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How would you compare Versa FlexVNF vs other SD-WAN solutions?

Hi community professionals,

I'm working as a Global Account Director at a Comms Service Provider (size: 10K+). 

My use case: 200-node network.

    Recently, I have seen increased interest in Versa FlexVNF.  Any particular reason? What does distinguish this solution from its competitors?

    I appreciate the help!

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    Hi @MarkDaniel,

    Versa Flex VNF (vFlex) is now VOS. 

    VOS is Versa Network's usp and is used as, 

    1. Virtual SD-WAN license which is priced as per Bandwidth tiers  for Site to site VPN connection for SD-WAN Intranet traffic. To deliver on-premise site to site connection, it needs license configuration on white boxes like Versa branded CSG SD-WAN devices (Versa is not manufacturer), Lanner, Dell, Silicon etc.

    2. It is configured remotely through Versa Director (single pane of glass management). Through VD, SD-WAN Policies and features are also pushed.

    3. VD work as Management, Orchestrator and control plane, and White boxes with vFlex(VOS) configured in it is Data plane.

    4. VOS also works with Versa SW EP client VSAC (Versa Secure Access Client) to deliver SSL-VPN and SASE (SWG, FWaaS, etc.) - a solution for remote users without any dependency on HW or whiteboxes). SASE is not a replacement of SD-WAN edge device and mostly concentrated on cloud-hosted application access securely. ( It is still not matured solution to deliver  current enterprise IT infra requirements)

    Hope this helps. 

    Anyone who has a better understanding is welcome to add and correct me wherever required.

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    Hi @Pranav Gupta, @Corey Taub, @Vishal Kale, @Thameem Ansari ​and @MichaelZhang.

    What is your advice to @MarkDaniel? Thanks.

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