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About 1 year ago
I think the NGFW should do all the work for you if configured properly eg deep packet inspection and not just certificate inspection mode on the policies. With deep packet inspection the Firewall will deconstruct and reconstruct the packet this will give you full visibility…
About 2 years ago
That is very good question, for SIP we highly recommend using SIP security on the firewall this prevent issues with SIP attacks resulting in unknown phone calls being made from your PBX causing a high phone call bill that you didn't generate however in some cases when…
Over 2 years ago
Contributed a review of Fortinet FortiSwitch - Data Center: Good visibility, a seamless connection with FortiGate and very easy to configure
Over 2 years ago
Both Sophos and FortiGate are doing a very good job to improve security offerings coming in the firewall. I had the opportunity to work with both firewalls and FortiGate has become the firewall of choice because of the below-listed points: 1. FortiGate has…
Over 2 years ago
I really can’t really comment on Proxmox as I have not worked with it before but I can share on VMware ESXI 6.7. We have been using VMware Esxi for 7 years I can say this has been the best hypervisor for us since we use VMware and Veeam for all our replication, backups…
Over 2 years ago
I would have never changed my decision on buying a firewall the reason being that a firewall is an important pillar in defending networks from cyber threats that are ever-increasing each day and also give you an insight on what will be happening within one's network…