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What is GoSecure Endpoint Detection and Response?

CounterTack Sentinel is architected to fit the demands of today’s enterprise security professional. Sentinel scales to large, distributed and sophisticated environments, leveraging attacker-based technology to collect endpoint data to help teams cut down investigatory cycles associated with incident response.

Sentinel is built on four foundational concepts as part of the Continuous Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Lifecycle: Detect, Analyze, Respond and Resist.

Leveraging the latest in data collection and analysis techniques, CounterTack places control back in the hands of defenders.

GoSecure Endpoint Detection and Response was previously known as GoSecure EDR, CounterTack Predictive Endpoint Protection Platform, CounterTack Endpoint Threat Platform, CounterTack Sentinel.

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GoSecure Endpoint Detection and Response Customers

Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Cisco, Zurich, Deloitte

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