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What is the difference between 'SD-WAN Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing - general' vs Advanced one?


Can you please explain the main differences between the 'SD-WAN Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing - general' and 'Advanced SD-WAN Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing - general' features?

Thank you.

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Adam Brenner - PeerSpot reviewer
Solutions Architect/Account Manager at NTT Global Networks
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21 September 21

An interesting question is that I haven't seen an SD-WAN device that does not require an IP address at the edge. 

You can connect your edge device to a layer 2 service (such as MPLS or VPLS), so we can assume this is the L2 methodology you are referring to. 

However, you will still be required in most cases to apply an IP address so the solution would technically be seen as L3. Give that idea, also connecting an internet service to the same SD-WAN edge device would give you both L2 and L3 connectivity, but all L3 routing. Think of it this way: routing is done at L3.

The definition of Advanced Routing appears to be vendor-specific, where Cisco will tout DNA as being their Advanced SD-WAN with security. Other vendors may have different services they provide to define Advanced SD-WAN.

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03 January 22

As a fan of this technology I am going to make my answer very simple, the issue in SDWAN is the protagonism, the IP addresses continue to exist like the famous network masks but they are no longer protagonists, the queen of the party is the applications for which the network is designed and built. So, like MPLS, there is routing but forwarding is based on labels and routing is to manage the equipment.

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
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16 September 21

Hello @MichaelZhang, @Thameem Ansari and @Dániel Halmai

Would you mind helping @TomTran ​with this question? 

Thank you!​

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SandeepKumar13 - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Manager at a legal firm with 11-50 employees
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Director of Community at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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SImoneGebellato - PeerSpot reviewer
Group IT Architect & Network Engineer at a engineering company with 11-50 employees
19 July 21
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