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What is Endava Continuous Delivery?

Having a delivery-oriented mind-set and acting as a strategy and implementation partner rather than an advisor, we combine software development and business focus, ensuring faster, better, streamlined releases, across all geographies.

Through a shared company culture, we encourage collaboration across all the teams involved in product delivery, allowing them to experience the benefits first-hand, which leads to a smoother adoption process throughout the organisation.

We are committed to setting a high standard in CD and DevOps and, drawing from our project experience and community involvement, we have established a strong internal delivery practice that includes people who are responsible for the tools, processes and practices we use from across our discipline, ensuring excellence in continuous delivery and driving innovation in building our capabilities.

Endava Continuous Delivery was previously known as Endava CD.

Endava Continuous Delivery Customers

Pollinate, Concordia

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