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N-able Cove Data Protection
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Backup and Recovery (15th), Cloud Backup (11th), MSP Backup (1st)
SysTools Cloud Backup Tools
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Featured Reviews

Cosimo Berlingieri - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 15, 2023
An efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use solution that saves a lot of administrative time
They have been improving their interface and adding new things to it. Based on what we were using before, what we're using now is very advanced. It's a regular backup and restore solution. Everything I needed up till now is there. It's very easy to use. It's quite straightforward so far. I haven't run into any roadblocks, and I was able to do whatever had to be done. We've done only partial recovery to see if it's okay and whatever we had to do looked fine. The only thing that would be good, but I'm not sure if they already have, is that in the event of a disaster, the recovery process could be a little bit longer if I have to recover 2, 3, or 4 TB of data. It could take 2 or 3 days to recover that kind of data. It would be good if they could offer a service where I can say, "This is my server, and I have to recover all the data from this drive." They can have a service where they put everything on an external hard drive and ship it to you overnight for you to restore quickly. That's the only thing that would be useful. For small amounts of data, recovery is easy, but when it's large amounts of data, it takes forever. So, if they can have a service where they put our data on a hard drive and ship it to us as fast as possible, it would be great. Even if there's a fee associated with it, it's fine. Everybody would be willing to pay that just to increase the speed of a large recovery. If you've got to recover 5, 6, 10, 20, or 100 GB of data, you don't need that, but for large amounts of data, it would be important to have that type of service.
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Pricing and Cost Advice

"Cove only takes the data you have on the physical server. I can back that up for long periods of time, and I don't accrue high charges to have the data in the cloud. It stays at one rate. This allows me to forecast payment for the next one or two years and show clients their estimated growth."
"N-able Cove Data Protection is an averagely-priced product."
"There is no per node cost, at least not the way I am doing it. I am on bulk. New customers can be set up on a trial, where they can get things all squared away, then they can switch over to being a billed customer."
"The pricing, for now, is good. The package that they gave us recently is pretty good. It depends on how many clients you have, and you pay for certain terabytes per license. These terabytes, if not used, are pooled together."
"The pricing of SolarWinds seems to be fair compared to the rest of the industry."
"When you have a device/appliance on the site quite a lot of the other enterprise class backup people insist that you have their appliance, which is frankly offensively expensive. Because when you pry the top off, it's just a standard 19-inch tin box with a standard Intel I5 in it, some RAM, and a hard drive. Then, you go, "Why have they just charged me 5,500 quid for a box, which I could have probably build for under 500." Whereas, with the SolarWinds product, they don't have that. The backup appliances that we have onsite are just plain cooking PCs. We can build our own machines, which is reflected in the price that we can offer a customer."
"The pricing is very competitive and it's well worth the price."
"The only option I would like to see is an adjustable scale. Right now we have 250 seats and we're not using all of them. It would be nice to be able to save that little bit of money by being able to buy just what we need."
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What do you like most about N-able Backup?
The initial setup of N-able Cove Data Protection was very easy.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for N-able Backup?
N-able Cove Data Protection is an averagely-priced product.
What needs improvement with N-able Backup?
N-able Cove Data Protection for Microsoft 365 is an area with shortcomings that need improvement. The amount of time to get to the support engineers of the solution is too much, so the support team...
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