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Put simply: Proxmox does not support thin provisioning and snapshot on the block shared storage. 

Block shared storage is the most used storage in these days (I think a classic San storage with its luns presented to a cluster of hypervisors via iscsi or fc). These are the most limiting features that Proxmox lacks. 

reviewer1596237 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I have a little experience with PM and I really liked it. 

It is a real contender in server virtualization and is supports lots of storage configuration options including ZFS.

Daniel Aramayo - PeerSpot reviewer
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In my experience, Proxmox lacks some features that for me are essential to an enterprise virtualization solution. You need to have Linux experience to be able to configure multipath for SAN storage devices, and to be able to use storage snapshots.

Also, the Proxmox installer was not able to detect storage LUNS to install the OS to be able to boot from SAN.

If you can afford VMWare licenses, I would choose VMware because in my experience it is a mature virtualization solution that will simplify administration and has features like vvols that you don't get in proxmox. Also it can be integrated with other platforms for monitoring and orchestration like Cisco Intersight, as well as backup solutions like Veeam.

Proxmox is not a bad solution, but right now it lacks the maturity for me to consider it as an enterprise virtualization solution.

Ravi Dutt Sharma - PeerSpot reviewer

In my 32-year IT career, I haven't heard about Proxmox 6. 

I have G8 experience. So I told you I have 15 years of experience In ESXi/vSphere. It is very friendly when working right.

Hiten Yadav - PeerSpot reviewer

This is with reference to your email if you technically compared, Proxmox is new in the market and it is easy to manage but as far as support concerned I would suggest buying standard Proxmox support if it is a new installation. As you are aware, VMware is too costly in terms of license.

To summarize, Proxmox is easy to manage and better. Kindly find some Authorized Proxmox partner in your country and get initial support.

Costin "Ben" Lixandru - PeerSpot reviewer

In my experience, Proxmox is a very good product, comparable with VMware. We can argue about VMware being fancy and popular these days but PM does the job for a fraction of the cost. Just get some reasonable hardware to get started and see for yourself.

Atul Mundada - PeerSpot reviewer

We are using VMware from the last 10+ years and do now have exposure on Promox VE.

We have downloaded it to evaluate and compare.

Martin Andrews - PeerSpot reviewer
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ive been testing proxmox its very similar to vsphere server layout only difference i see is the pricing one is free and the vmware cost

Georges ESSOMBA - PeerSpot reviewer
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I don't have experience with Proxmox but since it uses KVM and brings with great improvements, I propose you to use the comparison between VMware vSphere and KVM. And the KVM advantages are that you add those powered by the whole Proxmox features portfolio.

PrideChieza - PeerSpot reviewer
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I really can’t really comment on Proxmox as I have not worked with it before but I can share on VMware ESXI 6.7.

We have been using VMware Esxi for 7 years I can say this has been the best hypervisor for us since we use VMware and Veeam for all our replication, backups and VMotion for migrating our servers from one host to the other in realtime without affecting any currently running operations.

We find our operations being smooth and more efficient on VMware ESXi 6.7 hypervisor and I can say it’s a very stable platform for us and I would highly recommend it in any organization. The most benefits that come with VMware ESXI 6.7 is that it supports all 2019 OS versions like Windows server 2019 which was not supported in the previous version. We also noticed an increase in vCenter access and performance which was a plus for us when using VMware ESXI 6.7 compared to the previous 6.5 version.

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