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Endpoint DLP for Mac Network

Steven Palange - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Technology Infrastructure Specialist at TLIC

Hi peers, 

I'm a consultant looking for a Mac-based endpoint antivirus that includes DLP. 

Does anyone have any ideas (aside from that just raised their pricing by over 100%)?

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Andrei Bigdan - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

Antivirus and DLP are separate products even for vendors that provide both. Of course you need to understand what DLP features comply you best.

There are three common approaches:

1) DLP by content. Classical DLP Suites utilize fingerprinting (Forcepoint, McAfee, GTB, Symantec, etc.). Doing content detection by only keywords and regular expressions it's a way to mess of false-positives (Trend Micro, Palo alto etc.) 

2) DLP by context. Digital Guardian is the only true endpoint DLP within this approach.

3) DLP on/off. The most stupid way is to block or pass everything by rule ON or OFF (without checking content or context). I even can't name this solutions as DLP.

For your case GTB DLP or Digital Guardian is an answer. Of course if you forget to insist to contain antivirus. Digital Guardian works as endpoint security too because it prevents access from ransomware to confidential data and could check signatures via Virus Total, but it is still not antivirus, it's rather EDR (endpoint detection and response) that is much efficient than any traditional antivirus.

Steven Palange - PeerSpot reviewerSteven Palange

Hey @Andrei Bigdan , ; ) you da Man! That was a Great Reply. I'll keep in touch. Thank you, Steven Palange.

Mahesh Chenchalapu - PeerSpot reviewer
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you cant get DIP and antivirus in a single app, DIP and ANTIVIRUS both are different applications, you have to purchase separately.

Sujeet Rai - PeerSpot reviewer

McAfee total protection has AV and DLP

Joke  - PeerSpot reviewer
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Have you tried McAfee ePO and DLP ?

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