AWS Cloud Security Posture tool - has anyone used either Wiz or Ermetic cloud security products and can compare them to AWS Security Hub?

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Sep 20, 2023

Whether or not the cost of third-party Cloud Security tools is justified would depend on your specific needs and budget. Suppose you are looking for a comprehensive Cloud Security solution that can provide a deep understanding of your security posture and help you remediate risks quickly. In that case, a third-party tool may be worth the investment.

Here is a comparison of the three Cloud Security tools that you mentioned:


  • Provides a comprehensive overview of your Cloud Security posture, including visibility into your assets, configurations, and vulnerabilities

  • Prioritizes risks based on their impact on your business

  • Automates remediation tasks


  • Provides deep visibility into your cloud environment, including your IAM policies, data access, and cloud workloads

  • Identifies and remediates risky IAM configurations

  • Provides real-time alerts and insights

AWS Security Hub

  • Aggregates security findings from other AWS security tools, such as GuardDuty, IAM Access Advisor, and Macie

  • Provides a single view of your security posture across AWS services

  • Generates alerts and recommendations

If you are looking for a tool that may be able to provide you with a deep understanding of your Cloud Security posture and help in quicker risk remediation, then Wiz or Ermetic may be a better choice for you. However, if you are looking for a more basic tool to help you aggregate security findings from other AWS security tools, AWS Security Hub may be a good option.

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