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What is Tools4ever ERAM?
Enterprise Resource Authorization Manager (ERAM) enables organizations to streamline and optimize access control for unstructured data. The solution clearly shows who has access, who should have access, who owns the data, who has tried to access certain data and where sensitive information has been stored. This will allow you to define what the access should look like, so that ERAM can ensure it is set up correctly. ERAM features include the following: Direct insight into all the access privileges relevant to the file system through the rights structure in Active Directory groups, ACLS and direct access., A detailed audit trail of the actions (edit, remove, create, move, etc.) that each employee has performed for what file and which directory, and at what time., Recommendations with regards to the set of rights that can be reduced based on the actual activities performed by an employee, The ability to determine which employee owns (a particular subset) of the data and A controlled way of requesting and receiving access through the owner of the data.
Tools4ever ERAM Customers
i HUB, Tronox, Valley View, Inspira, Marywood University
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