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VMware Aria Operations vs VMware vSphere comparison

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Executive Summary
Updated on September 15, 2022

We compared VMware Aria Operations and VMware vSphere based on our users’ reviews in four categories. After reading the collected data, you can find our conclusion below.

     Ease of Deployment: Users of both solutions find them easy to deploy.

     Features: Users of both products feel that they are fairly stable and scalable.

     Users of VMware Aria Operations find its dashboards and interfaces to be intuitive to use. However, they are divided  over how effectively it integrates with other products.

     Reviewers of VMware vSphere find its integration capabilities to be highly effective. However, they feel that its storage management capabilities could be improved.

     Pricing: Users of both solutions find them to be expensive.

     Service and Support: For the most part, users of both products find their technical support to be effective.

Comparison of Results: Based on the parameters we compared, VMware vSphere seems to be the superior solution. Our reviewers feel that the question concerning the effectiveness of VMware Aria Operations’ integration capabilities makes VMware vSphere a better investment.

To learn more, read our detailed VMware Aria Operations vs. VMware vSphere report (Updated: September 2022).
635,162 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"vRealize has a very nice dashboard. It integrates well with other products such as those from Oracle.""The dashboards are really good. They give you a glimpse of what is really going on in your virtualized environment. The ability to create customized dashboards based on your needs is also great.""VM rightsizing is another very good feature and capacity planning is something else that I like about it.""There's a feature known as Smart Alerts in vRealize Operations, which I have found to be useful if there's anything going wrong in the infrastructure. What usually happens is that you get so many alerts that you become confused. Smart Alerts give you visibility into your infrastructure and also recommend how to fix the situation. That's a feature which I'm really a fan of.""The scalability options are quite good with VMware vRealize Operations (vROps), and all of the features are useful and relevant to us.""If the network goes down between our office and one of our data centers then it is able to detect that. It will provide you ways to get a deeper understanding of the issues, and it will suggest resolutions.""The dashboards and the interface are very easy to understand, very lively, and very dynamic.""I've found vROps' predictive actions, monitoring, reporting, and provisioning features to be useful."

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"The most important feature is the ability to balance the servers with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). It is a very useful feature and should be mandatory for vSphere to have but it is only available in the enterprise edition. It should be available in all versions.""I think that the solution is perfect. It's the best on the market.""VMware vSphere helps us in not wasting resources like we did when we were using physical servers. It changed our whole environment.""Valuable features really depend on different projects. We are using the traditional infrastructure based on VMware vSphere. We are also using the high availability (HA) and Distributed Switch features to extend our network and switch between different hosts. The VMotion and SVMotion features are very essential for us to relocate the storage of virtual machines to different storage or vSANs. We are using VMotion and SVMotion features several times of the day. We are also using another VMware product to replicate a lot of solutions to a second replication site.""The scalability is good.""VMware Tanzu (container) is the most valuable addition because you get an efficient solution to manage the VM and container in a single pane of glass.""This solution is very stable. It's scalable and simple to set up.""It is a very stable solution. Integration with other environments was simple to achieve."

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"The solution can improve by offering more flexible integration with other platforms or products, such as Hyper-V or Azure. Not everyone uses VMware. It would be beneficial to have a more open-source concept for integration, creating more visibility across multiple clouds.""When it comes to policies, they need to fine tune things to make it easier. It is a bit difficult setting up policies.""Technical support is normally good but there is sometimes a delay in their response.""If I could integrate with vCenter with vROps, then I could execute more things by managing vSphere from within vROps. That would be great.""In the next release, vROps should add integration with Apache OpenStack.""Lacks sufficient training for a relatively complex solution.""If the cost of the license could be cheaper, it would be good.""It wasn't exactly proactive. It was supposed to, but there were a lot of delays. It could also be because of our infrastructure and the way our network was set up. If vROps could be more proactive, that would be nice. It is nice to have the information beforehand, but when there is downtime, it takes a lot of time for us to be able to see an issue in real-time, which becomes a bit challenging. If there is a way to improve the data collection for the whole vCenter that would be nice because data collection takes a lot of time."

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"The solution could be a bit more user-friendly.""Response time could be improved.""There should be a bit more flexibility in terms of the hardware we can use with the product.""VMware vSphere could be more secure and well-known to everyone.""The cost can be better.""The UI of VMware could use some improvements, especially in dark mode.""We are provided with a mini dashboard that has been improved in the latest version but it still could be better. The monitoring is now available on the vCenter dashboard and the vROps has been added to the basic version that had to be purchased separately before. A complete dashboard has always been provided with some competitors, such as Nutanix.""There should be more stability in the updates. They had an issue with the last release."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The solution has a huge cost. If we could just have one license covering everything that vROps can do, that would be great. I would prefer it this way."
  • "The pricing is a little bit expensive. Licensing is an issue because there are always changes, and by that I mean cost increases. And that's not only for vROps but for VMware, vSphere, and all the products that are involved."
  • "Every VMware product is a licensing challenge. It's always costly. It's based on processors. From a technical side, the product is very good. The challenging part is always the licensing. They should have some kind of alternate pricing models."
  • "vROps is a bit expensive and that's a reason that small clients say, 'No, I don't think we need this.' From a pricing perspective, it is quite steep. But 'expensive' is relative, depending on what you need. Others might say, 'It is expensive, but I think we can use it to better our environment.'"
  • "When we last did a comparison of solutions, the pricing was equal or similar."
  • "Five or six years ago, when we took it, it was a very good option. Now, I think I have to reevaluate, to be honest."
  • "This is an enterprise-level product and everything is included in the VMware Suite license."
  • "The licensing is not clear at the moment if the on-premises pricing is the same as on the cloud. I am checking on the pricing. However, you can save a lot of money with the cloud solution because you need to spend time installing, upgrading, and connecting with the on-premises solution. Also, you don't need to spend time scheduling the maintenance and maintaining the solution when using the cloud version."
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  • "It is expensive in terms of cost, licensing, and professional services."
  • "It is expensive."
  • "In my opinion, the essential version is a good price."
  • "The price of this solution is mid-range."
  • "I think it's a fair price. We are using it on the production side, and everything is good from our experience. That's why I would say that the cost isn't too high. However, it would always be nice if it was cheaper."
  • "Pricing is a little bit on the higher side, compared to other products."
  • "Container support is the last great addition for VMware and it is worth the money you spend on it."
  • "The license growth of vSphere depends on the growth of the visual environment and the addition of more hosts."
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    Also Known As
    VMware vRealize Operations (vROps), vCenter Operations Manager, VCOPS, vRealize Operations
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    VMware Aria Operations (formerly VMware vRealize Operations) automates and simplifies IT management with full-stack visibility from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure—including Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers—to the applications they support. It delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance. It is available on premises and as-a-service.

    • Examine the potential return on investment (ROI), reduction in unplanned downtime and other benefits that enterprises may realize when deploying VMware Aria ( vRealize Operations) in today’s hybrid and multi cloud environments.
    • See how VMware Aria (vRealize Operations Cloud) simplifies management for your hybrid cloud from migration assessment and planning to operationalizing the hybrid cloud in production.
    • Delivered on-premises or as a service, VMware Aria Operations (vRealize Operations) meets the needs of modern IT strategies, including VM-based and containerized workloads, across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments.
    • Bring data depth context to your hybrid cloud by adding VMware Aria Operations for Integration (vRealize True Visibility Suite). Monitor heterogeneous environments and make intelligent management decisions.

    VMware vSphere is the leading server virtualization platform with consistent management for virtual data centers.

    Deliver business value from day one with powerful server virtualization, breakthrough availability, safe automated management and intelligent operational insight that adapts to your environment. Automate workload placement and resource optimization based on preset customizable templates.

    Learn more about VMware Aria Operations
    Learn more about VMware vSphere
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    Virtualization Management Tools
    September 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about VMware, IBM, Nutanix and others in Virtualization Management Tools. Updated: September 2022.
    635,162 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    VMware Aria Operations is ranked 1st in Virtualization Management Tools with 39 reviews while VMware vSphere is ranked 1st in Server Virtualization Software with 134 reviews. VMware Aria Operations is rated 8.4, while VMware vSphere is rated 8.8. The top reviewer of VMware Aria Operations writes "Easy to use, stable, and support is always available". On the other hand, the top reviewer of VMware vSphere writes "An easy way of providing near-zero downtime services". VMware Aria Operations is most compared with VMware Aria Automation, IBM Turbonomic, Veeam ONE, vCenter Orchestrator and Nutanix Cloud Manager Intelligent Operations , whereas VMware vSphere is most compared with Hyper-V, Proxmox VE, VMware Workstation, Nutanix AHV Virtualization and Citrix Hypervisor.

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