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Parallels 2X MDM end of life - need a replacement - possibly also track transportation vehicles

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We've been using Parallels 2X MDM for a number of years to track/monitor our mobile driver devices.  As it's going end of life, we need a replacement - something cost effective and that can grow as we grow and ideally something that can also monitor or transport fleet.

What do you recommend?



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I have expeirence with XenMobile as a MDM, they do have geofencing and gps location that would help with monitoring people on the move.

Let me know what other questions you may have about this.

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We use SOTI MobiControl to manage our client's Transport & Logistic rugged hardware. SOTI is particularly strong when it comes to Android and has very good geo-fencing capability. It also supports iOS and Windows and has very good remote control support. Their new SOTI One product integrates this MDM product into a comprehensive mobile management solution that it is definitely worth looking at. Check out their user guide on for Location Services at for an idea of how vehicle tracking / locating works.

However remember MDM is not a full Transport Solution, it is a tool for managing your remote hardware. So it is a good starting point which you can then combine with your pick up and dispatch, health and safety, vehicle logging and other related stuff.

In our market we bundle SOTI MobiControl with our own T&L application TEMPO to provide a more complete solution for the transport industry.

I hope this helps position MDM against the Total Transport Tacking Solution. MDM is just a part of what you are after.

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Hey Aditya thanks for your information.

Ronan right now it's rugged Android but we'd like to keep our option open and track anything mobile that we dispatch into the field - laptops, iPhones, Adroid phone etc. Remote access is a must to allow for software updates on multiple devices as we develope our own driver application etc. Being able to geo-fence and ideally have a map tracking function like Parallels did have is a great bonus. If an application can offer all this I'm hoping someone has taken it that one additional step to tracking GPS systems in trucks / vans / cars etc.? Ideally I'm after a Total Transport Tacking Solution. Enda

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Yeah sure .You can use HexnodeMDM which has a better location tracking and geo-fencing.

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I recommend Hexnode, I already use it on my environment to manage Our Marketing and sales agents through two countries with a very simple push location button to send a check-in comment.

In the below you will find a sample of the location history report:-

Device “Inserted By admin”





Reported Time

Location Note “Typed by user through the Hexnode app”

Device Name

User Full Name



Al Nakheel Center

7/18/17 10:48 AM

مها اسماعيل عيادات النخيل

Device Name

User Full Name



4293 Al Farasha

7/16/17 10:52 AM

مستوصف هاله بن لادن د.نرمين سلامه نسا

Device Name

User Full Name



Prince Majid Road

7/22/17 12:18 PM

مستوصف فلسطين د.امين شاكر جراحه

You also can read my case study on them website:-

You can download a trial version to test it, it’s easy to enroll, easy to manage and you will find them team is very supportive:-

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We do not track our drivers' devices but are currently using Airwatch as our MDM tool to manage our 10000+ rugged Android and legacy Windows 6.5 devices. It does well in all areas, save for remote management which is a bit slow.

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Without getting into specific MDM Vendors, it really depends on your requirements ie. are your devices ruggedized devices, which OS are most prominent. Do you also require the replacement MDM solution to also manage Windows10 devices in the future? Do you also need to consider aspects such as Cloud Identity, Conditional Access based on compliancy & of course, what type of applications will you need managed across all of your supported platforms?