Which tool is best for CNAPP: Wiz or Orca?

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Anne Cubarrubia - PeerSpot reviewer
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Aug 23, 2023

Wiz and Orca Security are both cloud-native application protection platforms (CNAPPs) that can help you secure your cloud workloads, but the tool that may be best for CNAPP would depend on your organization's needs.

Wiz may be a good choice for organizations seeking an easy-to-use and affordable CNAPP. Orca Security may be better for organizations looking for a more mature and comprehensive CNAPP.

Here are some differences between the two platforms:



    • Automated cloud security posture management (CSPM)

    • Automated cloud workload protection (CWPP)

    • Continuous cloud compliance monitoring

    • Easy to use and deploy

    • Affordable


    • Not as mature as Orca Security

    • Limited support for some cloud providers

Orca Security


    • More mature than Wiz

    • Supports a broader range of cloud providers

    • More comprehensive set of features


    • More complex to use and deploy

    • More expensive than Wiz

As for which of the two scales best, Wiz is designed to scale to large organizations, but it may not be as scalable as Orca Security. Orca Security is designed to scale to very large organizations and can handle a large number of workloads.

If you are unsure which platform is right for you, contact a sales representative from each vendor.

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