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Best hybrid cloud for a small business of 7 users?

Hi all,

I'm trying to determine the best hybrid cloud for a small business of 7 users.

This is what we're using at the moment:

1) Soonr File Sharing, this is similar to Dropbox but a bit more corporate.

2) A Synology NAS for Local Backups using Macrium Reflect Pro.

We don't use any Server functionality on the NAS.

The Soonr service works really well as all the users are mobile using laptops in the office and out at their Client's offices.

The problem is when everyone is back in the Office and flooding the upload connection when making changes to the files in Soonr. The same changes are then downloaded over the internet to all computers in the Office.

They only have an ADSL 2 connection.

Ideally I'd like the following:

A) A hybrid cloud on the Synology, this would sync everybody in the office over the LAN. It would then sync to the Cloud using delta sync.

B) Anyone outside the Office syncs to the Cloud.

C) If a user opens a file anywhere, it must auto-lock everyone else out of using it, whether they're in the Office or not. It must also automatically unlock.

  • I've looked at Dropbox for Business as it has LAN Sync and Delta Sync, which might help with the upload problem, but doesn't have file locking yet. Project Harmony may change this.
  • I've also looked at Egnyte who offer a hybrid solution but it doesn't seem to auto-lock files locally.

Any others out there?

I'd like the experience to be seamless, i.e the users don't have to worry about where they are, it just works.

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Albeez - PeerSpot reviewer
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Try using Synology 1517+ which comes with bundle of software and one of them is SFTP which is secure and run with Linux. This solution address the requirements for FTP, FIle Share, Cloud Sync, etc. A single box can be deployed with multiple functionalities. I have used 1517+ with 5 X 10 TB disks with usable 35 TB (RAID 6) and cost approximately 2500 $.

Below URLs for your reference.

reviewer159963 - PeerSpot reviewer

Thanks for that,

I've looked at Box but it doesn't have auto file locking nor hybrid functionality.

With Sharefile the Enterprise version looks to be way out of our remit, its only for 7 users!

And I don't understand Sharefile's data allowances, they are woefully under provisioned. I think they're missing a 0 at the end :)

it_user147933 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I work at Citrix ShareFile and our Enterprise edition offers hybrid storage and sync. You can learn more at or I'd be happy to put you in touch with one of our specialists

it_user116337 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hia, I have been using on large scale. Think this will satisfy the above, it has certain limitations specially on the way top level shares are organize. Happy to give you more details. See this link for more info from the vendor.

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