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How do I deploy anti-spam in pfSense or SonicWall TZ?

Hi professionals, I'd like to deploy anti-spam protection using pfSense or SonicWall TZ

Can anyone help me out?


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Jul 6, 2021

Just purchase an anti-spam license and activate it at the SonicWall license portal.

I would like to recommend you SONICWALL HOSTED EMAIL SECURITY ADVANCED. It is more helpful and if you are using Office365 or GSuite, go for SonicWall Cloud App Security.

It is more powerful.

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Jul 5, 2021

Hi, for SonicWall you buy a license and on the same firewall you can activate the antispam only in the ingress mode. 

But there is a catch, at the moment they don't support TLS for SMTP so I would recommend their other solution, that has email security for appliance and virtualized on VMware or Hyper-V.

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User at nwr
Dec 27, 2022
Hello peers,  I am researching firewalls and found the following two options: Fortinet FortiGate and pfSense.  What are the differences between these two firewalls? Which firewall do you prefer and why? Thank you for your help.
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Director at REDCO
Dec 27, 2022
Especially with support and updates of the signatures, FortiGate has a more solid base. Being an IPO company, with respect to Pfsense, start as a community project and you can purchase support and even dedicated appliances if you have a budget for FortiGate, or if you are starting Pfsense. Greetings
Director at REDCO
Dec 27, 2022
Both are very good products, but some features that Sophos mentioned as new, FortiGate has been handling. If you are going to grow with several appliances I recommend Sophos, since the administration can be done from the cloud. With Fortinet, you have to pay a licensing fee. In terms of costs and all the options, they are very similar. Another detail to review is the support, at the beginning with Fortigate, I had enough details, but it is really improving significantly with respect to Sophos.  My comment is based on experience and I do not lean toward any of the brands. To reiterate, they are good types of equipment.
Network & System Support Engineer at ITCG Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mar 22, 2022
Hi community, I'd like to know what is your professional opinion about the following two SonicWall products: SonicWall TZ and SonicWall NSa? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
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Executive at BRIES COMSYS
Mar 21, 2022
Basically, the main difference is that the TZ series is intended for a Branch office since it has fewer ports and the speed is around 1 GB.  The NSA series has more processor power and more port where you can create subnets and zones (like DMZ). Also, it has ports with 10 Gb and a processor to support the demand.  I have read that an approximate number of users in the highest TZ series (TZ 670) is around 150 to 200 but that is just an estimate.  Hope this helps. You can get more details in SonicWall datasheets where you will find the speed, throughput and more technical specifications to select the one that fits your requirements.
Harish 12 - PeerSpot reviewer
Cyber Security and Information Governance Head at a outsourcing company with 51-200 employees
Mar 22, 2022
In simple words, TZ is for small businesses (less than 100, maximum 150 users).  TZ has fewer ports. NSA is for medium and large enterprises: > 150 Users,  NSA has many ports to support large networks
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