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Proxmox VE or KVM?

Which is better and why?

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In a marketing services-related company security is paramount.

Therefore, you probably will rely on services, especially during maintenance of your network and need support for that.

When it comes to security and support KVM would be the better option. With in-house engineers, both Proxmox VE and KVM could be chosen. But qualified engineers are hard to come by nowadays, depending on where you live.

As a side note, I maintain mainly Xenserver, VMware and KVM. When it comes to performance per watt Xenserver would be the king, especially on larger setups. 

Since your setup is of medium size and if you decided not to go for the aforementioned setups, KVM would be the lesser of the worse.

Your question depends a lot on the hardware/cloud system you have in mind. More details would make my recommendations more precise.

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@WilVan Lierop thanks a lot for your answer! 
What would be your recommendation (out of those 2 products) for an enterprise (company size: 1000+)?
Thank you.

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KVM is a kernel base hypervisor while Proxmox VE is open-source. Technically, Proxmox VE fulfills the smallest business users than KVM.

And if we go for the quality and support KVM is better. 

But Proxmox VE has also more features according to business growth.

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